“Every death that occurs now is totally preventable.”

From three days ago (below). This David Koresh clone, and Trump-supporting terrorist’s, net worth is 42 million dollars. He is listed as one of the top 20 richest pastors in the world by Forbes Magazine.

She’s not sorry; that’s an act. She wants Americans breaking down like this. All Trump Republicans do. She knows she signed up for this agenda, really a cryptoagenda. It’s why they keep making these abrasive and racist slurs, and death threats, cooing to their entranced base.

“Lawmaker reacts to Cawthorn’s ‘earthen vessels’ abortion remarks”

Ask Madison Cawthorn why he doesn’t give a damn about embryos in IVF freezers. Ask him why his party only focuses on protecting embryos inside women.

Even if you’re not Christian, you must understand pro-life to understand why this seemingly odd argument matters. These people are almost always religious (there are some atheist pro-lifers, but it’s a small minority). They think it’s murder of a child of God from the moment of conception. Therefore, according to pro-life theory, they should be equally outraged at IVF, particularly when the money the industry is making is taken into account, and that the industry often charges thousands for failure (dead embryos the IVF clinic couldn’t get to “work;” and which, according to nature/the mechanism God gave women, should not have been brought into existence in the first place). But, pro-life is not outraged. Why? Because they’re lying when they say they care about embryos and fetuses. They’re also lying when they say they care about women. That’s the biggest gaslight of all. Pro-life is literally a war against women, resulting in deaths. There is no more fundamental back door attack on women than to create and nurture a political cult that thinks women who demand abortion are morally/intellectually flawed, and that government should care about their embryos/fetuses.


Marcus Lamb’s net worth: 10 million dollars


“A consultant helped select the jury that acquitted O.J. Simpson. She has been working for the Rittenhouse defense.

“Now, almost 30 years later, Dimitrius has helped select the jury tasked with deciding the guilt or innocence of another high-profile defendant — Kyle Rittenhouse, a spokesman for Dimitrius & Associates, Dimitrius’s consulting firm, confirmed to The Washington Post. Rittenhouse’s defense lawyer, Mark Richards, told The Post in an email that Dimitrius was “a valued member of the defense team,” although he did not specify her precise role.”


Paul Ronco Dec 4, 2021 4:27pm

>> Why is it you don’t think Kyle had a right to be in that town?

Curfew. The ACLU is arguing that everyone else out that night shouldn’t be charged with violation of curfew, either, but only on the technicality that it wasn’t issued properly. I disagree with the ACLU. I say a city issuing a curfew in a time of emergency doesn’t have to be perfect to be in effect. Many of the protesters were arrested and charged for violation of curfew that night.

As for the ACLU’s concern that the right to protest was also infringed by the curfew, it is evident (history now proves) that the curfew was appropriate, because its violation resulted in an escalation from property damage, to deaths. Anyone who thinks otherwise either wants a war, or is sleepwalking the rest of society into one. Once again the ACLU appears to be either making mistakes, like it did when it defended the permitted-white supremacist rally-turned-illegal in Charlottesville, or playing some real U.S. deep state card, where it’s protecting these odd and absurd interpretations of law (that Rittenhouse had a right to be on the streets with an AR-15 acquired through a federal and state felony straw sale, in violation of announced curfew of a major city, in a time of racial unrest/rioting in an urban environment, at night, because child hunting laws), by either not effectively challenging them, or advocating for the wrong side at critically-important moments.

In my view, this should be have been an open-and-shut case, and the more I research the law (and gun law) surrounding it, the more I am astonished at the lines of arguing that passed muster; the lines of arguing which were never brought up; and the false rumors that didn’t get lifted until after the verdict (such as that Rittenhouse carried the rifle over state lines– he didn’t, or that his mother drove him over state lines– she didn’t), to an extent that I cannot fathom how the prosecution, and Wisconsin, did not intentionally lose this case.

Like I assert it did with Ashlee Anne Rose Martinson, also 17 when she used a firearm lethally in self-defense. Wisconsin lost both cases for virtually identical reasons (Martinson had a public defender, and couldn’t afford O.J. Simpson’s lawyer), even though Rittenhouse, who called himself 4doorsmorewhores on Tik Tok, enjoys his freedom and new-found political fame for stalking Kenosha’s streets with an illegal AR-15 in a time of racial/political unrest and in violation of curfew, while Martinson, who drew horror art on a blog and called herself Vampchick from Nightmare, languishes for 23 years in a Wisconsin correctional facility for having killed her abuser after being kidnapped off the side of the road by him, with a vehicle, while trying to permanently escape the house on foot ((after he’d stolen her keys and cellphone), then falsely imprisoned in her former upstairs bedroom.

This might explain why so many Americans on both sides thought the prosecution was so bad. It might also explain the conflict between the judge and the prosecutor, and the judge’s opinionated meanderings, as part of an elaborate, overdone, act.

I also cannot help but observe that Biden’s federal government appears, where Rittenhouse, Dominick Black, and Black’s stepfather’s three-way straw sale is concerned, to not be doing a thing.

Meanwhile, the Oxford County prosecutor in the Michigan high school shooting calls the straw sale “a federal charge.” Does she already know they’re not going to do anything, so that she can use that as cover for giving the parents a lesser charge than the shooter? The parents should go to jail for at least as long as the child.

I can’t even find out the name of Black’s stepfather on the Internet. All of this apparent nonsense and consistent inconsistency (preventing real societal change; keeping things artificially balanced between right and left, maintaining an illusion that there’s some kind of moral and competency equality between the two parties in 2021), and I’m not supposed to believe there’s a hidden hand, here? Biden-Harris gets open-and-shut opportunities to punish these actors, and doesn’t. In some cases, it was the same with Trump. Why? Who’s protecting this system? Who can assemble, and then tell, a fugitive task force from state, local and federal to turn off their body cameras, and kill an antifa member in broad daylight with fifty shots? Who can tell the media– ALL of the media– to not just not give us Dominick Black’s stepfather’s name, but to not point out or complain that they can’t find Black’s stepfather’s name? Basically, to not even bring it to the public’s attention?

All this is is the exploitation of the deadly COVID confusion they’ve created to a) consolidate popularity with his antigovernment, seditionist, pro-life base b) detach Florida from federal oversight, and c) give DeSantis his own private civilian militia. Let me guess: They’ll be mostly men; White; Christian; and own their own AR-15s. Its membership will probably be light on the Biden-supporting, pro-choice side.

Why aren’t Democrats involving the IVF industry in the pro-life/pro-choice protracted social conflict? The conflict I’ve been hearing Americans literally fighting and killing each other over my whole life? Is it because Democrats and the IVF industry are afraid IVF clinics will start getting attacked? All the more reason, I say, to team up and take the pro-life terror cult, at least in America, to its knees and into the history books, like chattel slavery, where it belongs. Because the conflict will only continue to get more violent, and now they’ve taken over the Supreme Court.

>> What makes you think rioters and looters DID have a right to be there?

Curfew had been announced, so they didn’t. I think everyone violating curfew that night should be charged, and I also believe that anyone violating it immediately waived their right to self-defense defenses in court.

>> Bet this doesn’t happen too often now….lesson learned.

It just happened three days ago. Because of a straw sale, the 15-year-old Michigan shooter was able to kill four students with a Sig Sauer semi-automatic 9mm handgun purchased by his father, promised as a gift for his 16th birthday, which appears to be an illegal age to gift the gun, and not stored in a safe in the same house where the minor lived. I argue that’s a straw sale. In Rittenhouse’s case, it was a straw sale which Rittenhouse; Dominick Black; and Black’s stepfather all three committed, that allowed Rittenhouse to possess the rifle, unsupervised and in public, when he was under 18, in violation of both federal and Wisconsin law. Black, who is facing Wisconsin charges for lying on the form, told police that he knew Rittenhouse shouldn’t have had the AR-15 that day, but said nothing about it, and went into Kenosha with Rittenhouse anyway. He later told Rittenhouse that he was worried he was going to be in more trouble than Rittenhouse for pulling the actual trigger, because “we both know you [Rittenhouse] shouldn’t have had the rifle in the first place.” Black also commented to police that he didn’t object to Rittenhouse acquiring the AR on the day of the killings, because he thought that, if he’d had, “Rittenhouse would have thrown a fit.” Black was dating Rittenhouse’s sister.


I would also note that Rittenhouse, if he’s not a white supremacist consciously, certainly has the joking misogyny part, down pat. His Tik Tok username was “4doorsmorewhores,” another fact the media barely discussed. Also barely discussed was that he had virtually no training with the AR-15, having only fired it about 100 times on one day, a few days prior. As the GOP now hands him internship jobs, and the alt-right now airbrushes his photos for use in their pro-insurrectionist, pro-Trump propaganda.


Rittenhouse, I believe, waived his self-defense rights because he violated curfew, but also because he illegally obtained a firearm he knew he couldn’t legally possess under either state or federal law. You can’t really break laws in order to put yourself in the situation where you need to kill someone in self-defense, and then claim self-defense. All three men (Rittenhouse, 17; Dominick Black, 19; and Black’s stepfather, age and identity unknown) knew the laws, and what they were doing, although knowledge or intent with a straw sale is not necessary (“ignorance of [gun] law is not an excuse”). As for the other, adult, vigilantes out that night, roaming the streets of Kenosha with AR-15s and bulletproof vests, impersonating law enforcement, in violation of curfew, they also waived their self-defense rights, had they killed anyone. A caveat: If they’d stayed on private property with the AR-15s, that may have been legal, but them roaming onto public property, wasn’t. Rittenhouse, on the other hand, became illegal the moment he took the rifle off of Black’s stepfather’s property. Rittenhouse is likely too young to understand white supremacy, but he is absolutely an instrument, and champion, for it. Every white supremacist in this country thinks he’s a hero, and so does the Trump-captured GOP– a corrupt party now collectively responsible for the deaths of over 787,000 Americans. Because one day a long time ago Trump said it was a Democratic hoax because he knew he was incompetent to stop it, and they’ve never really backed off from that story, because he still doesn’t want to. When Trump said Biden stole the election, they never really backed off that story, because he still doesn’t want to. When he collected an army of his cult followers on January 6 and launched it like a human battering ram at the Capitol, where one of theirs was killed, plus several police officers, plus what it seems to be now several serious would-be assassins, they not only never really backed off that liberals and Democrats were overreacting to a peaceful tour, they blamed us for the whole thing as a false flag. This was what they were going to say, I have speculated, if Pence, Pelosi, or any other member of Congress had been killed. They have chanted for locking up and sending back Democratic party members for mostly nothing, and usually for being women. They are also responsible for every child killed in an American school since Columbine, and every school shooting since then, even though GOP obstructionism to gun reform, and to gun law enforcement, in response to these shootings every time, actually goes back much farther. They embrace radical, intolerant, and violent forms of Christianity, often promoting (sometimes officially) vile televangelists who make millions denying COVID as well, sell snake oil, fly around private jets, and preach insurrection and sedition.

From yesterday (wait for the crazy):

From two days ago:

From three weeks ago:

Robin D. Bullock’s net worth: 42 million dollars.

How Much is Robin’s Net Worth?

“Robin’s net worth is over $42 million, according to Forbes magazine.

“He is named as the Top 20 richest pastors in the world. 

“He also earns a generous amount of money with the help of his work as a preacher. 

“Likewise, he has around 40,000 subscribers on his official Robin D. Bullock Youtube channel, which also in some way helps him to earn money. ” –millionsofcelebs

Paul Ronco
25 minutes ago (edited)
So the question at timestamp 28:40 addresses why the school, presumably, wasn’t allowed, with the information it had, to expel the kid for the day (such as a mandatory out of school suspension, or day’s confinement in the principal’s office) when the parents (unreasonably) refused to consent to it; and why, when the parents refused to take custody of him, the school did not exercise its legal guardianship over him and have the school’s police officer commit him, then and there and involuntarily, to a hospital for evaluation. The parents’ odd behavior in refusing to remove him from the school was probably additional evidence he should not have been released into their custody. It seems the law only required the school have the parents put him in counseling within 48 hours. So, the requirement for him to go into counseling within two days should not have been confused or conflated with the school’s insistence to make its own decision to physically expel the kid from the campus for (at least) the remainder of the day. There should probably have also been a law that required the police officer to search his backpack and locker once the note had been reported.

Wikipedia, In loco parentis
“The term in loco parentis, Latin for “in the place of a parent”[1] refers to the legal responsibility of a person or organization to take on some of the functions and responsibilities of a parent.

“Originally derived from English common law, the doctrine is applied in two separate areas of the law. First, it grants educational institutions such as colleges and schools discretion to act in the best interests of their students, although not allowing what would be considered violations of the students’ civil liberties.[2]”

Should the shop owner be charged? No, because it probably had no reason to believe the sale of the gun was going to become a straw purchase. It is already known that the parents could lie well. The crime was transferring physical unchaperoned possession of the firearm to the minor prior, I am assuming, to his 18th birthday. Prior to that, as the prosecutor mentioned, Michigan does not have a gun safe law. This is effectively, particularly within families, a straw purchase loophole. Adam Lanza’s mother gave Lanza access to the safe, which was theoretical unsupervised access to the firearm. She paid for the mistake with her life.

“It is legal to purchase a firearm from a licensed firearm retailer that you intend to give as a gift. There’s no law that prohibits a gift of a firearm to a relative or friend who lives in your home state.” –National Shooting Sports Foundation

Paul Ronco
14 minutes ago (edited)
Wow, his entire dysfunctional nuclear family was just smashed into pieces. He’s going to jail for a very long time, and probably so are the parents. They probably will never all be under the same roof again.

Children should not be tried as adults. I could put up a defense for this shooter that might see him one day released, just like I could put up a defense for Alyssa Bustamante that could see her one day released. She cried for help in a similar way. We have no idea the abuse that this kid might have been suffering at his parents’ hands which might have literally driven him insane against his will. I assert that this definitely happened in Alyssa Bustamante’s case. As for the parents? Lock them up and throw away the key.

Paul Ronco
42 seconds ago (edited)
This is a different kind of school shooting, because the parents are 100% caught up in it. The trial might result in lots of future victories for gun control advocates. Now America is really seeing the immaturity of its gun culture, and I predict will be learning lots of new terms soon, particularly, what a ‘straw purchase’ is. Kyle Rittenhouse used an illegal AR-15 to commit his murders, acquired through a straw man sale coordinated between his sister’s boyfriend and the boyfriend’s stepfather. The sister’s boyfriend is currently facing charges for the sale, but I consider the unidentified stepfather, who took the gun out of his safe and gave it to Rittenhouse on the day of the slayings, even more guilty.

lisa gonzales7 hours ago
The school should be held accountable. They were able to obtain the drawing from his back pack and should have asked to go through his backpack.

2 hours ago

Paul Ronco3
1 seconds ago (edited)
The school didn’t know he had a gun. All they had was the drawing. To them, it may have been just a drawing. The parents failed to tell the school that the 15-year-old had a gun.

Paul Ronco
2 minutes ago (edited)
His teacher “came upon a note on his desk which alarmed her so much that she took a picture of it.” He had been drawing it in class. The note was not acquired from his backpack, which we can assume was never opened.

Paul Ronco

I’m confused as to how the parents expected to gift their son the semiautomatic 9-millimeter Sig Sauer handgun on Christmas, when he couldn’t own a gun until he was 18 under not just federal law, but under Michigan law. I’m also confused as to why the Oakland County prosecutor characterized it, only, as “a federal charge.” Michigan can’t prosecute a straw man sale? I’m pretty sure that’s what Wisconsin is learning how to do with Dominick Black, who helped Kyle Rittenhouse illegally acquire the AR-15.

From Michigan dot org:”Statewide Handgun Regulations

“A person must be at least 18 years of age to hunt with (possess) a handgun.
“Handguns cannot be borrowed or loaned to another person other than provided for under the CPL.
“While in the field, handguns must be carried in plain view. Carrying a handgun in a holster in plain view is permitted.”


4473 Part 1— Firearms Transaction Record Over-The-Counter (ATF Form 5300.9)

Download 4473 Part 1— Firearms Transaction Record Over-The-Counter (ATF Form 5300.9) (456.45 KB)

Used by federal firearms licensees (FFLs) to determine if they may lawfully sell or deliver a firearm to the person identified in Section B, and to alert the transferee/buyer of certain restrictions on the receipt and possession of firearms.Document Number: F 5300.9


School is like a ‘war zone,’ superintendent says

Two days after the deadly attack, Oxford High School is “like a war zone,” Throne told his community from the school in the 13-minute video posted on YouTube.”This high school is a wreck right now,” he said, adding repairs could take weeks.

Teachers: How are you coping with threats, school violence, the pandemic and more?

Teachers: How are you coping with threats, school violence, the pandemic and more?Throne commended students and staff for how they handled an active shooter threat, during which some administrators performed CPR and students used desks and chairs to barricade themselves inside classrooms for protection.

More than 100 calls to 911 were made to report the shooting as police rushed to the school at 12:52 p.m. local time, Bouchard said. Within “two to three minutes” of officers’ arrival, the shooter had surrendered.”I believe they literally saved lives, having taken down the suspect with a loaded firearm still in the building,” the sheriff said.

CNN’s Melanie Schuman, Carolyn Sung, Mark Morales, Sonia Moghe, Carolyn Sung, Artemis Moshtaghian, Sahar Akbarzai, Taylor Romine, Shimon Prokupecz, Kristina Sgueglia and Adrienne Broaddus contributed to this report.

Firearm used:


“Before his visit, the president defended a teenager who shot two anti-racism protesters dead in the city last week.

I called this unusual set of circumstances out when it happened. The Trump-Barr Kenosha meeting occurred on September 1, 2020. The Reinoehl-Danielson incident in Portland had occured on August 29, 2020. The Rittenhouse shootings had occurred August 25, 2020. Reinoehl was killed by a federal fugitive task force in Lacey, Washington on September 3, 2020. Reinoehl was in active phone communication with his lawyer just hours before he was gunned down outside of an apartment complex, in daylight, when kids were playing. Multiple witnesses would say the police cars, and the barrage of shots, came out of nowhere (had occured within seconds of each other), and that Reinoehl was running away, and trying to take cover behind his car. Over fifty shots were fired. It is now known, at least, that whereas Reinoehl did have a firearm, he never fired it.

None of the officers, who spanned from local, state and federal, had their bodycameras on.

Vice News: “We Tried to Obtain Footage of Michael Reinoehl’s Killing. Police Say It Doesn’t Exist”

“Agencies involved in the police killing of the Portland shooter have actively fought against body and dash cameras.”


It doesn’t exist, I assert, because it would have shown a premeditated political murder, officially ordered by the federal government, of a U.S.-born citizen, on American soil, who had legally used his firearm in self-defense, and supposedly in accordance with the Second Amendment, on American soil.

Trump would proudly claim in his debate with Biden that it was necessary retribution. I’ve speculated it wasn’t for retribution or justice, Trump and Barr could have cared less about either. It was secondarily for show, but primarily it was to prevent a self-defense case with a firearm by antifa which the Trump Administration, and hence the GOP and the NRA, knew they’d lose. I did an exhaustive frame-by-frame video and audio analysis of the video and the facts of the event, over three days, most of which is documented on my other YouTube page (Paul Ronco). Reinoehl shot Danielson in self-defense, who was firing at him, unprovoked, with a bear spray canister, and who was also holding an extendable metal baton; a holstered semiautomatic handgun; and three loaded magazines in his pants pockets. He had also been drinking. He was also in violation of police blockade/curfew. He also outnumbered Reinoehl and his friend of color at least 3-to-1. Reinoehl and his friend of color were walking down the center of the street, towards the lighted intersection, and to the right and away from Danielson, who was standing on the curb. At the shouting and provocation of his friends, who were idling side-by-side in two vehicles in the center of the city street, and who identified Reinoehl and his friend of color as antifa (“We’ve got two of ’em right here!”), Danielson walked forward, and into the center of the street, to approach Reinoehl, and fired his bear spray canister directly at him. Reinoehl pivoted, withdrew his legal concealed handgun for which he had a permit, and shot at Danielson twice. The first shot exploded Danielson’s bear spray canister, and the second, fatal shot struck Danielson in the chest. The shots were separated by only a fraction of a second, proving it was both an instantaneous response (as the initial shooting of the bear spray canister had to have been a freak accident under all circumstances– it could not have been controlled), and thus ruling out a premeditated intent to kill Danielson, which was the romantic conspiracy theory going around the Internet on the alt-right, before I decided to prove or disprove it.

Everything after that, Turmp and Barr would have known, would have been legal self-defense; and, they would have also known, Reinoehl wouldn’t have had a GOP-friendly lawyer defending him, like in this real U.S. deep-state shitshow we just saw in Kenosha, and like in the real U.S. deep-state shitshow that convicted Ashlee Anne Rose Martinson. This time, the video was enough to win. And, the trial would have garnered massive attention from both political sides, just as these latest three high-profile, race-underpinned shootings have proven, and trials like George Zimmerman’s have proven (Reinoehl was protesting the police killing of George Floyd, later determined murder). From a political perspective, Trump and the GOP would have determined, the trial simply could not afford to happen.

“Donald Trump arrived in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday with his attorney general, Bill Barr, in tow.

“Photo: Jacob Blake Sr, father of the Black man who was shot in the back by a white officer last Sunday, speaks at a rally Saturday in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
“Jacob Blake: father refuses to ‘play politics with my son’s life’ amid furor over Trump visit

“The president is pushing a “law and order” message as he campaigns for re-election. On his way to the Wisconsin city, which has seen protests over a police shooting of an African American man, he tweeted that he would “thank law enforcement and the national guard for a job well done. The violence stopped six days ago, the moment the guard entered the picture. Thank you!”

“On arrival, greeted by the Republican Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson, Trump said: “We’ll have plenty to talk about.”

“Before his visit, the president defended a teenager who shot two anti-racism protesters dead in the city last week. He also compared the actions of a white Kenosha police officer who fired seven shots at a black man, hitting him four times in the back, to a golfer choking on a putt.


See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killings_of_Aaron_Danielson_and_Michael_Reinoehl

“On August 29, 2020, Aaron Danielson, an American supporter of the far-right group Patriot Prayer,[1][2] was shot and killed after participating in a pro-Trump caravan which drove through Portland, Oregon, displaying banners and signs supporting President Donald Trump,[3][4] and clashing with participants in the local George Floyd protests.[3][5]

“On September 3, 2020, Danielson’s suspected killer, Michael Reinoehl, an American far-left[6][7] anti-fascist activist[4] and antifa supporter,[3][8] was shot and killed by a federally led fugitive task force near Lacey, Washington.[9][10] Danielson’s killing was the first time in over 26 years that a self-identified anti-fascist activist had been charged with homicide.[6][8][11][12] A seven-month investigation by the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office concluded that Reinoehl had most likely initiated an exchange of gunfire with officers before he was killed.[13][14]

“A review by the New York Times found that the local investigators discounted key pieces of evidence that contradicted the notion that Reinoehl fired his weapon; for example, Reinoehl had a full magazine in the gun found on him.[14] Officer reports, released after the initial summary of the investigation, also reveal that none of the officers describe Reinoehl pointing or firing a weapon at officers before he was shot and killed. Several officers did report Reinoehl reaching for his waist before the police opened fire.[15] Witnesses stated that officers opened fire without warning.[16]

President Donald Trump commended the U.S. Marshals for shooting Reinoehl[17] and described his death as “retribution”.[18][19][20]”

If that’s what Biden calls a “working” jury, I’d hate to see what a jury decides when it doesn’t work.

Illegally purchasing an AR-15 through a straw man sale doesn’t matter.

Violating curfew with the AR-15 doesn’t matter.

Training with the AR-15 doesn’t matter.

Being underage with the AR-15 in violation of state and federal law doesn’t matter; in fact, it will make your jury more sympathetic; and, for some reason, the whole country won’t hear about it strongly complained of by the prosecution, which I have written elsewhere I suspect may have intentionally lost the case.

I advocated for a lesser sentence for Rittenhouse, but I didn’t want a full acquittal. This is a disastrous ruling from Wisconsin, which has all but emboldened right-wing/2A extremism, and made America much less safe. It’s open season for right-wing vigilantiism/provocateurism in America. History will prove me correct: This was a bad ruling.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin makes sure Ashlee Anne Rose Martinson stays locked up tight.

Prosecutor in Rittenhouse trial: “While we are disappointed with the verdict, it must be respected”

Biden reacts to Rittenhouse verdict: “The jury system works, and we have to abide by it”