She’s asking us to make exceptions for her unconscious (programmed) racism and sexual bigotry. She thinks the way she grew up is the way things should be, and that we’ve figured out our racism problem in America, when we actually haven’t, and when we are hearing overtures from elected lawmakers for it to threaten to come back again, and start a new American Civil (hot) War. That’s the real grooming that’s taken place, not the new courage people have in acknowledging what they’ve been, how ‘our Creator’ created them, for thousands of years. I have no doubt she’s legitimately concerned; that’s because she’s a racist. Of course she doesn’t know it, but that’s whose side she’s on. I never accused Trumpists of not being confused. These bans are absolutely censorship. Here we are, Republican seditionists, insurrectionists and state terrorists banning books, giving out ‘lists’ for parents to scour for. That’s the real problem, books. Meanwhile we let them get away with their politicized, violent, shit interpretations of Scripture all over my airwaves, and on our televisions. Plus Q, and Holocaust denialism.

“I have never experienced anything like that before, where a government agency or any kind of government entity was interested specifically in what kinds of books were in the library.”

That’s because the Republican Party is fascist, now. The real deal.