Really. They’d start the civil war right there, if Texas wants it. They’d urge Biden to send in the national guard to protect women who want to abort fetuses with a heartbeat. Because it’s their constitutional right. Roe was correctly decided.

Heck, I might even sign up for the national guard, if it meant I got to force Texas lawmakers to obey the Constitution in their own state, and to keep women alive, and on an equal footing in society with men.

This is a civl rights issue. It is also a human rights issue. No, embryos don’t actually count to these moral grandstanding state terrorists any more than your kids dying of COVID do. Ask any completely unregulated Texas IVF clinic.

Do you know how much money Planned Parenthood takes in from Americans who actually understand life, and civil and human rights? But, they’re unable to defy a Texas heartbeat law?

What’s wrong, do they lack guns, or something? Manpower? Boots on the ground? Send me!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, saying he wants to protect life, as if I and Democrats don’t.

No, I and Democrats are too morally stupid to understand that abortion is murder. Perhaps it means we’re worthless as human beings, unfit to count to ten, much less vote. I, and the 1973 Supreme Court Justices, all seem to be missing what’s apparent to these morally enlightened people. Meanwhile, IVF…

I guess God doesn’t care about killing excess embryos, either, when they’re worth $40,000. Mostly for rich White people. That’s all safe to do, in Texas.

It’s a political hoax, and it could lead America to a conflagration, just like slavery and Civil Rights did. It is also what Azar termed a protracted social conflict. No, they’re not good for democracies.

Protracted social conflict
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Protracted social conflict is a technical term that generally refers to conflicts described by other researchers as protracted or intractable: complex, severe, commonly enduring, and often violent. The term was presented in a theory developed by Edward Azar.

Protracted social conflict as Edward Azar termed it, denotes hostile interactions between communal groups that are based in deep-seated racial, ethnic, religious and cultural hatreds, and that persist over long periods of time with sporadic outbreaks of violence; when a group’s identity is threatened or frustrated, intractable conflict is almost inevitable.[1] [2]

Let me make this clear: Republicans who stand with pro-life in 2021, stand with state terrorism, in a real, and intensifying, war against women. This is not my opinion; it is a scientific fact, and it is what history will eventually determine.

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“One pro-life political action group, the [so-called] Susan B. Anthony List, has already announced it is contributing 52 million dollars to the U.S. President [Donald Trump], as well other pro-life Republican candidates throughout this 2020 election cycle.”

Pro-life doesn’t even understand that Jeremiah 1:5, if anything, advocates for choice.

Four abortions are still paid for by the state for women in the Israeli Defense Forces, I’m pretty sure.

Most women can get a safe, low-cost and legal abortion for almost any reason in Israel, I’m pretty sure.

Jeremiah 1:5
New International Version

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew[a] you,
    before you were born I set you apart;
    I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

God acknowledges that Jeremiah’s soul existed, even before physical conception. Jeremiah’s soul is alright, regardless of whether he’s born and dies in ninety years, or is conceved and dies a few days later.

The only place abortion happens in the Bible is in Numbers, and it’s not only legal, the woman is forced (by men) to undergo it.

This is not about convenience, that is a pro-life talking point. It is about a rogue patriarchal state getting away with killing women citizens (and any other woman with the misfortune of stepping in their legal gulag where, hey, it’s usually okay with them if women of means go to another state to have it done, and then come back) as a means of social control, and limiting women in their social mobility as compared to men, by accident only of their sex. A law that only women can break, that lobbying groups are paying 52 million dollars to see happen because they claim to care about embryos, cannot be anything other than a hoax.

It is not rational to assign civic rights to a microscopic organism that has not yet developed a brain. This organism, furthermore, when allowed to develop, always presents a significantly heightened level of mortal threat to the woman (this self-defense argument sweeps all of their adoption arguments away). The movement is religious in type, based on unproven notions of sentience, personhood, eternal life, consciousness, and souls. It is not science-based, and actually gets religion wrong, because it’s really a state terror movement. It drives misplaced religious fear and sentiment, and harshly divides societies down party lines over a completely, or near-completely, imaginary grievance. It is thoroughly entrenched in one side’s politics, and, though it drapes itself in victimhood and purity, has the potential to be one of its most violent wings. It leads its followers into a delusion of moral and intellectual superiority, designed to justify killing the other side in what both sides, if it happens, will see as a civil war.

52 million dollars, remember. Meanwhile, the GOP’s lavish funding and praise of Israel, a (correctly) solidly pro-choice state. IVF, America’s (extremely profitable) embryo-killing free-for-all which the moral grandstanders apparently haven’t noticed, at all. Them not (currently) caring if you get an abortion in another state, and then come back. All smoking guns of the existence of a cryptoagenda. A conspiracy. At the top. They’re doing something else with it. It has nothing to do with saving embryos. Or, protecting women or even life, for that matter.

Hey everyone, it’s Elizabeth Gofuckyourselfifyouwantmylastname, from Texas Right to Life! Turn in your neighbor and sue your local abortion provider, win $10,000! Don’t worry, we won’t go after women for these so-called crimes, at least not yet. We know most of them can’t afford to put the $200 gas in their car that they need to temporarily flee this gigantic state. But, IVF, where embryos are created and disposed of as medical waste every day for huge profits, is alive and well in Texas. Watch that power grid, COVID.

This is how the “clever” law works, to make it not look like there are hordes of mad protesters physically preventing women from entering clinics, or that there really aren’t Texan police, guns and jails on the other side of it: Regular citizens sue the abortion provider based on observance or hearsay. A nice police officer delivers the lawsuit to the abortion provider. The abortion provider then has to appear in court. If they’re found guilty, it’s a $10,000 fine per “illegal” abortion.

“Anyone who is sued for violating the Act must pay $10,000 for each abortion performed (or assisted) in violation of the Act, plus costs and attorneys’ fees.[7] At the same time, the Act specifically bans state officials from enforcing the Act, leaving enforcement entirely in the hands of private litigants who will sue those who violate the statute.[8]

Nope, it doesn’t work that way. If it’s a law, then it has police, guns and jails on the other side of it. Texas enforcing the law, if it’s ignored by the defendant, thus becomes a constitutional violation, automatically. The abortion provider shouldn’t have to defend against anything. The abortion provider should be able to treat the lawsuit like junk mail, or a spam phone call. They should be able to simply ignore the lawsuit, and let the federal government take care of the rest, should the law try to come knocking.

“The law was written this way to prevent abortion providers from challenging the constitutionality of the statute before it takes effect. Instead, abortion providers must wait until someone sues them for violating the statute, and then assert their constitutional claims defensively.”[9] [10][11]

But, in America, when an abortion provider in a lawsuit doesn’t show, it makes police go arrest the abortion provider, to drag them into court. They’re presumed criminals, remember. Now, they’re in “contempt of court,” too. They can’t just ignore being sued, right?

That’s where Biden federalizing the Texas National Guard, and paratroopers, come into the picture.

Biden should prohibit Texas from enforcing the lawsuits in any way. In this way he grants effective federal immunity to abortion clinics in Texas against the enforcement of not just this law, but any law his legal analysts reasonably interpret as unconstitutional. He also provides the physical protection the clinics, doctors and women are certainly going to suddenly need.

Such a move could start to finally break the back of pro-life in this country, and hopefully weaken the GOP-led deep state that wields it. Along with many other political hoaxes it wields, all interconnected, from climate denialism to COVID denialism to Second Amendment to voter suppression and the Big Lie, in pursuit of its cryptoagenda. This cryptoagenda does have a violent government overthrow as one of its goals. And, it would seem it is not a too-distant goal for them, as they are signaling quite plainly to the religious base, most often via cryptosedition, that a violent government overthrow is coming.

“This is not a time to be afraid.”

Fuck yes, it’s a time to be afraid.

In practical reality, I have asserted, “God” is code, whether they know it or not, for the GOP-led deep state, which has knowingly substituted the real God, if God exists, with itself.

That is why leadership often refer to themselves as intercessors. They use this word a lot.

“Abortion rights advocates and lawyers say the new law would allow for a cascade of lawsuits against abortion providers that would sap their time and money even if they ultimately won in court.

“Family members, abortion funds, rape crisis counselors and other medical professionals could be open to lawsuits, under the broad language in the bill, according to legal experts and physicians who opposed the measure. People who sued would be awarded at least $10,000, as well as costs for attorney’s fees, if they won.

“Every citizen is now a private attorney general,” Blackman said. “You can have random people who are against abortion start suing tomorrow.”

I served three years for the country, and this coward who won’t even reveal her last name says I and my party are “evil” and that we “worship at the altar of child sacrifice?” That’s unacceptable. Rhetoric like that is something all true Americans should zero in on immediately as alien to the United States. Hostile. Anti-democratic. A made threat. Hate speech. When they’re dumping serious money into my politics, they become fighting words. When they’re being said seriously by a political cult, in a conspiracy, to a deluded base that takes them deadly seriously, it becomes a get them first before they get us situation. As I’ve already argued, they’ve already used their “army” to come for us. On January 6, the real U.S. deep state made a move. The deep state the GOP runs, and which it’s blocking investigations into. The one pro-life is funding. It came for us. Tried to decapitate the government, tried to assassinate Mike Pence for, ultimately, disloyalty to the cryptoagenda. Nancy Pelosi, too. When the real U.S. deep state tried to shake down Ukraine in order to begin an illegal domestic PSYOP campaign against what it calculated was its most likely opponent in what it knew would be the mose closely monitored election in human history, a whistleblower emerged and saved us from that attack, but it was still a move. When they blocked the investigation and refused to impeach, it was a move.

Voter suppresion is a move. They want to steal the next election.

Planned Parenthood should defy this law, and Biden should send in troops. They’ve given him an excuse. Like Eisenhower– a Republican– did for the Wichita Nine. To enforce the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution, and civil and human rights. To protect women’s lives. To protect women’s right to equal access to the American Dream. These cryptoseditionists don’t care about embryos. They’re sending our kids to school without masks. They can’t even deliver power properly. In South Dakota, the Attorney General ran into a man, killed him, while distracted reading conspiracy theories on his cellphone, and he’s still Attorney General. DeSantis. The GOP’s theocratic infrastructure has its slaves filling out prayer cards for that craven, soulless, child-murdering train wreck:

Ron DeSantis needs your prayers (A)

May 13, 2021

Dear Fellow American,

Conservative leaders are under attack.

Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida is pushing back on the radical Left’s tyrannical agenda.

He said NO to COVID-19 lockdowns.

He said NO to a government-mandated vaccine passport.

He said NO to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

He said NO to Big Tech censorship.

And friend, don’t you wish that more governors across the country would boldly stand up like Governor DeSantis is?

That’s exactly why the Left is on an all-out tear to take him down…because he unashamedly stands up for the commonsense policies you and I want to see implemented.

Will you sign this PRAYER CARD for Governor RON DESANTIS today?

IFA will be hand delivering a batch of prayers to Governor Ron DeSantis soon and we want to make sure yours is included.

Just last month I was in Florida speaking with Governor DeSantis about how Christian Conservatives can defend principles of freedom and liberty.

He told me he REJECTS government overreach — like enforcing a Vaccine Passport or shutting down churches during a pandemic.

And he’s a man of his word – he just signed into law a bill that suspends ALL local COVID emergency orders in Florida.

Friend, you and I both know how desperately we need leaders who are willing to say NO to government tyranny, and YES to individual liberties right now.

And Intercessors for America has been praying for Godly leaders like this since our founding in 1973.

Well, as I talked to Governor DeSantis, I told him that hundreds of thousands of prayer warriors – folks like you – are praying for him.

He wanted me to tell you he is grateful for your prayers!

Will you add your prayer today and help us reach our goal of delivering 100,000 prayers to Governor DeSantis?

Friend, this is exactly what Intercessors for America does – we connect our nation’s leaders with Americans like you who are praying for them daily.

Well, we’re gearing up to deliver a round of your personal prayer notes to Governor Ron DeSantis as soon as we receive 100,000 prayers from Americans like you.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign this PRAYER CARD for RON DESANTIS today so we can show him Americans like you have his back.

On a daily basis Governor DeSantis endures relentless personal and spiritual attacks.

We’ve seen these attacks appear in many different ways:

Attacks from the “fake news” media – spinning biased stories against our country’s most conservative Governor…like the outrageous lies they tried to spread about how Governor DeSantis handled COVID-19…when in fact it was another Leftist governor abusing his state’s elderly population.
Attacks from liberal politicians who want to see Governor DeSantis manipulated and cancelled.
And attacks from forces of spiritual opposition you and I know will come after anyone who stands up for the Word of God.
So now you see why Governor DeSantis needs your personal prayer note right away.

You see, when Christian leaders are under attack – and they sure have been lately – here at IFA we GO TO WORK to pray for and defend them.

That’s why we sent hundreds of thousands of prayer notes to President Trump during his Presidency.

And he shared publicly, “WE USE THEM EVERY DAY”.

Well, now I need your help to send just as many prayer notes to Governor DeSantis.

Will you sign a personal prayer card for Governor DeSantis today?

Let me step back and introduce myself. My name is Dave Kubal and I’m blessed to be the President and CEO of an army of prayer warriors called Intercessors for America (IFA).

Our mission at IFA is to inform, connect, and mobilize intercessors to pray for our nation and our leaders.

That’s exactly why I’ve written to you today asking you to sign this personal PRAYER CARD for GOVERNOR DESANTIS so we can show him Christian Conservative Americans have his back.

Specifically, we desire to reach Christians nationwide with information and tools to unite them in effective prayer for our nation.

We must remember that God’s word instructs us to pray regularly for our leaders. (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

As Believers, we must join together and ask our Heavenly Father to:

Keep Governor DeSantis, and those who serve him, safe from the enemy’s snares (Psalm 141: 9-10).
Ensure Governor DeSantis would show no fear toward the evil that assails him (Isaiah 8:12), but rather overcome it with a zeal and passion for His laws which bring life and liberty to all (Proverbs 10:29-32).
Sustain Governor DeSantis so that he will continue to love His word and seek His wisdom diligently (Proverbs 8:17), remaining open and teachable to Godly counsel and heaven’s wisdom (Proverbs 1:7).
Grant Governor DeSantis increased grace and blessing as he heeds His voice and obeys His Word (Proverbs 21:1).
Allow Governor DeSantis to rule in the midst of his enemies, not backing down or wavering due to threats or intimidation (Psalm 110: 1-2; Ephesians 6:13).
Today I need your help as a prayer leader in your community to combat any and all attacks on The Most Conservative Governor in America with around the clock prayer protection.

So please, join my prayer team for Governor DeSantis and uplift him with a personal note to remind him he’s not fighting alone.

As I mentioned earlier, IFA delivered hundreds of thousands of personal prayer notes to Donald Trump – I need your help today so we can send just as many to Ron DeSantis.

As his enemies ramp up their attacks — we must also ramp up our efforts to fight back in the most powerful way possible — with prayer.

Please know you’re helping build a community of faithful Americans praying over this conservative leader during this trying time.

Thank you for being a prayer warrior I can rely on.

Together as the body of Christ in America, we lift up Governor DeSantis. We stand in agreement with heaven’s purposes concerning our nation. (Psalm 133) We stand by this governor who has declared his state to be under God’s rule and authority and seeks righteousness and justice. (Psalm 89:14)

“There is no such thing as a safe abortion.”

There is no such thing as a safe pregnancy, either.

Genesis 3:16
New International Version
To the woman he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children.”

As I’ve argued, women have a biblical right to be afraid of it.

“The truth is that whether it is legal or illegal, abortion poses long-term physical and emotional harm to women.”

Great, then keep it legal.

“The World Health Organization says a woman dies every eight minutes from an unsafe abortion. She is most likely poor, and lives in a rural area of a developing country. She is often young, and has little or no support for what she is about to do.” “World Health Organization Targets Unsafe Abortion” Jun 24, 2010 Voice of America News. YouTube.
“What about in situations where a woman’s mental health might be affected?”

“No, I do not believe that is justified.”

“And do you know what those mental health claims would be?”

“Anxiety and depression, which [shrugs] are temporary conditions.”

There are two sides. One supports the Constitution, the other does not. If you do not support pro-choice, you support pro-life, because you’re politically confused; you don’t understand how choice is a human right, and how embryos really don’t matter. They become special and protected when the mother considers them special, and wants them protected. God made it so that they naturally die all the time. They feel no pain; they do not know that they exist; and their right to life is determined by the mother carrying them. There is no mandate in the Bible for government, anyone else, or even the mother, to protect them. As a Christian, you don’t have to care about them at all. In fact, you can create them specifically for fetal stem cell research, and should.

Just, be careful to not do anything that IVF isn’t already doing, all over the country and world, to the tune of billions of dollars.

The global in vitro fertilization market size was valued at USD 14.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% from 2021 to 2028. Key factors that are driving the market growth include rising reprotourism and the increasing cases of male and female infertility.

Political confusion makes you a tool of pro-life. There is no such thing as neutrality. It is also impossible to be both.

That’s how pro-life leadership sees it, I promise. And, they’re right.

Again, the vitriol is an essential part of the pro-life program. It protects against people figuring out the cryptoagenda.

It’s a difficult issue. It’s not a fifty-year prelude to a hot civil war issue, with intermittent assassinations and bombings in between.

In other words, honest leadership would have figured it out by now.

The death penalty is also a political hoax.

Anything that makes the deep state look like God, is good.

“I was born into a very religious and conservative family. But, when I went to the seminary to study theology, I began to see other ways of living the Christian faith.”
“Thirty percent of American women will have an abortion before they’re 45.”

He’s wrong. Embryos are really just matter, moving around, doing their molecular thing. By my reading of the Bible, we have no right to infer that there’s any special sentience that wasn’t already there previously which magically appears, and becomes suddenly precious to society at large, when the sperm and egg die to combine into a slightly more complex living organism. If it matters at that point, it’s all symbolic, and in the minds of the people who conceived the embryo, where all final decisions are bestowed by God upon the mother. Ants have brains. An embryo doesn’t even have that much. Again, it makes no scientifc or logical sense to grant full constitutional rights to embryos. Your decision to care about them is an invention of your mind. Do we care about the embryo when a woman has a natural miscarriage? No, not really, because we naturally understand that the embryo had no consciousness of its existence to be able to mourn or fear or feel the loss of its own life. How, then, do we objectively justify the violent outrage, when a woman decides to induce the abortion herself? Pro-life is wise to not launch a campaign against IVF, because they know there would be no passion for it. There’s no villain, in this case villainness, to attack. It doesn’t mean that billions of dollars aren’t being made. It doesn’t mean that millions of embryos aren’t being intentionally created with the knowledge that most of them will die. It means that embryos don’t really matter to anyone, and that the real target is women.

“He [the Pope] hasn’t changed on what these core issues are.”

He didn’t change when Galileo figured out that the Earth revolved around the Sun, either.

The term “pro-life” is a hoax, just like the political hoax itself. It’s a euphemistic slogan, and it implicitly hijacks morality and religion while demonizing its opponent, but it’s also a misnomer. It obscures, with the effect of confusing a good percentage of a citizenry, what pro-life actually is, which is an abortion prohibition movement. It’s a political position, built around an almost complete lie, which intends to put the power of the state into the hands of one party, permanently. Pro-life is not compatible with democracies, or multi-party systems. It’s not secular, either, so it should be no wonder that it’s always gravitating to the racist segments of society.

Remember the last time pro-life almost started a civil war? I’m not referring to the kids below. They’re innocent. I’m referring to the leaders who almost got them killed. On national television.

Pro-life has nothing to do with what you personally think or might think about abortion at any given time in your life, for yourself or for anyone else. It’s about expanding the power of the state, disenfranchising women under the Constitution, and making sure that a percentage of the women population are stochastically killed or maimed by the policy. They call this a deterrent to violating what they interpret as moral sexual norms, which will probably at some point include contraception. Also, occasionally, stochastic terror. They distance themselves from these acts by calling them acts of disturbed lone wolves. No; they programmed those lone wolves. Those lone wolves knew all of their talking points.

At any rate, I would say that Texas has, politically, gone off the cliff. It’s effectively a rogue state, without having to formally declare secession, where women are simply not full citizens like they are in other places in the country, where it is thus far clear that they will receive no federal protection for violations against them, and where it might be better for women to leave, or to not be, or travel through. With a state that can get away with abortion prohibition the way it just proved, I would say, it’s difficult, particularly for women, to know anything else about the government with certainty.

The other states are falling to this fake movement, too. Again, pro-life always tethers itself to one political party. This is not an equal-opportunity movement; it picks one party, then tries to destroy the other. At some point, if it hasn’t already happened, it’s going to be difficult for women from free states to drive through the country without putting themselves in one of these Republican-led prohibitionist states, effectively religious patriarchal deep states– all aligned with the real U.S. deep state– for extended periods. Today it’s a heartbeat (6 weeks); tomorrow it will be a brain (three weeks), they intend to go all the way to conception. After that, they’ll go after a pregnant woman’s right to drive a car. They have already prosecuted women for natural miscarriages.

Roe uses viability as at least one standard, and allows for abortions to be mostly all legal, with no impediments, up to around week 26.

For nearly 50 years, Roe v. Wade has protected a woman’s right to an abortion up until fetal viability. States may ban abortions after the point at which a fetus could survive outside the mother — typically around 24 weeks of pregnancy — but not before. May 18, 2021

The Texas bill has made it illegal after six weeks. The situation has gotten way past the point of whether the violation authorizes the President to use interventionary force to assure the Constitution’s local implementation. Same goes for Utah, below.

By the end of the sixth month, [the] fetus is about 12 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds. Its skin is reddish in color, wrinkled, and veins are visible through its translucent skin. Finger and toe prints are visible. The eyelids begin to part and the eyes open. Aug 29, 2020

Of course, the 1973 Supreme Court’s reasoning, and it was rational, was that, with safe and unfettered access to abortion, most embryos destined for abortion would be aborted long before they developed into a fetus, defined as an embryo older than eight weeks, to the point described above (six months). Pro-life is fine with the reverse effect: That its policies drive women to harm themselves, and unneccesarily increase the age of some aborted fetuses to a point where they might be starting to experience pain or consciousness. If a fetus can experience anxiety or fear, then it’s reasonable to conclude that a mother who is constantly in anxiety or fear, experiences it as well.

“Jane Doe, a pregnant 17-year-old unaccompanied immigrant minor who was abused by her parents in her home country, was effectively held hostage by the government to stop her from accessing abortion. The Trump administration ordered the private shelter where she was staying to prevent her from going to any abortion-related appointments. While the court battle raged, the government’s obstructionism pushed Doe further along in her pregnancy against her will. She always remained resolute in her decision to terminate her pregnancy. Yet day after day, she was forced to sit in the shelter, waiting to hear whether she would be able to have an abortion or whether she would be forced to carry the pregnancy to term.   

“Although we secured an emergency order from a lower court allowing Doe to have the abortion, the government appealed. Over a vigorous dissent by Judge Patricia Millett, Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote a decision that allowed the government to further obstruct Jane’s abortion. 

“By the time of Judge Kavanaugh’s ruling, the Trump administration had already delayed Doe’s abortion by almost a month. The decision allowed the government to continue to obstruct her abortion while the government looked for a sponsor for Jane, which they had been unsuccessful in finding for the prior month and a half. As Judge Millett put it, there was no “reason to think that a sponsor” could be found in “short order.” As a result, Judge Kavanaugh’s order would force Doe to delay her abortion for “multiple more weeks.” 

“Because further delay was clearly unacceptable, we asked the full court of appeals to review the case. It did so, and reversed Judge Kavanaugh’s decision, ordering the government to allow Doe to have an abortion without further delay.”

Brett Kavanaugh’s One Abortion Case
By Brigitte Amiri, Deputy Director, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project
JULY 18, 2018 | 4:45 PM

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Fort Worth, TX
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“I’ll review again after our ivf.”
Dallas IVF – McKinney
(60) · Fertility clinic
McKinney, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (214) 225-2057

Texas Fertility – Corpus Christi Fertility Center
No reviews · Fertility clinic
Corpus Christi, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (361) 271-1095

ReproMed Fertility Center
(35) · Fertility clinic
Dallas, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Tue · (214) 827-8777

“Thanks to Repro Med fertility team,”
Aspire Fertility Houston Main Street
(97) · Fertility clinic
Houston, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (713) 512-7900

“Great infertility place”
IVF Plano
(24) · Fertility clinic
Plano, TX · In Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (972) 612-2500

“This is without any doubt the best IVF clinic in the DFW area.”
Texas Fertility Center – New Braunfels Fertility Center
(29) · Fertility clinic
New Braunfels, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (830) 608-8004

“Due to our specific situation, we eventually progressed to IVF.”
Houston Fertility Institute
(18) · Fertility clinic
Beaumont, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (409) 212-1636

Houston Fertility Institute
(86) · Fertility clinic
Houston, TX · In Piney Point Offices
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (713) 490-2527

Aspire Fertility – Austin
(74) · Fertility clinic
Austin, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Tue · (512) 479-7979

“Pregnant with #1 with IVF.”
Houston Fertility Institute
(42) · Fertility clinic
Houston, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (713) 796-1434

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas
No reviews · Medical clinic
San Antonio, TX · In South Texas Medical Center
(210) 337-8453

Texas Fertility Center – South Austin Fertility Center
(4) · Fertility clinic
Austin, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Tue · (512) 451-0149

Fertility Specialists of Texas – Rockwall
(4) · Fertility clinic
Rockwall, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (214) 618-2044

Frisco Fertility Center
(5) · Fertility clinic
Frisco, TX · In Legacy Medical Plaza
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (214) 225-2057

Effortless IVF
(95) · Fertility clinic
Bedford, TX · In Central Park Tower
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (817) 540-1157

The Family Fertility Center at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women
(10) · Women’s health clinic
Houston, TX
(832) 826-7272

Houston Fertility Institute
(127) · Fertility clinic
Houston, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (832) 237-1434

Aspire Fertility – Houston
(21) · Fertility clinic
Houston, TX · In Woman’s Hospital of Texas
Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Tue · (713) 512-7900

Aspire Fertility
(83) · Fertility clinic
Addison, TX · In Addison Airport
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (214) 414-3806

“I’m exited to start my IVF journey with Aspire!”
Aspire Fertility McAllen
(6) · Fertility clinic
McAllen, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM Tue · (956) 800-4177

Texas Center for Reproductive Health
(18) · Fertility clinic
Dallas, TX · In Baylor University Medical Center
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (214) 821-2274

Reproductive Institute of South Texas
(1) · Reproductive health clinic
McAllen, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (956) 687-2693

Houston Fertility Institute
(1) · Fertility clinic
Tomball, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (281) 357-1881

The Centre for Reproductive Medicine
(26) · Fertility clinic
Lubbock, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (806) 788-1212

“My husband and I chose IVF.”
HART Fertility Clinic – Kingwood
(16) · Fertility clinic
Kingwood, TX · In Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood
Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM Tue · (281) 937-8752

“I highly recommend them for your fertility needs.”
Center of Reproductive Medicine – Beaumont
(4) · Fertility clinic
Beaumont, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM Tue · (409) 898-1603

West Texas Fertility Centers
(9) · Fertility clinic
Odessa, TX · In the Odessa Regional Hospital
Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue · (432) 614-6378

North Texas Fertility
No reviews · Fertility clinic
DeSoto, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue · (972) 572-1226

(89) · Reproductive health clinic
Arlington, TX
Closes soon ⋅ 6PM · (817) 701-1290

“The IVF process is intimidating but this office made it so smooth.”
Houston Fertility Institute
(39) · Fertility clinic
Katy, TX · In Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital
Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue · (281) 693-2434

ReproMed Fertility Center
(14) · Fertility clinic
Rockwall, TX · In Horizon Ridge
(214) 771-0135

“… mention, he was able to help us get pregnant without the cost of IVF.”
HART Fertility Clinic – The Woodlands
(63) · Fertility clinic
The Woodlands, TX · In Riverstone Vision Park
Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM Tue · (281) 346-9023

“I promise not all ivf coordinators and/or doctors are like this.”
Aspire Fertility Katy
(2) · Fertility clinic
Katy, TX
Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Tue · (713) 512-7900

CCRM Fertility Houston
(67) · Fertility clinic
Houston, TX · In Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center
Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30AM Tue · (713) 465-1211