Political malpractice resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

He knew what he was doing. He had a million warnings blaring at him every day for over a year, and he ignored them all, believing it might be politically rewarding. But, even if he’d been legitimately confused, which is impossible (he took the vaccine), he’d still deserve at least twenty years in jail for negligent homicide. I’m not a lawyer, but twenty years in jail sounds good to me.

Negligent Homicide
An act of recklessness or negligence causing the death of another person. The death must not have been intentional or planned in any way. Rather, it was the result of an accident.

Of course, I’ve argued that it was all premeditated, elevating it from negligent homicide to first degree murder. He knew Americans would die, and let them. Evidence should be sufficient to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

First-degree murder
Any intentional murder that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought. [<– meaning, by my interpretation, that in addition to directly murdering people, first degree murder can be indirect or stochastic; if you order a hit man to kill someone, for example, and they do, then you’re still charged with first degree murder; or, if the evidence is more or less irrefutable that your rhetoric, crucially as an influential person or politician, inspired someone else to commit murder, such as what happened in El Paso, then the murder is stochastic]. Felony murder, a charge that may be filed against a defendant who is involved in a dangerous crime where a death results from the crime,[16] is typically first-degree.[17]

Second-degree murder
Any intentional murder with malice aforethought, but is not premeditated or planned.[18]

In Donald Trump’s case, that second, nicer version doesn’t apply. Suggesting these 617,206 deaths weren’t premeditated or planned is simply not logically defensible. It’s absurd on its face.

This was a military operation. 617,206 preventable deaths don’t happen– ever– by accident. Particularly with Trump being a germophobe, of course he was aware that he was creating superspreader events with every rally he did. But, he also knew, he had the best testing and access to medical care and scientifically verified therapies, and he also knew he had to do it, because he knew that admitting to his base that Democrats were correct about the virus would have called into question his judgment regarding everything else. The cult leader is always infallible; cult leaders, to be cult leaders, must, by definition, be correct in their judgment about everything, otherwise you have what is called democracy. Does anyone really believe that DeSantis doesn’t know his policies are going to kill kids? Of course he does. What he also knows, though, is that his brand of politics is broken towards enacting a solution. For DeSantis, it’s either resign from politics altogether, or stay in power and kill kids. He can’t be a “good Republican” who “tackles the virus.” We’ve already seen how “good Republicans” are unable to properly do the same all over the country. Well, he knows he’s no different. He won’t be accepted in the Democratic Party, and he won’t be accepted by a GOP where he resigned Florida. He doesn’t want to leave politics, and thinks he can remain in power by forcing Floridians to kill their kids. Well, it may actually be that enough Floridians are willing to. So, he’s chosen to kill kids.

It was stochastic state terrorism on a mass scale. It was (and remains) the United States’ Second Civil War, where conservatives are primarily killing themselves, and liberals, in mass numbers by listening to corrupt politicians, and by ignoring, citing fantastic and evidence-less conspiracy theories, what the world’s scientists and doctors almost universally advise. Whether “conservative A” kills “liberal B” with a gun or a virus is irrelevant, if one knows, or has good reason to believe, one is doing it. It is also a supremely cowardly and smug form of murder, where one cannot be traced to the crime scene; cannot be prosecuted; and where one can never feel personal guilt for murder, because one can never know they were the spreader.

Indirectly, Trump’s disinformation; propaganda; and lack of leadership got hundreds of thousands of Americans to commit suicide, and to murder each other, using a pandemic coopted as a bioweapon which he allowed; encouraged; and sometimes forced to run rampant in America’s communities. Even as he took the virus to protect himself, he politicized science so that enough Americans to prevent herd immunity viewed mask-wearing; getting immunized; and taking precautions against the virus as a Democratic political statement, and not simply one of common sense precautions during a pandemic.

stochastic terrorism
the public demonization of a person or group for political purposes resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted.

State terrorism has been defined as acts of terrorism conducted by governments or terrorism carried out directly by, or encouraged and funded by, an established government of a state (country) or terrorism practiced by a government against its own people or in support of international terrorism.

The guy is as bad as we’ve been warning about for five years. He’s a bona fide traitor, and a really dangerous one, too.

Most of the Republican Party leadership are state terrorists, in fact, and I’ve been saying that now for over half a year.

People remark that the GOP may be unsalvageable. Well, this is what an unsalvageable GOP might very well look like.

Really, it’s not unprecedented. The GOP is not the first political party in human history to devolve into a gang of terrorists, willing to perform any atrocity or debasement to hold onto power, hiding behind their nation’s dominant faith.

Lock him up and throw away the key.

Scene based on a true story.

David Pakman, I would assert, is wrong. Stochastic terrorism is the primary weapon of autocratic politicians; like Pakman observes, to commit stochastic terrorism, one requires a very large base of followers. If we can’t prosecute politicians (at a minimum) for it, then we’re making politicians de facto above the law, because we’re giving them a kind of superweapon. They should be held to a certain standard. No one should credibly be able to trace the President of the United States back to a mass shooter, for example. Of course, the mass shooter could attempt to frame the president, such as could theoretically happen in a false flag against Biden, for example. But, the determinant is the association’s credibility. No reasonable person could point to anything Biden ever said, and conclude, yeah, the shooter might very well have been influenced by Joe Biden, so Biden’s committed stochastic terrorism. Would never happen. With El Paso, two thirds of the planet basically concurred that Trump influenced El Paso. That’s because he did.

Despite all of his rhetoric, there is not to my awareness any evidence that Hitler, as dictator of Germany, ever personally killed a single person.

With, perhaps, this one exception, although it fits the definition of military propaganda, and may have been fictionalized, since it appears Kempka did not give the name of the district commander supposedly personally killed by Hitler. As for the death of Geli Raubal, I do not believe that Hitler personally killed her; nor do I believe that he ordered it.

Erich Kempka, who served as the Chauffeur of Hitler (1934-1945), relates that towards the end of the war he attended a meeting of district commanders with Hitler. One of them raised the possibility of someone else being placed in charge instead of Hitler. This would facilitate reaching some kind of accommodation with the allies. Hitler took the person with this idea into the next room, shot him dead, and then came back in and went on with the meeting. 

Here is the whole response to the Quora question. Again, it’s a thorough response, but it doesn’t mention anything I don’t already know (with the exception of the Kempka account), and so I don’t consider any of it evidence that Hitler personally killed anyone while he was dictator of Germany. He likely personally killed people on occasion while performing as a runner in the trenches of World War I, but even that is unknown, as far as I’m aware. To my knowledge, he never claimed to have killed anyone in World War I, except in at least one heroic story that was later proven to have been fictionalized for propaganda. Basically, he stole the story from someone else– a German Jewish sergeant, in fact, who didn’t survive the war– and had his goons fictionalize and tamper with the official records.

Did Hitler personally kill anyone?
63 Answers
Yair Davidiy, Bible Studies and Historical Researches
Updated November 14, 2019
The answer is almost certainly. The circumstantial evidence points towards it though it is not proven. His complicity in the murder of millions of innocent people is however beyond any doubt. In the big scheme of things it does not matter much whether he personally killed anybody directly or was merely responsible for others doing so. Nevertheless, the following notes are of interest.
When he was about 16 the young Adolf Hitler obtained a pistol and a copious supply of ammunition. [This is one of the paradoxes of the life of Hitler. For someone who was allegedly poverty-stricken he keeps coming up with expensive possessions or undertakings, e.g. painting lessons , private tutoring of a high standard in elocution, conjuring, acquiring specialized literature, etc.]. Adolf would take his gun, go to the local graveyard, and exterminate the rats he found running around there. After beginning his political career in Munich he continued an affair with his niece, Geli Rabaul. She was revolted by his sexual perversions and wished to leave. His driver, Emile Maurice, told Hitler he wanted to marry her. Hitler threatened Maurice, waved his pistol in his face and threatened to shoot him. Later that day Hitler learned that not only Maurice but others had enjoyed her favors. [<– a proposed motivation for Hitler rage-killing Raubal which I have never read anything about until now; in other words, it may not be true. Hitler was not joking when he threatened Maurice, who would have clearly gotten the message that further relations with Raubal would end up with him dead, likely at the hands of Roehm’s SA; and, everyone else would have known that the same would have gone for anyone else]. He locked her in her room and the next day she was found shot dead by his gun. The police covered the murder up and described it as a suicide. At the time of his death before shooting himself Hitler killed his dog and then it seems certain that he administered poison to Eva Braun. This was possibly at her request. There were at least 5 women (including Renate Mueller) who met violent ends due to a physical association with Hitler. The violence was carried out by others acting on behalf of Adolf. Ernst Roehm had been a close friend and assistant of Hitler. He was a notorious homosexual and the Army considered him a threat. Hitler had to remove him.[<– I would note, however, not because he was gay]. Roehm was shot at the personal behest of Hitler.[<– during the Night of Long Knives, when a lot of the leadership were shot, possibly in the thousands]. Hitler evidently was physically present at the time.[<– No, Hitler was not present when Roehm was shot, although he was present when Roehm was arrested]. Several anecdotal accounts of the behavior of Hitler during the war relate that on occasion Hitler would get angry and threaten to have others shot or to shoot them himself. Erich Kempka, who served as the Chauffeur of Hitler (1934-1945), relates that towards the end of the war he attended a meeting of district commanders with Hitler. One of them raised the possibility of someone else being placed in charge instead of Hitler. This would facilitate reaching some kind of accommodation with the allies. Hitler took the person with this idea into the next room, shot him dead, and then came back in and went on with the meeting. There are quite a few stories about Hitler threatening to personally shoot personages he was irate with. Apart from that he personally oversaw the attempted extermination of the Jewish People receiving regular reports of its progress. Hitler enjoyed looking at films of those who had tried to kill him or were suspected of disloyalty at the time being slowly and painfully throttled to death by piano wire. [<– Hitler’s response to the 20 July Plot]

“20 July Plot

“Over the following weeks, Himmler’s Gestapo, driven by a furious Hitler, rounded up nearly everyone who had the remotest connection with the plot. The discovery of letters and diaries in the homes and offices of those arrested revealed the plots of 1938, 1939, and 1943, and this led to further rounds of arrests, including that of colonel general Franz Halder, who finished the war in a concentration camp. Under Himmler’s new Sippenhaft (blood guilt) laws, many relatives of the principal plotters were also arrested in the immediate aftermath of the failed plot.[60]

“More than 7,000 people were arrested[61] and 4,980 were executed.[62] Not all of them were connected with the plot, since the Gestapo used the occasion to settle scores with many other people suspected of opposition sympathies. Alfons Heck, former Hitler Youth member and later a historian, describes the reaction many Germans felt to the punishments of the conspirators:

When I heard that German officers had tried to kill Adolf Hitler … I was enraged. I fully concurred with the sentences imposed on them, strangling I felt was too good for them; this was the time, precisely, when we were at a very … precarious military situation. And the only man who could possibly stave off disaster … was Adolf Hitler. That opinion was shared by many Germans, Germans who did not adore Hitler, who did not belong to the [Nazi] Party.

“Allied radio stations also speculated on who the possible remaining suspects could be, many of which were eventually implicated in the plot.[63]

“Very few of the plotters tried to escape or to deny their guilt when arrested. Those who survived interrogation were given perfunctory trials before the People’s Court, a kangaroo court that always decided in favor of the prosecution. The court’s president, Roland Freisler, was a fanatical Nazi seen shouting furiously and insulting the accused in the trial, which was filmed for propaganda purposes. The plotters were stripped of their uniforms and given old, shabby clothing to humiliate them for the cameras.[64] The officers involved in the plot were “tried” before the Court of Military Honor, a drumhead court-martial that merely considered the evidence furnished to it by the Gestapo before expelling the accused from the Army in disgrace and handing them over to the People’s Court.[65][page needed]

“The first trials were held on 7 and 8 August 1944. Hitler had ordered that those found guilty should be “hanged like cattle”.[64] Many people took their own lives prior to either their trial or their execution, including Kluge, who was accused of having knowledge of the plot beforehand and not revealing it to Hitler. Stülpnagel tried to commit suicide, but survived and was hanged.

“Tresckow killed himself the day after the failed plot by use of a hand grenade in no man’s land between Russian and German lines. According to post-war recollections of Fabian von Schlabrendorff, Tresckow said the following before his death:

The whole world will vilify us now, but I am still totally convinced that we did the right thing. Hitler is the archenemy not only of Germany but of the world. When, in few hours’ time, I go before God to account for what I have done and left undone, I know I will be able to justify what I did in the struggle against Hitler. None of us can bewail his own death; those who consented to join our circle put on the robe of Nessus. A human being’s moral integrity begins when he is prepared to sacrifice his life for his convictions.[66]