Sometimes the word, retarded, as a pejorative, fits.

THE most retarded thing I’ve heard from Trumplandia in a while. That’s saying something.

Nazis don’t like Jewish people at all, let alone in strong positions of leadership. Last I checked, there were more than a few Jewish people in strong positions of leadership in the Democratic Party. Well, that’s a HUGE no-no. Democrats are really bad at being Nazi’s, if they’re Nazi’s.

Nazis kind of hate diversity, too. Blood and soil, remember? They had charts and measuring tools to make sure you were Aryan enough to not gas. Last I checked, Democrats are making no secret of the fact that they wish to embrace diversity, and they are walking the talk. Democrats must be really bad at being Nazi’s, if they’re Nazi’s.

Nazis really love concepts such as “sovereignty” and “strong borders.” Democrats are for those things too, just not necessarily done with 3rd century BC technology and cages, but one can’t really say, at least if Republican’ts are correct, that Demonrats are MORE for sovereignty and strong borders than Republican’ts are. Demonrats, I’m finally beginning to convince myself, are really, REALLY bad at being Nazi’s.

If you’re going nuts over my improper use of an apostrophe while spelling Nazis, it’s because I’m using Margarine Terror Greene’s spelling. Even if she’d meant it as plural possessive, then the apostrophe should have been at the end of the word (Nazis’).

That’s because Magic: The Gathering Greene is a moron, just like her retarded comments at that retard-fest all those people went to and wasted their money on, supporting anti-Semitism.

In Nazi Germany, it was illegal to get an abortion. They were really serious about it, in fact, and used the guillotine to get their point across when women, doctors, and whatever dope might have been stupid enough to be standing around the former two, transgressed. Last I checked, Demonrats are pro-choice. They SUCK at being like Nazis.

More and more Demonrats are against the death penalty these days. Yeah, the Nazis were kind of for it.

Republican’ts might say, well, okay, we might sound like Nazis from time to time, maybe decontextualize and weaponize Hitler quotes on the floor of Congress here and there, and we may even HAVE Nazis in our party who say they love Trump too, and we might have this… woman… we won’t punish who goes around making gas chamber comparisons when it’s clear she knows as much about the Holocaust as she does about the bioengineering of cabbage, but there are Jewish people in strong positions of leadership in the GOP, and we have a little bit of diversity, too. See, there’s a Black man. And there, and there, see ’em? A couple of women. So, even if the Demonrats aren’t Nazis, we CAN’T be more like Nazis than the Demonrats.”

Yeah, that kind of makes no sense either.

I’m not calling Republican’ts Nazis too often, yet. But, from my perspective, they’re more like Nazis than Democrats are.

As we should be skeptical of everything with Trump, since he’s a Russian agent, don’t describe it as a failure too soon… he may be having it fail right now for various reasons, such as finding out who his real hardcore is, or to test the political waters. He may also be looking out for where to go on social media next, but one thing is for certain: If the guy wants to hire competent blog promoters to make himself famous again, he could do it. The money he stole from the inauguration alone could do it. He has many donors. That’s why I’m skeptical.

First you seem ’em, then you don’t. Remember this? Lots of people came out of the woodwork and celebrated him dying on social media. Then he resurrects, and now he’s got everyone’s confessions.

Old trick.

Even if the heart attack was real, it could have worked to his advantage that way, similar to how it did for Caligula.

My point is that the “failing blog” might also bring out some of Trump’s most outspoken enemies. Which might also be something Trump and his handlers want to do.