It seems Ted Cruz has fallen for the military’s own PSYOP.

The Blue Angels, for example, sometimes dress up intentionally in gender nonconforming ways.

It’s all part of it, man. One might easily argue that the very fact that structural patriarchy exists to rile up fascistic people like Ted Cruz is a psychological weakness in our enemies that we exploit. Not only does it tend to rile patriarchal enemy armies up and make bad decisions, it becomes doubly psychologically devastating once we start winning.

Israel requires its women citizens to be soldiers. Bizarre that Cruz, who claims to love Israel I’m sure, would basically be calling the Israeli military “pansies.”

Women in the Israel Defense Forces
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Image: Female infantry instructors prepare for a combat exercise

Image: Graduates of Israeli Air Force flight course

Image: Female soldier of the search and rescue unit during combat training

The women in the Israel Defense Forces are female soldiers who serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Israel is one of only a few countries in the world with a mandatory military service requirement for women.[1][2][3]

Oops, Ted Cruz, unfortunately being a pompous, unqualified-to-serve idiot, again.

Unlike Ted Cruz, I as a veteran already know to never underestimate my opposing forces, regardless of their sex or gender orientation.

In the trenches, all that matters is that you can shoot straight.

Would I rather have Annie Oakley by my side in a foxhole, as opposed to any random man? You betcha.

I did not see any daisies in that ad.

I do not know what a “leftie” is.

They may dress up like blonde women… they may even BE blonde women… but, don’t let that distract you!

Mr. Ted Cruz, one serving of terrifying our enemies, coming right up!

Yes, the planes can fly combat missions