Unless you need an abortion

Unless you were at Parkland

Don’t even get me started on Orlando, Sandy Hook, or El Paso

Unless you’re transgender

Unless you want to marry someone of the same sex

Unless you can’t afford healthcare

Unless you’re standing in a bread line

Unless you’re an indigenous American trying to protect your water

Unless you hate driving, burning fossil fuels, the occasional ticket and fender-bender and traffic, and want fast rail

Other than all of that, you’re not alone

Unless you don’t want to send Ilhan Omar back

Unless you don’t want to build a wall

Unless you think child separations are evil

But, you’re not alone

Unless you can’t make a living wage

Unless you want Special Olympics

Unless you think Planned Parenthood isn’t murdering babies, for money or otherwise (IVF doesn’t count)

Unless you don’t think gay people create hurricanes

You are not alone

In other words, it’s not about character. It’s about policy. Which hides behind character.

Character went out the door long ago.

Character went out the door long ago, just as sure as it did in the Civil War.

Good character won’t fix bad policy.

Good policy doesn’t attract bad character. Maybe that’s why your party has sex traffickers and weirdos (MTG) in it, not so much the Democrats.

Because you’re kind of mostly all liars, and enough poor and middle class Americans are finally picking up on it enough to suspect it’s better to switch parties. Or, simply drop out of politics. But, Republicans dropping out is not really what you need… at least, not what Republicans of conscience seem to need.

You got/have Trump because your POLICIES are bad.

You need to stop differing so fundamentally on so many topics, and admit that you were wrong on a key few, at least for starters. Test the water, for example, with gun laws, or abortion. You need to start drawing hard lines about what is right, and what is not. Then, get behind it.

THAT would be radical. THAT would get commonsense Republicans to reconsider leaving.

Your party has every reason to suspect that it’s pursuing bad policies; just look at all of the dark money you’re bringing in. Just look at who is sending in the money to MTG… do you think she has that support because your voters are sophisticated? They have no clue what they need out of policy. But, they are your party’s “children”, of sorts… you created them.

I’ve said it before, when you say one thing and Dems say a complete other, only one can be mostly right. We can deduce that much, even if we have nothing else to go on.

Well, which is it? I say, look at who’s winning, to see. Or, just look at science.

Because it’s not like you have nothing else to go on. You have a LOT to go on. It’s basically CRIMINAL, at this point, that you’re ignoring it.

1996 Dickey Amendment? Do we get to hear a peep out of maybe reconsidering, or repealing, that from you? No? Oh.

You have to ditch people like Dr. Sister Dierdre Byrne (thank you for your service), when they say that Biden-Harris is the “most anti-life ticket” in history.

It’s just bad. A turnoff. Maybe Trump cultists like it, but normal people don’t.

You are NOT going to win on climate denialism, for example. This is just one of the myths the GOP is going to have to ditch, before it becomes viable again in free and fair elections.

Lots of conservatives pre-Roe thought that abortion should be between a woman and her doctor. That government shouldn’t get involved. They were, by and large, correct.

Meanwhile, you have GOP front-and-center darlings like Tomi Lahren out in the cold on that policy, when in fact she’s more right on that issue than most of you are.

I mean, it’s a clean chance to get out. Jump ship first. Show leadership, take a risk. Say, “We may have made a mistake on gun rights.” Or, “abortion may not be as simple as we thought it was.” See what happens. You’re all saying you’re homeless anyway. You yourself said you have nothing to lose.

Well, then, let’s see you start to ditch the actual votes-losing policy baggage.