If they’ve been fooled into anything, it’s that they’ve been fooled into hating Democrats.

They’ve been fooled into hating all forms of socialism.

They’ve been fooled into hating communism, when it does NOT exist here.

When was the last time a Republican Congress reduced the deficit, and overall government spending? I can’t remember.

So, basically, we have Liz Cheney here saying that Matthew 7:16 is hogwash, and that her policies under Trump are okay (defending her voting record), but that Trump’s lying to us should be of concern.

Nah, that’s not it. Sorry.

The entire GOP platform is a lie. It makes sense that Trump was able to take it over.

Really. Ask Putin. I’m sure he could explain it all to you himself, if he wanted to.

Liz Cheney is making a nonsense argument. If she agrees with 94% of Trump’s policies, then she’s going to keep needing Trump to stay in office, or Trump-like people. Why? Because her party can’t win on its policies anymore, it can only win with the racism card, and the learned hatred-of-Democrats card.

It’s what they needed to steal the south, and it’s what they’re going to need to steal the country. Lindsay Graham knows this. “Mitch” McConnell knows this.

There is nothing decent about repealing the ACA and replacing it with nothing. The only way you MIGHT get people to support that, is to appeal to White grievance. White people MIGHT be willing to do without healthcare, if they can count on the GOP to continue to disenfranchise (disempower) Black people.

And, hate Democrats. Mindlessly, and for no reason.

Which is what they’ve been doing for decades.

I mean, you just had a nun call Biden-Harris the “most anti-life ticket in history.”

You’re maniacs.