To Mika, I might say, we don’t have to imagine TOO much, because we saw it with our own eyes: It was savage stuff, and it was very serious.

To Joe I would say: I don’t think they’re considered terrorists unless they’re attacking civilians. They’re traitors. Citizens engaged in hot war with agents of their own federal government (Capitol Police) to overthrow their own federal government.

It’s terrorism when one harms or targets civilians for political ends, whether the civilians are one’s fellow citizens or not. When it’s one’s fellow citizens, it’s domestic terrorism. When it’s terrorism committed by government officials or lawmakers/politicians against their own citizens, it’s state terrorism.

Unconstitutional, coming from conservative think tanks from on high (what else would explain the quiet multi-state assault that the congresswoman had to go researching to find?), and their arguments are flawed and inaccurate, and they know it. Even Harry Potter gets a mention!

In their real U.S. deep state arguments, not a single Republican cites any text or speech in CRT that supports their claim, which is that CRT encourages racism against White people, or encourages White people of today to “feel guilty” into paying back reparations to Black people. If anyone pays back reparations to disenfranchised minority groups, it will basically be all of society, to help offset/compensate whatever structural impediments have been handed down, as well as generated wealth stolen, from the ancestors of that ethnic group, which represents the reason for why the ethnic group is not as well-off, today. So, it’s all a proportional argument, and one of to what extent structural racism actually still exists, even if structural racism must now legally exist in a covert state. Also, if these laws will disaffect White people’s wealth more, on average, than people’s of color, then that is to be expected if the premise of the reparations is correct anyway, and in fact would constitute evidence that it is correct.

Easter Egg:

H A R R Y P O T T E R = 5 + 6

J E S U S C H R I S T = 5 + 6

The three Deathly Hallows are metaphors for the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Father = the Elder Wand (unbeatable in battle, owned secretly by Albus Dumbledore, acquired by him in 1945)
Son = Resurrection Stone (can return one from death, also representative of the stone used to seal Christ’s tomb)
Holy Spirit = Cloak of Invisibility (protection, allows one to evade death)