Fake (selective; misleading; woefully incomplete; effective fake news/slander/libel):

Also, reported to YouTube (Google).

If they’re not willing to use their real voice, it’s probably also foreign. Is it? This seven minutes of salacious fake news just came up on YouTube a few weeks ago. It puts AARM as “Killer Woman #1”


Also known as “How to throw a pretty White girl in jail in America forever, for clear-cut self-defense with a firearm”

They gave her twenty-three years, plus seventeen, monitored!!!

For killing an oncoming, attacking sex offender; physical abuser/torturer of little girls, including a one-year-old; puppy-killer; her kidnapper; and likely Bakken drug-dealer whom they, in their regulatory-captured state, were likely all protecting.

No, I don’t have any proof of that, but what else could the seven illegal guns; his rule of his three girls of school age never visiting friends, and never having any friends over; the rule of always keeping the doors within the house open; CPS ignoring all of it; and, the two failed German Shepherd puppies he was trying to train, presumably to be guard/attack dogs, mean? Why all the evasiveness, and glaring omissions, in law enforcement’s cryptic answers towards the journalist in the serious documentary?

I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was later found out that the guy was a serial killer, possibly even of missing indigenous women near the Bakken, and I’ve said that, too. The guy liked to kill animals, torture babies and groom little girls for sex; we (America) should face the fact that there was theoretically no bottom with this guy:

But, we don’t go looking for it. Or, we ignore it. Or, we forget it.

Makes no sense.

We forget about the Second Amendment, Castle Doctrine, and Stand Your Ground, too.

Makes even less sense.

Does this documentary even comment on the fact that the first puppy he shot and fed to a bear, was a German Shepherd he was trying to train, presumably to protect his stash of drugs, along with his seven illegal firearms? Nope. Does it comment on the second dog, which he also got rid of by unknown means? Nope. Does it comment on the fact that their names were “Buddy” and “Diesel?” Nope. Does it mention that Ayers had a gun safe, but that he never used it for the guns, and that no one knows what happened to its contents, if there were any, or his assets? Nope. Does it mention that the girls were never allowed to visit friends, and friends were never allowed over? Nope. Does it comment on the fact that, whereas so much emphasis has been placed on whether Ashlee was really in possession of the gun to commit suicide (not that it would have mattered, as she’d been kidnapped, and would have legally been able to possess his gun after the kidnapping anyway), no one has ever come out and said if forensics discovered her saliva on the end of the shotgun barrel, as she alleged she put it in her mouth and “played with the trigger?” Nope.

It’s a clear-cut case of self-defense with a firearm. She wasn’t even in the room by her choice; she’d been kidnapped off of the side of the road by her abuser while trying to leave the house permanently, the day after her seventeenth birthday, as a legally emancipated minor.

None of the obsession with horror stuff matters. The art and the journaling and the poetry. It is a red herring. Except, where she was describing her rape by the mother’s previous boyfriend, Mr. Hrabe. Whereas no doubt she was using art, journaling and poetry at times for recreation and self-therapy, in the real world she was enduring a chaotic home life she called “Nightmare,” and counting the days to her seventeenth birthday; making good grades; working on a relationship; and working to pay off her truck and phone, both of which Ayers would steal that day, in an effort to prevent her from leaving. All that matters is that she was abused by a serial sexual child rapist, was kidnapped by him off the side of the road, and thrown in an upstairs room. She credibly believed she’d be killed if he found her with his shotgun. He came upstairs and supposedly “knocked” by accounts, but one can knock on an open door, and she says her door was open, and that she shot him the moment she saw him in the doorway– which makes sense, if it was her intent to never allow him to notice she had the gun. If the door was closed, though, she still wouldn’t have been wise to attempt to hide the shotgun, or to do anything else, really, but open the door and shoot him (as is depicted in the serious documentary). Mom attacked afterwards, with a knife, stabbing her biological daughter in the leg, and a few times on her arms. Ashlee then killed her, as well. With the knife, not the gun, because she hadn’t planned anything, to include her own kidnapping (which for some reason is barely mentioned in any documentary), and she didn’t intend to kill her mother, as she’d dropped the gun, and forgotten to rack the next round. Self-defense, game over. Trapped in an upstairs bedroom with no egress; kidnapped against her will; and deprived of her truck keys and phone, she might have been as good as dead even if she’d been able to run, and had tried to. Doesn’t matter how promising she might have been as the next Stephen King. Doesn’t matter how many scary pictures she drew (well).

“He ended up taking us [her and Ayers, after he’d kidnapped her from the side of the road] back home. He went to the bathroom leaving me alone with my mom. Her [She] and I were not allowed to be alone together. Part of the rules. Thomas was paranoid we were plotting against him. She pressed me, wanting to know what him [he] and I talked about and did, implying we were having sex. That disgusted and angered me, and I told her the truth to make her stop. I told her everything he said and that I was going to leave no matter what despite him wanting me to stay. He walked in and heard me say that, which angered him. He started shouting and told me I was never going to leave. I was going to quit school, work, everything and I was going to stay there with him. Never leave. I believed him. Then he told me to go to my room. I got tunnel vision. Hopeless. I wanted to die. When I went upstairs, I grabbed a shot gun from the open closet next to my room, then went to my room and sat at the edge of my bed. I put the barrel in my mouth and I was about to pull the trigger when my step dad came upstairs .It snapped me back into reality, I got scared. I had one of HIS guns. I didn’t know what he would DO if he saw me with one of his guns. I couldn’t hide it. No time. My door was wide open, part of the many rules in the household. It happened so fast. The moment I saw him in the doorway, i pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger. The gun went off. I felt like I was on auto pilot. I ran down the stairs, realized I was holding the gun, so I dropped it as my mom was coming up the stairs and she ran to him. My ears were ringing, I tried to tell her what happened, but nothing came out. I tried going to her instead. I guess she got scared. She grabbed a decorated knife from a nearby shelf and she stabbed me in my right leg. I didn’t understand why, I tried to get the knife from her. I got cut up while we fought on the stairs for it. I got angry. It was as if a movie reel went off inside my head and I saw all the horrible things she did to me in my life and all I wanted was her to just stop hurting me! So when I got the knife, I remember stabbing her once, then twice, then I blacked out. I don’t remember the other stabs. When I came to, I was in a daze, I stood up and saw blood everywhere. Then I saw my step dad laying there and I got really scared again. I thought he was going to get up and see what I’ve done. So I grabbed the gun again and walked up to him putting the gun to his head and I pulled he trigger. It clicked. I knew I had to pump it, so I did and I repeated the process, except this time the gun goes off and for he first time I actually felt free. I felt the chains around me shatter. I was free. He would never hurt me or my sisters or anyone ever again.

“After that I went back to my room with the gun and sat back on my bed and sat the gun against the wall. I don’t know how long I sat there, but all of a sudden the gun falls and makes a loud crash that snaps me back into reality and I remember my sisters are downstairs. So I get up and hurry downstairs to make sure they’re alright, I notice all the blood on me, so i put them in the living room and put cartoons on while I showered and bandaged my wounds. I black out again in the shower. One moment.

“It was hot, the next moment it was cold. I don’t know how long i was in there. But when I got out, I noticed I was still wearing my socks. I put my clothes down the laundry shoot [chute], I kept the knife out of reach on the sink, away from my sisters. That’s all I did for cleaning up. I didn’t hide anything. I just cared about getting my sisters safe. I locked [really, loosely secured with a bent hangar, and ineffectively] them in their downstairs bedroom with a phone charger. I left them food and drinks and a phone to call 911. I just didn’t want them to see the bodies. I was protecting them. I was still processing what I did. I didn’t feel right. I left, really, I ran only because ever since I was a child, when bad things happened, I always ran away. I needed to breathe. I wasn’t hiding. I just needed time to breathe and process what happened. I was terrified and confused myself. I never would have believed that I could do such a thing.

“I didn’t even know where I was going to go. I went to my friend’s house down the road. Ryan was there and he was drunk and kept wanting to go back home to Tennessee which is where he was from. I agreed, I didn’t know what else to do let alone what I was doing. I was still in shock. We did end up going until I was pulled over the next day in Indiana where I was arrested for the murders of my parents and later extradited back to Oneida county in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ican.nochildbornbad/permalink/2547891598622921/

Well, dumbass (YouTube: MURDER & MYSTERY) monetizing slander, libel and bullshit, you might not want real comments about real people suffering real prison sentences with real families grieving behind them, but you’ve just earned a famous place on my WordPress wall.

Screaming for Vengeance
Judas Priest

Hey listen don’t you let them get your mind
Fill your brain with orders and that’s not right.
They’re playing a game that draws you closer
‘Till you’re living in a world that’s ruled by fear.

Always takin’, baby, but that’s okay
What they’re givin’ maybe it’s out of phase with me.
Told you once you’re never gonna win the race
Same old no tomorrow kicked in the face.

We are screaming, screaming for vengeance
The world is a manacled place.
Screaming, screaming for vengeance
The world is defiled in disgrace.

Tie a blindfold all around your head
Spin you ’round in the torture before the dread.
And then you’re pushed and shoved into every corner
Then they lead you out into the final slaughter.

As the sweat is runnin’ down your neck
All you’re praying for is to stop your body breakin’ up.
Oh, your heart is pumpin,’ gonna soon explode
Got to fight the horror of this mental load.

So you wait it out, and bide your time
Rip off that straightjacket, gotta break that line.
Everyone who wins in the great escape
Leaves a thousand more who suffer in their wake.

I don’t talk about it, but that’s alright
Table’s turned, and now there’s revenge in sight.
If it takes forever, then I can wait
Send them screaming back through their hell’s own gate.

“We only see laws like this in Cuba and Venezuela.”

America is crawling with infantilized adults. I call them “Milk & Cookies Americans.” These are the people these laws, and sentences, appeal to. Blindly drowning in their privilege, their hearts and minds (souls) pretty close property of Satan’s by this point, they refuse to think past a third grade level. Among other things, these are the people who are offended that their “freedoms” are being “infringed” when Democrats tell them to wear their masks, and who then file legal temper tantrums with their riches. They refuse to admit they’re wrong and beaten in an argument, because there’s no judge or classroom anymore except the ballot box and their 5-10 million AR15s, and that’s the problem. They think they can prove who’s right via these elections, and violent coups if necessary, and kidnappings and mock trials, but that’s just a way of putting off doing what’s right. In between we have these fights. We don’t need anti-riot laws, we need Republicans to be out of office.