Wow, just read that Marines are declining the vaccine.

Then again, maybe it’s what I should expect from a command that abandoned our Kurdish allies to Hell.

When I was a soldier, I took whatever vaccine my government wanted to shove into my body, period.

I mean, I could have said no, and they wouldn’t have held me down or anything, but that’s the point at which I no longer become an all-volunteer soldier, and they process me out, minus benefits, and minus a full honorable discharge. Plus lots and lots and lots and lots of mopping floors, wearing my PT uniform (stripped of the real thing), and wearing a yellow reflector badge… for maybe half a year, while they ‘work’ on it.

A few times I wasn’t hot about it, such as when they gave me a cocktail of semi-experimental Anthrax vaccine (for Iraq, in case I went) even though I only had a couple months left in. The other time, they shoved a five-inch needle into my asscheek in Basic Training, filled with antibiotics they knew I’d need to survive the “holdover” barracks (where they store you until the next Basic rotation of Drill Sergeants is ready), which were all just giant petri dishes. At one point during holdover, two hundred of us were in a barracks, all puking up the same green stuff. And, we trained anyway. And, we (most of us, at least) got through it.

At any rate, this kind of tells me all I need to know, in a way, about the Pentagon’s preparedness to treat this pandemic as what it is: A coopted bioweapon in America’s second ‘hot’ civil war.

At casual glance, I’m outraged. I think the Pentagon should force these snowflake Marines to take the vaccine.

Not good:

Nearly 40% of Marines have declined Covid-19 vaccine
By Oren Liebermann, Ellie Kaufman and Devan Cole, CNN
Updated 7:30 AM ET, Sat April 10, 2021