“A deep state (translation of Turkish “derin devlet”) is a type of governance made up of potentially secret and unauthorized networks of power operating independently of a state’s political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals.” –Wikipedia, Deep state

Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison and it refers to the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it.” Source: Findlaw, January 8, 2021 (boldface mine).

Sedition does not mean doing (insurrection or treason); it does not mean planning (which is always treason, aka an act of war, since one does not plan insurrections which might not succeed in overthrow, whether the planned overthrow will be violent or not); it means inciting insurrection (“revolt,” which is intentionally ambiguous to possibly mean “peaceful overthrow” or a “nonviolent correction”) or treason (“violence;” “betrayal;” “hot war;” or, even, “cold war”). Sedition is what Trump did on January 6. His careful and parsed words, even if they did not constitute technical calls for violence, were general enough, and certainly suggestive enough, for reasonable people to interpret them as a call for revolt using any means possible and necessary, to include violence. But, him simply inciting revolt, violent or not, against Biden’s Electoral College certification ceremony with the goal of overthrowing it, was enough to constitute sedition. It’s simply what he did, and that is a statement of historical and grammatical fact just as certain as that he has an object connected to the end of his arm called a hand.

Sedition is not as illegal as we might think it is, under the (usually reasonable) argument that anyone can try to use their speech to incite revolt or violence, but that it’s rarely successful, and that they shouldn’t be responsible if others actually do follow their instructions (essentially, what Charles Manson argued. What got Manson convicted was that the jury realized he was a cult leader, who had turned his followers into a reliable and trustworthy weapon). With Donald Trump, however, that argument flies less than it does for Manson, because he was Commander-in-Chief at the time. Outgoing President A doesn’t get to call on a not-too-small, and not-too-unarmed, loyal army standing right in front of him– hailing from all over the U.S., the several thousand rioters were presumably some of his most hard-core followers of all– to stop incoming President B‘s certification happening right across the street, and have it be free speech. That’s not just a declaration of war, it’s a command to attack, plain and simple. In other words, he knew there was no possibility the crowd wasn’t going to do it, if he told them to, and then pretended to lead the way. Zero. In fact, he knew, by their logic, they could be prosecuted by him later for them not doing so, at that point.

“The Sedition Act of 1918, enacted during World War I, made it a crime to “willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of the Government of the United States” or to “willfully urge, incite, or advocate any curtailment of the production” of the things “necessary or essential to the prosecution of the war.” The act, along with other similar federal laws, was used to convict at least 877 people in 1919 and 1920, according to a report by the attorney general. In 1919, the Court heard several important free speech cases — including Debs v. United States and Abrams v. United States — involving the constitutionality of the law. In both cases, the Court upheld the convictions as well as the law.” Source: thirteen dot org.

“The Sedition Act of 1918 was repealed in 1920, although many parts of the original Espionage Act remained in force.” Source: Middle Tennessee State University

“Although unused since at least 1961, the “Smith Act” remains a Federal law. There was, however, a brief attempt to use the sedition laws, as defined by the Sedition Act of 1918 amendments to the Espionage Act of 1917, against protesters of the Vietnam War.” –Wikipedia, Sedition

Note also that, even though Trump and Giuliani may not have said, specifically, “be violent,” they also never said to not be. This, in my opinion, is the strongest single piece of circumstantial evidence America has, on top of all of the other rare and unique conditions I just listed above, that they wanted the insurrection to become violent. It is impossible to speak the way they did, and still want it done peacefully, without following the remarks with frequent and repeat calls to remain peaceful. They wanted war, and they were hoping it would be successful (decapitation of government). They knew no one was going to be persuaded to not certify the vote, simply by the mob going in there and chanting, and squatting. They wanted deaths. They wanted the United States to begin to descend into chaos, all over the country. Then, they wanted to declare martial law.

I think the mistake we’re making is not appreciating the true breadth, and diversity, of the motives each rioter who stormed the Capitol had to choose from. Unlike, for example, the Boston Massacre, it was not an organic act. It was planned, and organized, at least in part and I assert certainly at the top, by hidden people who had hidden agendas, to almost certainly include government officials, and powerful influencers of government officials, themselves (the real U.S. deep state). As well as, some of the January 6 on-the-ground insurrectionists themselves, who knew they were going in there to make arrests with twist-ties and cause violence even as their President was playing footsie with the language towards the other 98% of them, or whatever. To me, those are the real insurrectionists, regardless of how thoroughly they believed in the righteousness (moral alignment) of their cause. I don’t, and never did, want them running the show. Really. I’d have FAR preferred Trump simply serve out his remaining days in office. Give me the real Secret Service protecting my head of state than the Oath Keepers, any day.

It is the same reason why, when it became apparent to me that Trump was going to stonewall Biden’s transition as hard as possible, I first suggested– really, out of concern for life– that Biden declare himself the President the moment the Electoral College confirmed he won, and then backtracked upon my realizing that’s not how it works– Trump, to have not been ousted in a coup, would need to serve out his FULL term of office, which would mean him not leaving until noon on January 20.

And, so, we were obliged to put up with it, and let more Americans die than necessary, to uphold the rule of law, or at least whatever semblance worth preserving was still left of it by that point in his tenure. Although an argument might have been made, in my opinion, that the military arresting him in the Oval Office, citing his ongoing threat to, and callous disregard for, American life as the reason, might have been justifiable. But, we don’t live in a sane politics. We live in Wonderland, which I define as any politics (society) where formal reality is not mostly objectively perceived, such as where Trump’s crowd size was the largest in history, and where letting Americans needlessly die might be better than setting a hard precedent that Presidents shouldn’t be reasonably free to let it happen in order to advance their own political agenda (“off with their heads”). I mean, to me, by the end of it, Trump was just murdering people. For revenge against his own followers who’d failed to reelect him, I believe, and to rub it in the rest of our faces that he could.

In other words, the rule of law was exactly what the rioters– to include those who support them today, regardless of individual motive– wanted to overthrow because, identically to their accusations against us for mostly just complaining (and– gasp– organizing!) for four years, they didn’t like the outcome— of an election they partook in! But, unlike us, were willing to kill police and the Vice President, to reverse it. This is an advantage of liberals having a press they believe in: when liberals are oppressed, they take a seat on the ground, and wait for the press to arrive. Trumpists think they have nowhere to go. They don’t trust the ‘fourth branch’ of government, the free press, to bring attention to their outrage in a constructive way, or to contextualize it properly. So, they grab pitchforks. Even if they are largely ignored by the press because they’re so caught up in the fake news they think is real, and usually can’t even begin to give a good answer about why they’re angry with government, because they don’t understand it that well. Many Trumpists ignored government and news, even elections, until Trump came along with his magic flute. Others are this brave new political age’s young to middle-aged adults, many of whom are failed products, twenty years or so later since graduating high school, of poor or nonexistent Civics and government classes, and contextualized history. But, they sure do believe climate change isn’t real, or caused by their air conditioners and PlayStations.

If every single one of these rioters had simply sat on the Mall like so many people did in Vietnam, or at Zucotti Park, and simply refused to leave, and kept getting peacefully arrested, we’d actually be having the national conversation they’d wanted, still, right now. Instead, they’re facing serious charges usually only seen in wartime, and half of us are shouting “Patriot!” and the other half, “Traitor!” Who wins, even if he’s not involved? Putin, among others.

What I am not trying to do is excuse people from wrong acts, but to figure out who in that crowd is really dangerous, and who isn’t, particularly lest the accusation of an unreasonably heavy hand be reasonably placed on us. January 6 presents us with an extraordinary sample for analysis, and we should cherish it as such, in part, as part of the intelligence afforded us by those who gave the ultimate sacrifice: their lives.

For example, the man shouting “Hang Mike Pence,” I would hope, is being investigated for possibly having made a credible threat against a sitting official. It’s also probably sedition, because he’s inciting anyone to try to kill Mike Pence, if they find him. Now, I don’t like Mike Pence. Pretty much, at all. But, I find it the height of irony that I, a liberal, would be defending him against one of his former supporters.

That’s just weird. But, it’s because I respect the rule of law (I also don’t think killing anyone is almost ever a good thing). We need law, so that society does not collapse when one side doesn’t get its way, which will be… drum roll… every time. I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll (usually) defend your right to say it, because, in part, doing so is the only way I can reasonably expect my own speech to remain free.

Most people in that crowd were obeying what their President told them to do, in a universe where they’d truly bought the line that their freedom; futures; and democracy were threatened. Those were the words Trump and Giuliani used. Never mind, of course, that they should have probably been celebrating that they had gotten a real conservative in the Oval Office, finally. It is probably safe to say that we will be seeing the current Administration, to the smug satisfaction of the GOP, who will not lift a finger at all, pushing quite a bit against its own progressive flank; though, I hope we can at least be confident it will be competent, and not screw up in the most dire and moral challenges facing America right now.

Most of the people there that day responded to the rallying cry to meet at the Capitol so as to make a show of force, and “stop the steal,” presumably through mass persuasion. Most, I would gather, simply wanted to be there to witness history, but also to be a part of it– to “stop the steal,” and as peacefully as possible. Otherwise, they’d have all been carrying firearms, and not wearing buffalo hats. But, it was just their patriotic heartstrings being pulled. Seriously. Note the (intentionally, in my opinion) ambiguous titles, “Stop the Steal” and “Save America.” The vast majority of them didn’t agree to meet at the Capitol to assassinate Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence. But, I assert, that’s why they were really called on to be there. We now know that most of them had no idea that something larger was forming beneath the surface; and, barring any stranger (possibly looking a little more like antifa than normal– would be called a false flag) coming up to them and saying which window they should help them break, and when, considered themselves ‘just along for the ride.’ So, if we call them insurrectionists, I think it’s more important to focus on the ringleaders; the assassins; and whoever got so caught up in all of it that they started picking up fire extinguishers and boards with nails in them, and started swinging.

What I don’t think is going to help much, is calling all of them “traitors.” I don’t think that’s nearly accurate, because most of their acts don’t fit the definition of war. Some were a lot more dangerous than others. Many, in fact, were pretty clueless, even unarmed.

Effectively, what they really were was a battering ram. A human battering ram designed intentionally by some deep state genius or geniuses to, effectively, catapult a handful of pre-briefed assassins in past security, and then decapitate the government. That’s what I think January 6 was about, and I think Donald Trump wanted Pence killed, because he knew that, due to Pence’s disloyalty in certifying Biden’s win, he couldn’t keep him into a second term, but also couldn’t legally fire him, either (as Trump had done to so many others who’d been disloyal). And, I think, we should be focusing strongly on the Republican lawmakers who gave the tours of the Capitol to some of the insurrectionists in the days leading up to it. Those insurrectionists, I’d wager, are a treasure trove of information.

Metaphorically, a “Trojan horse” has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place.

Factual explanations

There has been speculation that the Trojan Horse may have been a battering ram or other sort of siege engine resembling, to some extent, a horse, and that the description of the use of this device was then transformed into a myth by later oral historians who were not present at the battle and were unaware of that meaning of the name. Assyrians then used siege machines with animal names that were often covered with dampened horse hides to protect against flaming arrows; it is possible that the Trojan Horse was such.[14] Pausanias, who lived in the 2nd century AD, wrote in his book, Description of Greece, “That the work of Epeius was a contrivance to make a breach in the Trojan wall is known to everybody who does not attribute utter silliness to the Phrygians”;[15] by the Phrygians, he meant the Trojans.” –Wikipedia, Trojan Horse

Psychologically, the rioters got assistance, to some extent, from some of the police guarding the Capitol. Very, very few gunshots were fired comparative to, as many have since observed, what we might have expected had the rioters consisted mostly of Blacks and Latinos. About as many police died as did rioters. It did not have to ‘go down’ like that, by any means. And, there is little to no reason to believe that anywhere near a majority, much less most of the, rioters had any intent of actually killing anyone, much less actual heads of state.

From Quora:

Question: Can the President of the United States fire the Vice President?

Answer: No!

The VP is elected, just as the POTUS is, by the very same Electoral College that elected the president, at the same time (voters vote for Electoral College “electors”, not the candidates directly). The only way to remove a VP from office is by the same process as removing a POTUS:
(1) Impeachment articles passed by a majority vote in the House of Representatives, followed by
(2) Trial in the Senate presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, followed by
(3) Conviction by a 2/3 super-majority vote of the US Senate.

Answer provided by John Lind, Political Scientist, Arizona State University
Answered 2 years ago
Author has 1.2K answers and 2.7M answer views

Someone who rushed the steps and trespassed, creating a security problem for police whereby the proposed assassins, etc. could enter the building were insurrectionists, but they’re not terrorists, or even traitors. And, I think, most of them could be brought to understand that they were tricked into engaging in insurrection, where they most likely expected it to be peacefully resolved by them squatting on the floor of Congress; impeding procedure; Trump waltzing in, perhaps with the military; and creating a media spectacle, and had no idea it would, much less was intended to, escalate to deadly violence, or the decapitation of, effectively, both parties’ heads of state (Pelosi and Pence).

Guys carrying twist-ties don’t count. That’s an important observation, because those insurrectionists were prepared for violence– at a minimum, carried out by them (twist-tying Democrats up).

The twist-ties are real, physical evidence of intent. Twist-ties can only be used offensively, or to tie up a combatant after you’ve won some conflict you’re expecting to win. They are, in fact, cumbersome to wear, and get caught on things; there is no reason those insurrectionists were carrying twist-ties except that they seriously expected to need them, or at a minimum would use them at the drop of a hat, were an opportunity to present itself. By contrast, we can reasonably conclude that Jacob Chansley was not particularly confident there would be serious violence, because he wasn’t dressed for it. He was not carrying twist-ties. Also, to my knowledge, he doesn’t really preach violence. He might flirt with it a bit, but more philosophically, and not in a particularly inciting way. Unlike Hank Kunneman, who I consider a stochastic Christian terrorist, among way too many others making millions, or maybe even just a few hundred thousand, dollars a year preaching old-school hate, and fairy tale utopias laced with Christ that will never come true, and never should. Except, of course, with the exception of the kind the real U.S. deep state wants. That version of Christian government might be coming, but it will be no utopia.

What worries me about stochastic Christian terrorists (the preachers in love with married women pussy-grabbers) is that they’re not only the most nutcase of the nutcases, but that they’re also so politically and financially powerful. They’re doing something right, and that’s not good. Namely, what they are doing is taking the desperate people they’ve created, and selling them more of the Kool-Aid (hate) that made them oppressed and poor in the first place. It’s an effective racket; legal, at least for now; and, makes some of them millions. Kunneman’s ‘preaching’ is not just in-your-face sedition, but potentially far more deadly, I worry, than David Koreshs’, considering his 21st-century platform and reach. He sounds similar to Koresh, but Robin Bullock has Koresh’s style of “shock preaching” down cold (see video of Bullock, below). There are quite a few of these jokers going around, like Paula White White, and Kenneth “Long Tube” Copeland. They’re seriously dangerous people who already have a lot of blood on their hands, not to mention Christians’. But because, unlike Charles Manson, they ride that thin line where they don’t tell their followers exactly where to go and when, and what to attack them with; so, they get society’s pass.

Blasphemy, yawn. Stop, wait, come back.

Her comment at timestamp 0:39 violates 1 Corinthians 2:11, Romans 11:34, Exodus 33:20

It’s also insane, and thus hopefully just a lie.

Hi, I’m looking for the Ten Commandments, I heard I could find them on Paula White’s yard, propping up her garden gnome.

Really, she should ditch Christianity probably, and just take up kickboxing.

Do not give this nut access to a firearm, lest she hear God telling her to kill some Democrat with it.

Wait… I’m downloading a message from God right now… it says there are exactly two things this person should not own: Five million dollars, and a firearm.

“Let every demonic network that has aligned itself against the purpose, against the calling of Donald Trump… let it be broken, let it be torn down in the name of Jesus” qualifies as sedition, as well as stochastic Christian terrorism.

Sedition for Christian Dummies. Terrorism for Christian Dummies.

The coy, thinly-veiled messaging White is delivering to her flock is not too difficult to translate. Hold on, I have to really prepare, to make sure I get it right.

I think what Paula White White is saying is that Democrats, in fact anyone who opposes Donald Jay Trump, and the purpose he is for (the mostly-GOP-led real U.S. deep state agenda) is aligned with demonic forces. Now, I don’t recall learning too much about official demons while I was studying for Communion; in fact, I’ve blocked the entire memory for the most part, but I’ve been hearing about demons since I was a little kid, and I’m pretty sure they’re the worst. Minus, Satan himself. Tossed out of Heaven and all, fallen former angels and stuff.

Gabriel, but pissed off and evil. Like a demon aligned against Trump, maybe! You know what Trumpists all say: There’s a meme for that

Warning, trigger alert, in this video clip you will hear the wailing of the souls of sex-trafficked babies, cooing from Limbo

After Democrats ate their brains

Being demonic, therefore, it’s probably better that no one listen to what they have to say, because they’re seriously evil, and against God. They’re also supernatural. White didn’t call me just evil, she called me “demonic.” I’m aligned with demonic networks, because I support Joe Biden remaining president. Killing me, therefore, and other liberals and Democrats like me, might not be as bad (or even evil) as you might think, and it might even be necessary to restore Donald Jay Trump to power. May Our Heavenly Lord and Father bless his righteous name, in Jesus’ name we pray. Too.

Hank Kunneman is doing the same bullshit, in fact a lot of them are. If they start a hot war, I’ll recommend they be hunted down first. We’ll see how much God protects them, then.

Terrorists are bad. Terrorists who claim to be prophets and who own five million dollars, or 750 million dollars, and jets, are worse.

It’s all bullshit. They know Trump is history, but they’re picking the pockets of the people who don’t want to believe it, for as long as they can. It’s part of the industry, tradecraft. First the real deep state invests you deeply in a lie, keeps it going, then its height of power wanes or collapses, then it shouts ‘deep state!’ for being genuinely unpopular and usually blatantly disinterested, mocking and incompetent, and for never polling once above fifty percent in any national poll in four years, and points at gender-diverse and ethnic-diverse, religion-diverse Democrats, and voter fraud it can’t prove– with sixty lawsuits which really represent a good-faith effort, and not a treasonous weaponization of the legal system— again, because the big bad deep state is so powerful, and is protecting the voter fraud. Then it begs for more money to stop that big evil successful deep state funded by George Soros and the Illuminati and the Rothschilds, but not Exxon and Costco and the Waltons, that’s getting away with it because you got soft… oh and, maybe a violent uprising restoring it to power. Let’s not forget the violent uprising, which we all don’t want, but which might happen anyway, and maybe could save the day. With all of those expensive military-style assault weapons and ammo conveniently lying around idle, which it made sure you could easily get and warned you all to buy, because you’d probably be needing all of it soon, to defend against just this very kind of thing. Hint: The guy going around who is shouting that you should be worried about the deep state and is telling you to buy AR-15s just in case you might need them for a war against the federal government, is most likely the deep state. Not me, though. I go by the dictionary definition.

The pockets they pick every day, with their violent and seditious stage act. The main problem is, aside from undermining national security and American elections simply by going around selling snake oil, they could also make someone with an AR-15 whom they made sure could get one go nuts, kind of like what happened yesterday in Lauren Boebert’s Colorado, and they are perfectly fine with that if it happens. Or, not. They’re not doing anything about it, are they? Except advising that everyone buy more expensive guns, and preventing the CDC from studying gun violence with federal tax dollars, as they’ve been forcing us to not do since 1996, with the Dickey Amendment. Well, we’ve done what they said. We haven’t studied gun violence since 1996, and we’ve bought more guns. Does everyone feel safe, yet? There is absolutely no scientific evidence which supports their “throw more shit at it” premise that more guns in America will make us safer. In isolated cases, maybe. Broadly, though, that’s clearly impossible. We are a society that still lets our toddlers shoot themselves. Between one and three a day, if I’m not mistaken. That’s not an armed patriotic citizenry, that a bunch of lazy weirdos who think their gun would never kill their toddler. Don’t worry, though. In America, if you don’t shoot yourself after letting your gun kill your toddler, you’re let off by the nice, understanding deep state, which will call it a tragedy, not negligence due to lack of training, which it doesn’t enforce. This deep state doesn’t want you fucking trained. Being able to shoot anyone not wearing a bright red hat is trained enough for their version of “keeping America free.” This deep state doesn’t want you proud of your fucking federal background checks system.

In the America I envision, if your gun kills your kid, we promise to provide you with excellent therapists and opportunities to meet with your family, and to grieve… in a comfortable, low-security, access-to-everything, jail. I do not think it is responsible, enlightened or even compassionate, even to the parents/caretakers, to let them immediately go back home. If for no other reason than to monitor their mental health and protect them from violent or suicidal outbursts from themselves or other family and loved ones, and to create a semblance of justice for society, and for the lost child, parents whose guns kill their kids, should go to jail for a while. Oh and, maybe if they’re actually afraid of that happening, they’ll lock up their fucking guns.

“The sheriff said at this point it does not appear that any charges will be filed.

““I don’t think anybody can punish these parents any more than what they’ve been punished.””

Try me.

Other democracies do. Other democracies don’t give a deep state, Second Amendment coddling fuck.

So, let me get this straight:

When a woman has an abortion, it’s a murder.

When her kid finds her unlocked gun in her purse, it’s a tragedy.
A nine-year-old firing an Uzi, huh.

I kept asking myself, What is the fundamental error, here? and, for some reason, kept coming back to the image of a nine-year-old firing an Uzi.

I’m an airborne infantry veteran. Makes no sense.

9-year-olds + Uzis = makes no sense.


Not even on a range.

Rule #1 of getting on fast rollercoasters: Be of certain height

Rule #1 of firing Uzis: Weigh more than one

I’m not being critical of his judgment, or his skill as an instructor. One of the reasons I’m not a gun range instructor, I guess. When I was in Basic Training, the idea of being a Drill Sergeant, and assuming the responsibility of a bunch of very young men randomly lumped together from all over the country shooting 5.56 rounds out of M4s, really terrified me. On a range, training with other soldiers with live ammo, is about as close to simulated war as you ever get in peacetime. As in, you could die, or kill someone else, if you make an error. It happened to guys (I was Infantry, all-male, then) every now and then. Guys would get killed during training exercises because someone accidentally mixed live ammo in with their blanks and didn’t check, etc.

I couldn’t manage the responsibility of telling people no all of the time, in a country where we seem to be winging it with regard to this matter, all of the time. I’d be the most paranoid and sullen person on the range, and would probably lose my job. But, they’re not even cars. They’re guns. To a serious Christian, I think, they should be viewed as tools of Satan. Seriously, I’m not joking. That’s definitely how I look at them. Hard to pick up and use properly in a way that God might approve of, or forgive. Because being able to reconcile that piece of metal with your Christianity, and even your sanity, really, could become extremely difficult, if you don’t know EXACTLY what they are. Killing people is not trivial.

Obviously, I do not necessarily agree with his argument in an absolute (universal, applies to all people) sense, nor have I researched whether his quoting of Scripture is properly contextualized (I suspect it might not be, and thus would make it an example of contextomy or quote mining — See Wikipedia, Quoting out of context), but I appreciate his rigor in fearing the damned things. I also respect the Amish’ decision to be conscientious objectors in all war, and pacifists. What I do NOT respect is their abstinence from voting.

Not even our Founders can wave a magic wand and take away the fact that these are lethal, accidentally-end-your-or-others’-life-in-an-instant, weapons, and MUST be treated seriously, and carefully, at all times. NO exceptions. These are weapons our Founders didn’t even have; rapid fire did not exist, much less automatic firearms with the kind of ballistics technology and piercing power and materials we have now. These advances make shooting virtually a whole other world, where about the only similarity between 1776 technology and 2021 technology is that you are using explosives to propel a slug of metal at high velocity through a long metal tube. After that, the similarities mostly end. In other words, an argument can be made that the evolutionary leap in firearms between now and then has been so profound, the Founders might just as well have been referring to crossbows. Yes, the Constitutional right to life really matters. Again, the Second Amendment does not get to be waved over it and make it go away, a little. Society has some say in who can own firearms, and again, particularly 21st century ones. That’s just true, regardless of whether it is ever believed, or followed, or codified into law.

American freedom? No. Unless I’m missing something profound, if anything, American stupid.

Unless you have a reason to be testing the weapon using 300 pounds of butter, it’s a dumb stunt, and a waste of 300 pounds of butter, and definitely 19:43 minutes of viewing time. This video is a waste of cloud space. Animals’ peace and eardrums were sacrificed, needlessly, to make this content. The bark of trees? What, do trees not have rights all of a sudden? Someone should tell its rotund creator that it is a cinematic and conceptual abortion, and makes kittens in Heaven cry. Plus, the family and friend survivors of Americans killed in mass shootings. Then again, anyone dumb enough to watch it, should. Who knows, it might help to prevent them from reproducing.

Silly shit. Shit for the sake of shit. Shit we do when our lives are meaningless and fucked up and dumb, but the money’s rolling in, and we want lots of dumb people making us and Google and firearms manufacturers lots of it on YouTube, who think we’re patriots. Oh and, no doubt, Christians.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term, ‘guns and butter.’ Or, in this case, irresponsible and childish.

It’s not like I don’t have a sense of humor. I could laugh at this, depending on what ‘state of mind’ I was in at the time. But, sometimes I wonder if my “sense” of humor is really just a dulled sense to atrocity. I mean, in a serious world, do you not see how a serious person might look at this and think to themselves, ‘that’s sad.’

It’s like when you one day just grow up, and realize that adults acting weird and retarded isn’t entertaining to you anymore. Also known as infantilization, it’s the tendency to take stupid shit seriously, as a kind of “fuck you” to seriousness, or to over-seriousness. Always grounded fundamentally in privilege, its logic is pretty simple.

1. I’m privileged, so I don’t have to be serious.
2. If I don’t occasionally exercise my nonseriousness, I might start looking like I have to be serious, and implicitly lose my privilege, because everyone will simply assume I’ve realized I’m normal, and would normally get thrown in solitary confinement if I asked for organic food more than once.
3. If I find my privileged self in an actual serious situation, I will complain about as much nonserious shit as I can, and expect to be taken seriously, to assert my privilege. I will NOT act like a normal prisoner when in jail. I am SPECIAL. Once they start giving me back my privilege, I’ll stop implicitly threatening to tell the press I suddenly care about, and my buddies, how terrible my oppression is, and that hunger striking might not work, and that they should probably go ahead and start that hot civil war they’ve been chatting about.

Reality meets weird. Also known as Wonderland collapsing… or being born. Those dice are still in spin.

Reality is going to suck shit. Wonderland will suck shit more.

Do you see twist-ties, though? I don’t. Do you see firearms, either? I don’t.

What you are seeing before you is peaceful insurrection and sedition. Insurrection only has to involve an effort to overthrow one’s own formal government, and it can sometimes be peaceful, as well as successful, from start to end. When it is successful, it is always treason, because it was won through cold war (collapsed a government without firing a shot).

Until an insurrection is successful without violence, or becomes violent, it remains insurrection. It does not turn into treason until it is either successful and nonviolent, or violent. The former scenario is kind of moot, like discussing whether midnight is the beginning of the new day or the end of the old one. It’s treason, but only in that instant that the government collapsed peacefully. After that, the government is gone; so, it can’t be further treasoned against. Nor can it prosecute the treason.

Insurrection does NOT have to be violent to be insurrection, either against people OR property. When it is violent, it can still not be treason, if the violence is only against property. When insurrection involves harming a government official or agent, it becomes hot war against one’s own formal government, and thus treason. When insurrection harms a civilian, it is terrorism.

They are negotiating, without credible or apparent threat of violence, with an officer to switch sides, and help them overturn the election. Insurrection is illegal, because it’s an actual, real uprising; it could become hot war, and it could collapse the government. It is illegal to do the sedition, too, probably because they are in a situation where the threat of overturning the government is real, and imminent (qualifies as an actual insurrection). That turns their offer to the officer to switch sides, taken to its logical conclusion, a bribe or threat against a government official, and that’s why it’s illegal.

And, whereas they are part of a larger force that has declared it might not remain peaceful, and which is clearly prepared for violence, bear in mind that Trump’s and Giuliani’s words did not SPECIFICALLY SAY to commit violence, which means that these two guys could be, and probably are, arguing, for whatever the term might have meant by that point, in good faith that the government might collapse peacefully if everyone just simply agreed with them. Again, otherwise, they’d be skipping the feathers and kumbaya bullshit and be armed, and probably coyly threatening to use those firearms. Said another way, in the alternate universe where Trump had shouted at them to run in there and kill or capture every traitor who got in their way, I predict, these two guys would have found the fastest, least obvious way back to the parking garage.

In hindsight, we look at it and say, bullshit, they attacked the capitol. Hindsight is 20/20. It’s obvious to you they wanted war, right? Well, why wasn’t it obvious to the police defending the Capitol? Why wasn’t it ‘obvious’ to the National Guard, and the Pentagon? They let it play out. They thought it might fizzle. No one was really sure. The only ones who would have been sure would have been Trump and his inner circle; the assassins; and Putin’s intelligence apparatus.

Like caring about Jacob Chansley getting organic food in jail, because he says it’s his religion. Stupid, irresponsible shit, like that. Stuff that only sounds good or funny to Republicans, and to retards. Because I’d take your zealously-expressed concern for Chansley’s claim to culinary purity seriously, but only if you complained just as loudly for Black prisoners who don’t want glass in their mashed potatoes. But, you don’t. Oh and, if you did, you wouldn’t be defending Jacob Chansley’s actions in the first place.

Does Alice fall down the rabbit-hole?

First of all, trick question. The answer is no, because she didn’t fall down a rabbit-hole. She fell down a well.

Carroll only called the first Chapter “Down the Rabbit-Hole,” Because “Down the Well” probably would have gotten him fired, and possibly investigated; besides, rabbit-holes are fun to children, and wells are just either terrifying to them, or boring.

Cat’s honor.

Besides, Carroll loved shit like that, basically, paradoxes, like lying and not lying at the same time. The books are full of them.

Now, again: Does Alice fall down the well?

Are you sure?

As in, are you sure she fell down?

“The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well.

“Either the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly, for she had plenty of time as she went down to look about her and to wonder what was going to happen next. First, she tried to look down and make out what she was coming to, but it was too dark to see anything; then she looked at the sides of the well, and noticed that they were filled with cupboards and book-shelves; here and there she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs. She took down a jar from one of the shelves as she passed; it was labelled `ORANGE MARMALADE’, but to her great disappointment it was empty: she did not like to drop the jar for fear of killing somebody, so managed to put it into one of the cupboards as she fell past it.

“`Well!’ thought Alice to herself, `after such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling down stairs! How brave they’ll all think me at home! Why, I wouldn’t say anything about it, even if I fell off the top of the house!’ (Which was very likely true.)
Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end! `I wonder how many miles I’ve fallen by this time?’ she said aloud. `I must be getting somewhere near the centre of the earth. Let me see: that would be four thousand miles down, I think–‘ (for, you see, Alice had learnt several things of this sort in her lessons in the schoolroom, and though this was not a very good opportunity for showing off her knowledge, as there was no one to listen to her, still it was good practice to say it over) `–yes, that’s about the right distance–but then I wonder what Latitude or Longitude I’ve got to?’ (Alice had no idea what Latitude was, or Longitude either, but thought they were nice grand words to say.)

“Presently she began again. `I wonder if I shall fall right through the earth! How funny it’ll seem to come out among the people that walk with their heads downward! The Antipathies, I think–‘ (she was rather glad there was no one listening, this time, as it didn’t sound at all the right word) `–but I shall have to ask them what the name of the country is, you know. Please, Ma’am, is this New Zealand or Australia?’ (and she tried to curtsey as she spoke–fancy curtseying as you’re falling through the air! Do you think you could manage it?) `And what an ignorant little girl she’ll think me for asking! No, it’ll never do to ask: perhaps I shall see it written up somewhere.'” –Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter One: Down the Rabbit-Hole. Lewis Carroll, 1865.

The answer, and Carroll knew this, is that she only falls down as a matter of comparison and perception.

There is no “down.”


In fact, the Universe doesn’t even have a center. And, if it does, get this: It’s you.

Not theoretically. Really. In fact, you’re the only reason you know that everything going on around you, and the universe itself, is real. Or, at least, you’re the only reason you think you know it is.

The next time someone asks you if you think you’re the center of the universe, you can confidently tell them that not only do you think you are, you know you are.

At which point they’ll challenge and say, “by that logic, so am I.” Which, to them, is also true. As well as true in reality, because the Universe’s center is actually everywhere, and the Universe itself. It defines its own existence, as far as we know, I think. But, you’re not them. In fact, you can’t really be sure they exist. In fact, we’re all just mostly empty space. And, if you told me you existed, I bet you wouldn’t be able to really prove it to me.

At any rate, the universe is big. And, weird.

In South America and Africa, globes are sold “upside-down.” They think we’re crazy for doing it the other way, just as much as we think they are for doing it theirs. Fact is, there really is no fucking up or down. And, there is no standard, or shouldn’t be. I think that maps and globes should be thrown in every which direction all of the time, an opinion I’ve held since High School Civics.

It gets better, though. She falls slowly because Carroll, a mathematician, probably suspected that time is relative as well, which explains the White Rabbit’s signature watch. The watch represents our mortality. An alternative explanation is that the well was falling (or moving, by this new definition of motion) with her, but just slightly more slowly, creating the illusion to her that she was falling slowly. For all we know, she was falling through a wormhole to the other side of the universe, and was moving at speeds approaching, or even exceeding, that of light. Again, Carroll loved all of this stuff, and I suspect it’s why he coyly suggests that the well might have been “very deep.”

As for Alice’s fall itself, it absolutely is Biblical. So is the imagery of the well, and of it being dry. So is the imagery of the sticks and dry leaves she falls upon, which break her fall and which represent all Eden was to her after she ate of the wrong tree, and was promised she’d one day learn what death was. Wonderland represents Hell, or Purgatory. The rabbit is the snake in the garden, which tempts her to fall into Wonderland. I could give more away, but I won’t, at least not here. You should read it for yourself, if you never have. It’s worth it. The kid you see below never will; so, maybe, do it for him, especially if you’re a Republican, because you stochastically murdered him.

“The firearms industry wants to hear the results of the investigation into the Boulder mass shooting before proposing solutions, said Mark Oliva, spokesperson for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun industry trade group.”

“Gun industry prepares for a surge in demand after back-to-back mass shootings”
Anchor Muted Background
By Chauncey Alcorn, CNN Business

Updated 7:45 AM ET, Wed March 24, 2021
Americans bought guns in record numbers in 2020

All of them from “the firearms industry” are seditionist little whores, including Mark Oliva, pretending to be reasonable so as to fucking stall, get on their encrypted chat lines, and scramble out how they and Satan are going to slut this off to the American people who want to impale them this time with pitchforks, again, and who I’m finally beginning to start sympathizing towards, in that sentiment. Nothing else appears to be stopping their obstinance, and they seem confident and fearless. Perhaps that attitude, that smug fucking confidence, should be shorn a bit, but using methods they respect and understand. They’re all little White man-cunts, and so are their worthless wives. They’re all going to Hell, and their Christianity is as worthless to God as their hairy, wrinkled taints. Their genius brain matter that has always been worthless to us, and will always be worthless to us, and which might serve us better splattered on a wall at this point, doesn’t need another mass fucking shooting to figure out what they should fucking do about it. It was a space. There was a fucking shooter in it, holding one of their expensive fucking guns. Innocent American civilians were present. They were shot. They died. The End.

I’m telling everybody, we have to stop putting up with this rare shit. Rare geniuses don’t want to listen? Break their fucking windows at this point, for all I care. Torch their cars. I’ll support you.

I’m not going to stand back and wait for these tender White assholes to start a civil war at their leisure, and at a time of their choosing. If I determine this war is inevitable, then I will be taking it aggressively to them, and hopefully at the worst fucking time for them imaginable.

I’m not saying anything new, and I’m quite certain it’s not illegal. DISCLAIMER: If it is, cite the statute or give me the moral argument and, if I’m convinced, I’ll apologize and take it down. I’ve already told everyone I’d hunt down and capture/kill domestic enemies (but most likely not torture them) in a worst-case scenario, when I took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It’s not something I generally go around philosophizing about on WordPress, like they do every day at Breitbart, but talk to the U.S. Army if you require further clarification. Again, domestic enemies to the Constitution are not imaginary; they’re not theoretically extinct; and, they’re not non-serious. Get all three of those facts through your thick skull, first. I know, I know. This is all Wonderland stuff, and seriously fucking mind-blowing to you that I would be saying it with a dead serious face, but you did it, not me; so, bear with me, and pay consideration to what I say, and we might just all get out of this alive. After that, we can choose to get along forever, or we can collaborate; build a space shuttle together; and go our separate ways, and maybe decide we could get along forever at that point, or not; but, at least, we’ll all still have the space shuttle.

Lots of Lebensraum in space. That’s one silver lining I can assure all Nazis. No Black people or Jews there, either. To finally be rid of you peacefully, I will DEFINITELY help you build that space shuttle. Let’s get down to it, I can’t wait. No, you can’t have Earth. You have to leave, and find your own planet. No, you can’t visit every other year, but we MIGHT be able to arrange a planet swap timeshare, if the journey could be made interesting enough.

Second, domestic enemies do not go around with labels on their (large, in the case of Stephen Miller’s) foreheads that say, ‘domestic enemy, kindly warn before shooting to kill or capture.’ Domestic enemies and the Forces of Good do NOT go into a SCIF room one day and say, “Okay, I’ll be shooting at you, and you’ll be shooting at me; we’ll be wearing the bright red MAGA hats, and you won’t be; so, let’s all get our excited selves on the fuck out there, call up the fake news with the announcement, and, as the ad says, just do it.”

No, it does not happen that way. Shit just… happens. Like 1-3 toddlers getting shot in America every day, by their patriotic parents’ guns.

Let’s elevate this boring conversation. Fucking try to kill me, or shut the fuck up. I’m already wasting my life on this fucking platform, trying to reach your heart with serial killer videos and shit I say about Jesus; I already know you can walk into a gun store with a prepaid credit card and purchase firepower that would make Achilles blush. No, I do not want you to kill anyone; but, I kind of get the feeling you really, really want to kill someone. Well then, as a Christian, I shouldn’t want you to have to kill anyone in this whole wide, devil’s world, before me. So, I say again: try to kill me; join a good-faith discussion; or find other hobbies that don’t have to do with my government and politics, because I will be RIGHT BACK UP IN YOUR FACE AGAIN, AND SAYING THE EXACT SAME SHIT TO YOU ALL OVER AGAIN, if you do.

Make me famous. Make everyone want to know, why is it they killed him? You can’t win, Darth. At least, and, this is key— not the way you’ve been trying to. Do you want to know one of the biggest lies the deep state propagates? It is, again not surprisingly, a dismissal of what Jesus Christ asserted, which is that we Democrats, who consider ourselves mostly morally-aligned, would not be pretty generous with our forgiveness. Christ told us to accept apologies, when they are heartfelt. We are not like your false god, Trump, who sneered at us, and who tried to push every nativist advantage, when we tried to apologize for errors, such as when Kathy Griffin realized that her art was just too much. Did Donald Jay Trump care? No, he made her feel even more foolish for her apology, hardening battle lines even more than they’d been before. They did the same with Ilhan Omar, and towards her heartfelt apologies for things she’d said, mostly pretty weak and iffy, that could yet reasonably have been interpreted as anti-Semitic or, at best, promoted them. The real U.S. deep state doesn’t want you fucking knowing what real antisemitism is, are you fucking kidding me? But, that all happened because that’s what Trump is. An Antichrist. He is everything that tells you, fuck Jesus, and win anyway. Well, whereas it’s true that Jesus has been around for over 2,000 years, I accede that it is also true that nuclear weapons, and the MOSTLY WHITE MEN WHO CONTROL THEM, have only been around for a few decades. We’ll see where it all ends ‘up.’

There is even the entire Biblical account of the Prodigal Son– a son who squandered every allowance, and every piece of good advice, but who finally realized his idiocy, and humbly returned to his family with expectations of final rejection, only to be embraced by them for having abandoned his old ways. A moral to the prodigal son is that it matters less, to the Christian, what one has done. To the Christian, what matters is THEM.

What I am saying is that if you just give it up, and stop asserting the hard difference… we will be mostly overjoyed to have you back on the A-Team, and any punishment you receive, if you receive much at all, will probably be reasonable, if not light. And whereas I could discuss examples such as Frank William Abagnale Jr., I could take even more modern examples such as Michael Cohen. Did a lot of bad things. Is working his ass off to undo as much of it as he can, as fast as he can. Has my respect. Probably fears for his life from his former friend Christians, and probably should. Also has my (tentative) friendship. That’s not to say I require him to be ‘loyal’ to Democrats, per se. He might not be, and that’s fine. The way I see it, in fact, I would hope he was “disloyal” to Democrats all of the time. If he disagrees with a Democrat’s position, and doesn’t say that, then that’s being disloyal to Democrats, because he just might be right, and then we’re all fucked. Anthony Scaramucci is a similar example. I don’t see him extolling the more esoteric virtues of liberalism (or even socialism!), any time soon. BUT, he reasonably understands where a lot of liberals are coming from, and I reasonably understand where a lot of his conservative concerns are coming from, too. That makes me willing to be their friend. It’s not one-way. I am proud and thankful to have Scaramucci and Cohen on our side.

No one is more powerful an advocate for a cause, than the morally-enlightened convert. Converts to false causes are fundamentally weak, because whether they think they’re loyal or not, they believe in bullshit, and bullshit will only get one so far in real-world scenarios. When the rubber really hits the road– when the fire starts cooking with real gas— things start not working for people who believe in bullshit eventually, if not fast. Hitler learned this the hard way. So did Koresh, and so did Jim Jones.

It took the Confederates a little longer. But, they did it pretty slow, by comparison. We haven’t lost as many people to COVID, yet, as we lost in the Civil War. But, we’re getting close.

Wheel’s still in spin and, if I had to guess– as in, if I were at a military map with American generals around me, asking me my opinion– I would say that, yes, we are in the Second American Civil War. It’s real, it’s hot, and it’s history. That we don’t even know, or at best aren’t sure if, it’s happening is a testament to the deep-thinking genius of the deep state that’s running it. It is probably using AI too, and on a deep-thinking level. With today’s operating systems, technology (some of it Top Secret) and infrastructure, I speculate, it would not be too difficult to create an AI that took every political situation and battle humanity has ever fought; feed it news; give it a hundred or so human operators; and have it produce recommendations a hostile government or deep state might want to follow, even extraordinarily novel ones most humans never would have thought of. The American people have been tricked, by a political cult that uses fake news (PSYOP) and stochastic terrorism, into co-opting a pandemic as a bioweapon against itself in an asymmetric mass-murder suicide, as well as by other stochastic means, such as the song and dance they are putting on about the Second Amendment, Obamacare and even abortion, etc. I would tell them that we have to figure out where it might be going, and reverse it. Peacefully. Fast. If not, then the United States = bye-bye. The Republicans and Putin will turn out pretty good; President Trump will probably move the new American capital to Mar-a-Lago; and, Democrats will be dead.

There will be no 2024 U.S. election. End report.

Business is booming, and it won’t do a goddamned thing to protect the most vulnerable in society, which of course has never been the point. It also won’t do anything to protect our freedom, which is real U.S. deep state religious mythology; stochastic sedition; stochastic terrorism; and bullshit. It is religious, because it preys on fear of death (buy our expensive gun or, on that day of political judgment, which will come like a thief in the night, the men in the black helicopter will win; kill you; and enslave your family). Belief systems don’t get much more primal than that. Getting a sizable portion of Americans to accept that it’s been a fantasy spun them by terrorists wanting to sell them guns and foment revolutionary hot war all along, is going to be difficult. Wayne LaPierre, I’m speaking directly to you. I hope you go to jail, and never get out. Assets seized. When you die and go to Hell, say hello to Charles Manson for me, and rub it his face how much better you were at the gig. Being a stochastic terroristic doomsday antigovernment political death cult leader preaching paranoia and cleansing civil war, and all. Just, more boring; only one woman to officially show for it; and without the music, some of which was actually pretty decent.

You’ve stochastically murdered far, far more innocent human beings than Manson ever did, or could, and you know it.

The U.S. Army could devastate any target in this country it wanted to, period. Half of our discretionary budget shoveled into its gaping mouth every year for fifty years will do that. Got LRAD sound cannons? See through walls? Jam communications, hell, jam anything electronic? Stinger missiles on drones that can read newspapers from 10,000 feet, with night vision and remote-controlled operators behind them, are fun; your nonmilitary-grade AR-15 will save you. Got helicopters? Do you have lasers that can point at windows and translate the glass vibrations generated by the voices of the people talking on the other side of them into usable sound? That’s old school tech, and has been in the Pentagon for decades. That glass you see on the outside of the Pentagon? It’s glassified.

All potentially real. Except, maybe, for the disappearing Lithuanian. But, to save my life, I would not say it for certain. It has long been known that the U.S. military has been working on invisibility (lightbending) technology for many years, precisely, you guessed it, to create invisible soldiers. Predator (1987), anyone? There are other conceivable technologies that might account for the disappearing Lithuanian, as well.

If we have it (lightbending technology on a macro scale), it’s safe to say it’s probably not used much. As in, the two generals would not have used it in this scene, because if they’d had, they’d have had to kill Doug, Andy, and their lawyer (Dean). Which is impossible, because Doug and Andy are immortal. Well, at least, Doug is. In fact, it’s why he ditches accounting and politics, and simply becomes a cult leader, at the end. Most people never see it coming, and have no idea why it happened. They don’t know the genius of Doug. Or, of Jenji Kohan.

Then again, I don’t know the genius of Doug. Who would win in a fight, Doug, or Clint Eastwood? Both, because they’d each swallow each other up like at the end of that creepy Jim Henson muppet movie, and become Eastdoug Clintwood.

All of the other shit in this scene, I expect the U.S. government to have. Really. Yes, I would expect it to be able to target a specific electronic device, such as a laptop, a cellphone, or even a smartwatch, for discrete remote erasure. In other words, I expect it to have the technology to reach across a room with a weapon, point it at a specific computer surrounded by other computers, and wipe it, and only it, so that it never works again, and so that any data that might have been on it is irretrievably destroyed and irrecoverable. I would expect the weapon to have the choice of leaving a trace, or even proof (such as a fortune cookie, basically, a coded note that they were there, similarly to what happens at the end of Blade Runner (1982)), that the target device did not malfunction due to an accident, but because it was attacked. I would absolutely also expect the weapon to be Top Secret.

Reading devices remotely with this technology might also be of great interest, but also more difficult to do.

I would also expect the JAG officer and the general, more or less, to speak to Andy, Doug and their lawyer exactly the way they did. It’s how I would have, as the deep state in this situation. Not the part about the mules, necessarily. But, possibly, even that.

Also, sometimes grabbing a guy’s balls is part of the job. Weird and fucked up, but true.


Our military could wipe any resistance you might put up out with the brush of a hand. And, you should be proud of that. Those old-school fantasies you harbor that you might save America from its own military are as dead to history as cavalry. Only the First Amendment will save us, now.

Just give it up. The professional, all-volunteer military we’ve built would destroy us accidental-toddler-shooters in any civil war, particularly if a hostile force widely perceived by the military as friendly (such as Trump, in a second term) took control of it. The Afghan people are still fighting with AK-47s that are older than I am, and they still couldn’t stop us. We, in a civil war, will be asking for truces if we can run into Starbuck’s and get an iced mocha Frappuccino. Own it. Part of what makes Americans strong is that we’re spoiled. We will NEVER go back to guns and butter, if not because war is bad, but because it SUCKS.

The Second Amendment is not a Constitutional right to self-defense. Not really. The 2A, in fact, could give a fuck less about your right to self-defense, and particularly with a firearm. How do I know this? Well, because words.

Your right to life, stated in the Preamble to the Constitution AND the Declaration of Independence, covers your right to self-defense using any available means, including knives; guns; rocks; and, if they happen to be nearby and you know how to operate them, tanks, boomerangs, lassos, poison darts, throwing stars, cars, Justin Bieber CDs, beer, cats, spit, and Apache helicopters. You’re also perfectly allowed to use a firearm you’re not normally legally able to posses, and even steal it, if it’s to save your life or limb. Like Ashlee Anne Rose Martinson did, and which she sits in prison for 23 years for, because the Wisconsin deep state cares so much about the Second Amendment; Castle Doctrine; Stand Your Ground laws; minor safety; and justice.

Ever feel like you’re talking to a coy mocking deep state? Cages aren’t cages. No, the fiftieth fraudulent lawsuit is not going to be the charm. No, the sixtieth one won’t be, either. Surely, we’re not stalling for time; we’re just assuring you’re sure you know what the word “sure” means. I scream, you scream. We all scream… for ice cream.

Hottest legs ever. I can say that, because she knows it.

The reason the Second Amendment is there, really, is a ‘selfish’ one: Yes, the Founders knew federal governments can become gun-seizing tyrannies. And, they also knew, the Second Amendment would function as a kind of legal firewall against that danger. That wasn’t their main concern, though, nor was it the 2A’s main point, though it flowed (or, stemmed) from it. If it had been the main point, they’d have simply come out and said it, and the Second Amendment would have read more like this:

Guns being necessary for the people of a free State to overthrow their potentially abusive federal government (like we just did against King George), the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Plus, hunting. Plus, self-defense, and defending your family. Plus, maybe having to be in a well-regulated militia some day. Plus, bulletpainting while hot, and appropriating indigenous culture.

Bulletpainting = paintball, just in reverse.

Appropriating indigenous culture is bad.

I’m an artist, and probably a Christian. By the way, do you like my tool of Satan? It’s a big one

Excerpted from Why Cultural Appropriation is Disrespectful, October 04, 2020, Indigenous Corporate Training, Inc.:

Randomly plucking “popularized” images of a marginalized culture for entertainment or profit without respect for or an understanding of the culture is culturally disrespectful.

How to avoid being culturally disrespectful

If you admire an aspect of another culture, then learn about it and purchase items directly from a person of that culture. If you like the look of Cowichan sweaters, don’t buy a “Cowichan-inspired” sweater from a retail giant, buy from a Coast Salish knitter or an Indigenous-owned store that buys sweaters from the knitters. That is cultural respect.

Don’t refer to a culture or a People as exotic. That emphasizes the “otherness” of them. To them their culture is not exotic, it’s who they are and what is important to them.

Don’t amp up or modernize aspects of another culture, because doing so suggests that the modernized rendition by a non-Indigenous entity makes it better.

Don’t assume that it’s okay to “borrow” aspects from another culture. In many Indigenous cultures, strict and ancient protocols dictate who can sing certain songs, perform certain dances, tell certain stories. We don’t just take from one another.

“Borrowing” from another culture is symptomatic of the history of colonialism in which the dominant/colonizing culture assumes everything from the colonized culture is there for the taking. And that’s been a pattern in the history of this country.

Source: https://www.ictinc.ca/blog/why-cultural-appropriation-is-disrespectful

The main point, as clearly elucidated in the prefatory clause, was that the federal government wouldn’t impede states from being able to form crack, well-regulated militias, because it didn’t have a large standing army, and needed militias to defend itself, particularly from all of the hostile empires salivating all around it that had… boats. To include, yes, being around to resist federal deep state influences domestic; foreign; or both, from seizing the guns the militias would need to rescue the Constitution from the usurper (hence the term, a free State). But, that’s the reason given: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” Period. All of the other benefits that naturally flow from that need to have firearms for a militia that keeps the State (the federal government) free: your ‘right’ to hunt for food… with guns; your ‘right’ to defend your family… with guns, are incidental. Add-ons. They’re not fundamental to the 2A, which is primarily a military insurance policy against an incompetently underprepared, or an intentionally and maliciously underprepared, militia. Do I believe citizens should have an individual right to bear arms, in case they need to defend some backwater town in, say, oh, Alaska, from an invader? Yes. But, that’s perfectly in line with the 2A’s militia concept, and I also say they’re going to be worthless if they’re not at least reasonably trained. If they’re not competent, disciplined, or otherwise fit to be able to function within a well-regulated militia, then who cares about their right to own an AR-15? I don’t see how anything’s being “infringed” if the government says, sorry, you’re not fit or stable enough be in a well-regulated militia, regardless of whether we choose, or have chosen, to form one or not, which means we don’t have to guarantee you any right to own a gun, period. You are, of course, free to defend your family with a crossbow, or booby traps, as long as they don’t violate coding ordinances. Slingshots are effective. So are boomerangs and lassos. What, you say? You don’t know how to use those highly-effective, deadly weapons which require a little more skill and training than guns do? Oh.

Good luck defending your family, by the way… with tanks.

Going back to the idea of nasty, evil empires having boats, I do not know how one might defend oneself with a boat, except to flee.

By the way, our ‘militias’ today are jokes. They’re private mercenary armies-for-hire; nothing more. They won’t defend a duly-elected Democrat, or Detroit, and they’re not real Americans, either. On paper, they’re Americans. After that, they’re not Americans. Paper Americans. Not always to be confused with Milk & Cookies Americans (Americans who demand to be infantilized by power). Some Milk & Cookies Americans are really Americans. They just don’t want to face certain hard truths, such as that Holocaust denialism gets people killed. As a result, they fight to allow Nazis to be allowed to speak on college campuses, where said Nazis aim to seduce the impressionable young minds we’ve encouraged to be trusting and open, and which we’ve spent the last eighteen years educating and raising, so that they will be all nice and ready to become good Nazi soldiers. And, noticed by Nazis who know that. Yes, we do not have a scourge of Nazis speaking at churches and nursing homes for a reason.

If a school lets a Nazi speak on its campus and the students don’t protest, that’s the school’s and the student’s problem. If they don’t go and don’t protest, fine, whatever. If they go, it’s on them.

If a school lets a Nazi speak on its campus and the students protest and the administration resists, either help the students, or stay the fuck out of it. These are speaking events, they’re not curriculum courses. If students don’t want a speaker and it’s a reasonable request, e.g. racism, then, if the school doesn’t find another speaker, that means it actively promotes the speech students find disconcerting. Offensive is not the same as disconcerting. The former is personally-connected; the latter is detached, objective, observant. It is not always fair to accuse your ideological opponent of being opposed to you because they find your speech offensive. I find lots of things offensive that I won’t ever bring up at an awkward moment at a party. Start making fun of Black people or Jews, though, and I usually will.

Your best bet for keeping your freedom, and the right to bear arms that your federal government, in ratifying the Constitution, forbids itself to “infringe upon”, assuming you’re qualified and fit to serve in a well-regulated militia that it can call upon in case it needs you? Don’t lose control of your democracy in the first place, and use the First Amendment.

Flying hot shell casing alert

That never happens, btw.

I am not making light of it; I have compassion fatigue.

Forget Hell. These jokers firmly believe they’re not going to jail, and even if something does happen, and even if they’re directly quoted by the terrorist as having been the inspiration for the attack; they know they have enough money, and loyal followers chewing their Milk & Cookies cuds all over America who will run to their religious free speech defense; fuck the dead and maimed, and their hospital and funeral bills. The free speech that mixes God, politics, racism, fear, Scripture, an utterly false and noxious air of moral superiority, and veiled references to assassination, insurrection, treason and sedition using code. The kind of free speech that lights a fuse in a crowded theater we’re all in and can see, and then says, “Well, you can’t prove it was my fire that set it off.”

I’m not going to care.

They also firmly believe they’re going to be able to keep all of the money.

Just so you know, that wouldn’t happen in the America I envision. In the America I envision, these people would be among the first the Secret Service, the Justice Department, and the IRS would be investigating. But, not today. Today, they are deep state darlings.

I find it interesting we’re willing to subject ourselves, as a society, to that kind of threat, just so some millionaire junkie or eighty says they should be free to go around preaching their incoherent and blasphemous versions of Christ. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, though. We’re the country that did nothing after Newtown, Virginia Tech, and Las Vegas. No, I don’t consider banning bump stocks doing anything.

randomly determined; having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analyzed statistically but may not be predicted precisely.

A stochastic terrorist is a terrorist who preaches terror; hot war, or hot civil war; doomsday over which he or she claims to have control; or who otherwise suggests terrorist acts, either knowingly with malice to harness, or recklessly in disregard or ignorance of, that preaching’s stochastic effect, which is to increase the chances some party other than him or her will ‘heed the call.’ This party will be a frustrated, or simply inspired, unstable person or group of people who will eventually be the first to set the predictions in motion, where the stochastic terrorist actually knowing who that person or group of people will be, or when they will act, might be unknowable. But, to the stochastic terrorist, it is also irrelevant. What matters is that someone eventually does it, and someone other than him. The unique disconnect between the stochastic terrorist and the actual terrorist might also make the relationship between the preaching, or messaging, itself and the terrorist difficult to firmly establish, allowing the stochastic terrorist some plausible deniability, which he (for now) is most likely usually legally able to consider advantageous.

What makes these preachers so different from classical doomsday preachers, and probably far more dangerous to national security and just plain overall societal health, however, is social media, and the digital age, and the Big Data Age. Radio, where Christian doomsday preachers have been lurking for ages, is old-school tech; you can’t “share” it, and capturing it is difficult. Koresh and Jim Jones and Manson, I assert, would have been far more deadly in their ‘preaching’ with access to a sophisticated high-speed Internet, and chat rooms where they could seed their ideas for anyone to find and make go viral. Then, because their ‘ideas’ were really just recycled, creative bullshit based around the old themes of racism and patriarchy, they’d have naturally fit right in, and been augmented and swept up by, the digital infrastructure that was built for all of the other similar-themed, hateful bullshit that’s already there. It’s why we see swastikas, the Confederate battle flag, and the Christian cross, all mashed in together with the American flag, old versions of it, Don’t Tread on Me flags, pro-life flags, obscure ‘militia’ flags. They’re all just drawing on different flavors and emphases of the same racist and patriarchal hate, and in some cases religious superiority, basically. It’s also why we have QAnon, another choose-your-own-reality game.

Was Jim Jones a stochastic terrorist? Yes, because he preached political revolution and, later on, violent uprising, even as neither he, nor anyone outside of his following ever that I am aware of, nor any of his followers, actually did it… until they did, and all at once. When he realized he was busted for rape, pedophilia and physical and psychological abuse, plus financial crimes such as fraudulently getting people to sign over their wills and property, etc. (which Koresh did as well), plus who knows what else, and going to jail for life, he told all 900 of his followers to kill the small Congressional entourage who’d flown to their South America commune to investigate him as they were leaving; then, kill themselves and anyone who resisted, which almost all 900 of them did; and then shot himself. He told his wife and daughter to murder his two younger children before killing themselves, which they did. With kitchen knives.

Koresh’s endgame was virtually identical. He didn’t care that his eighty-some followers– and their twenty children– could have easily lived. He knew he was going away for life for raping children and planning violent insurrection and sedition while stockpiling hundreds of weapons, to include grenades, and so told them all to blow themselves and the enemy away, before killing himself. The End. That’s what happened. It had nothing to do with his prophecies, which were stalling tactics for him having to kill himself; he couldn’t let agents in because they’d find evidence, not to mention dozens of children, and parents who’d let Koresh rape them, who’d all be cross-examined. Which is also probably why he burned it. That anyone is sympathetic to him today I find astonishing. I’m not an expert on the chain of events that took place during the siege, but I do suspect claims that ‘they could have arrested him at any time’ aren’t accurate. I suspect an ultimatum was involved where law enforcement knew simply arresting him in town was not going to work; they needed access to his compound, where all of the secrets, and underage victims, were. He knew that children admitting he’d been having sex with him was game over, which might be why he only released a small few, and possibly ones who couldn’t incriminate him in death. I think he did want to remain thought of as a prophet, and a misunderstood martyr.

Charles Manson’s ‘teachings’ managed, five years into his sentence, to scramble one of his follower’s heads up so much, she tried to kill President Gerald Ford (September 5, 1975, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme). Manson was a stochastic terrorist not because no one followed him who was outside of the official cult itself, but simply because it’s what he preached: terror (the real, political kind). He also qualifies as a doomsday terrorist, even though his best-known crime, the back-to-back murders in Hollywood Hills, was a strategy which was stochastic in certain ways, in that he wished the murders to spark an all-engulfing, coast-to-coast race war by “lighting a fuse.” The murders he commanded his cult members make happen were explicitly political, and directed at civilians; he wished to start a race war via a false flag operation (his White followers would kill wealthy, race-traitor Whites, and then frame the crime scenes to make it look like people of color did it), and overthrow the U.S. government, and the ruling Hollywood elites he believed influenced them. He was a flaming White supremacist, although, like both Koresh and Jim Jones, he would usually state it in a coy, backhanded way. Unlike Koresh and Jones, however, there were no people of color, to my knowledge, in his cult, at least none of prominence, or who probably were invited to hang around for very long, even though he would have probably had to manage them from time to time, since he drew followers pseudo-randomly from the nomadic hippie culture. Needless to say, the followers he sent on the “missions” were all White, and knew they were starting a race war in which both Whites and Blacks would die en masse. The Black population, in Manson’s crazy imagination, would lose the war. Once he became King of the World afterwards, the remaining populations, who would all be his followers, were implicitly expected to be White. Did he really believe he was Jesus? Maybe. Calling oneself “Jesus Christ,” I suspect, is the fairly natural musing of a savagely insatiable ego, beset by a certain lack of creativity. Did he really believe in the underground city they’d all hide in when the war started? No. The shrewd career jailbird, I have little doubt, chose the remote location in the California desert for that purpose, or later crafted himself finding himself there, around that purpose. He was smart enough to know that his followers were smart enough to not believe that hiding out in the desert would be sufficient to protect them from a cross-nation, and possibly international, race war. He also knew that it would not be sufficiently interesting to them; he knew his greedy White followers wanted more than some endearing, but still ultimately, shit dump in a desert, even as he knew they’d stay afterwards, once the race war had begun, and the hole didn’t open up. Does it sound crazy that they’d believe, instead, that a giant hole in the desert would open up, and lead them to a magical underground city to ‘wait out the storm’ (“Helter Skelter”)? Yeah, tell me about Q sometime, and his flock of fifth-dimensional bird-like aliens.

Without a vehicle, any followers who tried to escape would face thirty miles of desert before they came to the next ranch. The owner was aging, and not expected to live long. Spahn Ranch was the secret underground city at the bottom of the ‘hole.’

I think Manson believed he might really start the race war, however. That I think he was honest about. His motive? To see the world burn, and then make himself into someone powerful in the ensuing aftermath. I think he saw himself expanding his cult following in the social unrest afterwards, not to mention his doting harem. And, I think these modern-day doomsday preachers are counting on the exact same thing. They know that increased social unrest and uncertainty, and distrust and fear of institutions and authority, will only make them stronger, not weaker.

They want people desperate and failing, because that’s how you get people to throw in their very last dollar. Successful and awesome casinos making an honest living providing entertainment and professional gaming services to adults know this, and so do real U.S. deep state darling, stochastic Christian terrorists.

Why do these guys always accuse the left of silencing them? You’re on YouTube, asshole, are you not? I am quoting your satanic filth in my web blog, am I not? I wish you and your loved ones well. Please stop preaching misogyny and hate, and figure out how to be the awesome person God always wanted you to be. You’re older. Flipping the switch is easier with the accumulation of experience and, hopefully, wisdom. Author Charles Dickens created Ebenezer Scrooge as an old man for a reason. God waited for Saul to become older for a reason.
Same shit, different asshole

Excerpt from above video from seditionist and stochastic Christian terrorist Robin Bullock:

“And, the Lord is going to give you words to warn people, and speak to people, in high-ranking positions. Whether you think they’re listening or not, they’re listening. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. What you need to do now, the stage is set. Everything is set. But, you’re gonna have to pray for the rightful President, whether he wants to walk back into this or not. You must pray that he wants to do it. Because God won’t make him do anything. Is it his will? Yes. Is he the President? Yes. That’s why he could just walk right back in, and God will supernaturally move things out of the way. But, you need to pray for encouragement. Nobody was beat on like our President for four years; nobody. Nobody’s ever been beat like that, and still stand with such optimism, and speak with authority. Even now, the rightful President, Donald Jay Trump will hold a rally, and you can tell he’s still the President; all you have to do is listen to him. He’s the President. Hallelujah. And because he is the President, so no matter what happens, he’s supposed to walk back into that office. So, call him back. Call him back! Call him back; once he knows the prophets are calling, he’ll come. Hallelujah. We’re going to have to start publicly talking about, that he’s the President. Yeah, [chuckling] I know. People will say, really? Why would you say that, in public? BECAUSE HE IS! THAT’S WHY I SAY IT! BECAUSE HE IS! IN THE TIME OF THE TWO, THE BIDE-ON! THEN THERE IS THE ENEMY RELEASED THE DOUBLE, SO THE LORD RELEASED THE ELIJAH ANNOINTING! FOR, THE DOUBLE! DON’T MESS WITH US, SATAN! DON’T MESS WITH US, CORRUPT POLITICAL REGIMES! DON’T MESS WITH GOD’S PEOPLE LIKE THAT, BECAUSE I’M GONNA TELL YOU SOMETHING, IF YOU MESS WITH US, WE’LL CALL HIM BACK FOR THREE TERMS! DON’T MESS WITH US! YOU’VE NEVER SEEN THE POWER OF GOD IN ACTION BEFORE!

Jacob Chansley is a good example. He picked up a lectern and walked out with it. He’s an insurrectionist (revolted against the timely, otherwise dignified, otherwise certain ceremonial electoral certification of a new, soon-to-be incoming head of state); a seditionist (prominently and outspokenly encouraged others to do the same); and engaged in petty theft/mischief. But, I don’t think he’s a traitor, because he didn’t wage war. I don’t consider someone walking, or even forcing, themselves into a capitol building in a democracy and being a jerk, but ultimately peacefully trying to force a delay or a second set of eyes on a confirmation ceremony, to be waging war; Trump, after all, was still going to be President for two weeks. Recall that many of the insurrectionists truly believed they would be vindicated, and hailed as heroes for saving democracy at the very last minute. Many of them, believably, seemed unashamed to tell us they were surprised they hadn’t been! This is evidence they were being honest. Had Chansley brandished a firearm in a threatening manner, that would have been war. Had he used the lectern to attack someone, that would have been war, bringing his actions to the level of treason. Officially, by my lay understanding. But, he didn’t.

The person who used a battering ram to bash through the door to the Capitol was engaged in insurrection, not treason. Though the act was physical and intimidating, it was not directed at any person. Only a door got hurt. It will be replaced, and probably with a better door, and if Republicans do their jobs correctly, the new and better door won’t cost taxpayers $155,000. The technical crime itself might be destruction of government property during insurrection, and unauthorized entry using force, etc. But it was not, I suspect, treason.

Anyone who knowingly kept the other officer pinned in the doorway, and did nothing to relieve him of his situation, was engaged in war, because they had turned their collective selves, augmented by the doors the officer was trapped in, into a potentially lethal weapon. Anyone who saw what they were doing but who did not attempt to push back; call for calm; and render aid to the officer in distress, was a traitor engaged in war.

I will assure you also that, had I been that officer’s personal friend, or maybe just feeling particularly frisky that day, I’d have given maybe five seconds of warning, before I emptied my clip into all of you. I’d bet you’d have run, then. Then, I’d have grabbed my comrade-in-war and pulled him inside, and he would have lived to be a lover to his wife, and a father to his kids, for certain. The rest would have just been paperwork.

I’m a veteran. I didn’t see war, but don’t let that fool you. I was trained as a soldier. Given a pass, more or less, by my government to be a serial killer, and a mass shooter, or both. Trained, in fact, to be suicidal, if necessary. Many a night I lay awake, and as a born-again Christian, wondering what it would be like to kill someone, or fifty, in eighteen hours, if the red phone rang. Men who I knew would be very different from me politically and religiously, likely, but who’d likely be taking orders just like me, and who’d nevertheless have wives, and children, and who’d have believed in their cause– a cause, I privately admitted, I might not fully understand, or even be on the right side of. I wondered what it would be like to get shot, particularly while still in the plane; because, for some reason, I thought I didn’t have autonomy in the plane. The fact is, in war, you have no autonomy no matter where you are. I wondered if, had I been on the wrong side, God would have shown me mercy, much less have forgiven me. I wondered if I’d bother to even send my family and friends a note. They already knew what I signed up for. But, it’s a process. For most soldiers, I think, it doesn’t really start to hit them until after they’re out of basic training, that you are a killer, and also a pawn. When things are easy, but you’re actually a soldier, and it’s just you meeting up in the chow hall for another stupid fucking morning of half-fake PT, sitreps, hooah and salutes, parades, commission ceremonies, fixing flat tires, etc. But, also, a morning that could turn into 9/11. I was there when it did. You, and the person eating their eggs next to you, already know this. It’s why you’re there. It’s always on the back of your minds, but you rarely talk about it. Why? Because no one wants to explore how much of a coward the other might actually be. We all had our doubts. But, like Patton said…

At any rate, killing you would have been just a thing I did on a Monday. Do you have a wife, and kids? Oh.

How many beer cap removals does it take before a lighter’s base develops a hole, and releases the compressed liquid butane inside of it? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW

Again, don’t necessarily allow that word, ‘traitor,’ to fall too heavily. Our Founders were traitors. Traitors are not always morally-misaligned; and, fairly rare is the traitor who knows he’s a morally-misaligned traitor (such as some double agents, or someone who is committing treason for money, or other reward, such as Judas). In the case of the January 6 rioters, however, I have no doubt in either my mind or soul that they were morally-misaligned. I also have little doubt that few, if any, of them had any idea that they were.

I use the terms, “morally-aligned;” “morally-misaligned;” and qualified variations of the two (“mostly-morally-aligned”; “morally-ambiguously-aligned”, etc.) as more accurate, and palatable, replacements for “good” and “evil.” Morality itself, which I assert is not subjective, but fundamentally a logical system structured around classic humanist principles of autonomy, pleasure and self-advancement (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness/property, see how that works?), is, for most practical intents and purposes, the guide by which we properly parse “good” and “evil” as well as, frequently, degree of it (lesser of two evils; lesser of five evils; Jane’s or Jim’s actions were mostly good, but a little bad, etc.). I am not suggesting that the concepts of good and evil may not exist; in fact, I think that in using these refined and more specific terms, I assert that they absolutely do; rather, I am suggesting that “good” and “evil” are terms so loaded, and broad, and polarizing and absolute, that they create more confusion than clarity when applied to most things, and particularly when applied to warring armies.

That is why I call myself a Christian humanist. Not one to go for labels at all, I am nevertheless proud to call myself a Christian humanist, because I think it’s a damn near close to perfect way of living one’s life, both in the real world, and in the spiritual one. And, maybe, it might even also get me eternal life (and, not the stuck-in-Hell kind).

Heresy. A word we rarely use anymore outside of political circles, and that’s a very good thing. If heresy exists– believe me– then it is in the realm of only God to judge. Not man (though man can certainly warn against, or accuse others of, committing it, and probably should, as far as God is concerned). Heresy that doesn’t end up harming or killing anyone else except, perhaps, those who allow themselves to be harmed by it (sticks and stones) is, to me, protected free speech. As is a fair amount of actually seditious speech.

When Joan of Arc learned she had been sold to her enemy in a bidding war (you get X amount of money, we keep Joan to publicly try, torture and kill / You give us Y amount of money, we give her back to live amongst you, and cease waging war), most would have turned on their country right there. But, Joan didn’t really have a country. Not really. She had a king. A king whom she fatefully, and to some extent possibly wrongly, adored unquestioningly.

France was just the place they were all at. It was a country on paper, sure. But, the King was not the head of state.

The King WAS the state.

When a king says “I am the state,” what does that mean?

It means the king is basically saying, “Sure, you can believe in a thing called a “state” that I am head “of,” but the reality is, no “state” is going to come down from Heaven if it doesn’t like what I say, and stop me. Which makes me, practically, THE STATE.”

He also had a problem: He knew he couldn’t stop Joan from waging war without killing her himself. So, he took not just secretly the money offered him by England, but also the money secretly offered up for her ransom by her troops, and let England kill her instead. The King knew that, even if the troops’ money failed to rescue Joan, presumably snubbed by England, it could NOT be given back to the troops. They would refuse taking it back as a curse, and tell him to keep it in his coffers, only to fight doubly hard for him on the battlefield in future battles, even without Joan, and even without them taking military orders from professionals, and not illiterate nineteen-year-olds claiming to have visions (so sad). Being effectively his own deep state, the King knew this, and so did it all in advance.

The King knew that all of the money was illegal, which is why he knew he could steal it, as well as lie to his own troops that, “I just didn’t have enough. England stonewalled, told me she would be tried and burned, period. There’s nothing I can do. They told me to keep my money, and here we all are. I’m just as broke and helpless in this as you are.” The people of France and England were not supposed to know that money was being offered under tables left and right, with deep states everywhere trying to cut a deal of where Joan should go. To the masses, each state was GOOD, and unflinchingly doing what it believed to be right.

Joan was going to hang herself, the King knew; it was just a question of when, and under what circumstances. She refused to accept, in her young mind, that anything but total victory for France was acceptable to God. While the newly-installed French king was overjoyed to cut territorial deals with England and begin to finally enjoy his wealth and power openly, Joan wanted all of the English out, or dead.

And, of course, the French King was correct. His rule was, ultimately and barring an effective rebellion (treason), absolute. The same has gone for most kings throughout history. In fact, it defines what makes them kings. Kings, to be kings, must technically be answerable to no one. Some esoteric exceptions have existed in history, such as the Oracles of Sparta and Greece. These supernatural entities who could override kings, by the way, are homages to the masses’ expectation that God is real, and higher even than (most) kings. Aboriginal peoples (the technical dictionary kind, not the Australian kind) all over the world, for millennia, had shamans or medicine men. Violating these God-sent parties’ admonitions; revelations and prophecies was generally expected to result in swift destruction at the hand of God, or at best long curses. They were, in effect, the politically-fused “Catholic Churches” of their day. They may even have been early checks on absolute authority; in other words, a very early, and crude, form of formal democracy. But, shall we say, far from perfect, or even often from good.

Joan’s King, or so she believed, was sent by God. He could do no wrong.

Big mistake.

Then again, she was nineteen. She was also a certified virgin, at least at the time of her military commission, which was around the same age she died (19). Did she fall in love on the battlefield? Most likely every soldier there wouldn’t have minded it, in a normal universe. But, Joan was not normal. She probably never let her virginity fall to any man, and most of her fellow troops probably would have considered seducing and defiling her akin to inviting Satan to simply waltz in and burn France to the ground. Or, simply, invite their immediate execution, whether Satan ended up actually burning France for the five minutes of fun, or not.

In other words, both she, and everyone else, believed that her virginity mattered. I have little doubt, also, that the English would have checked, and before letting her out of her cell the very morning they killed her. They’d have wanted to know if God had allowed anyone to defile her up until the very end, to include, possibly, the prison guard. This was a big deal to the Church, which wasn’t sure if it was killing a Saint or not; and, so, whereas every English soldier in England and abroad wanted to rape her, and would have, it probably never happened. Deep state vs. deep state (and there is a fair amount of it in this movie, by the way, which I also consider a MeToo movie). The Church, and England, both knew that raping her would have set the world on fire. In that argument, I’m betting the Church won.

An example of sticks and stones politics (also known as spider and fly politics):

Assertion by Politician (or would-be politician) A: I am The Chosen One. Follow me and prosper, or suffer eternal hellfire.

Person B: That’s sticks and stones politics. You can entice and threaten me with words, but I see no objective evidence to believe them. I suspect there is another, hidden motive for your saying this to me; and, so, it’s probably a bum deal, for me. I will not follow you. (leaves, to safety)

Person C: Wow, that sounds heavy. I’m afraid he might be right, even though I have no objective evidence to believe he is; and, for a few reasons. First, he sounds like he really means it, and people who sound like they really mean it are usually not lying (or, at least, I could probably tell if they were). Plus, all that money and success and power and followers he already has is evidence, too; if he were a huckster, someone else would have put him in jail by now. So I actually believe now that he’s telling the truth, and in fact I’m so relieved I found him when so many others don’t, and I will follow him, and his beautiful and unique little flute, not just away from Hell, but to the Promised Land. (loyally attends party, dies three weeks later of COVID)

This is also not to suggest that we can determine character by action alone. We do not, for example perhaps, know if the man smashing the door with the battering ram would have also helped to crush the officer, had he found himself in that position later, etc. All that really matters is what they actually did. Also, twist-ties prove motive, even if they were never used.

The man who threw the fire extinguisher at Officer Sicknick committed treason, and is a traitor. His act, throwing the fire extinguisher with blatant disregard for limb and life if not intent to kill, was an act of war:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

The guys with the twist-ties came as close to committing treason as possible: they engaged in insurrection; they demonstrated intent to commit violent overthrow (you do not use twist-ties defensively, unless it is due to an expectation of violence from an unrestrained combatant; therefore, since it is presumed one has already engaged in violence and is tying people up, or is tying people up to avoid responding violently to violence, twist-ties = evidence of a reasonable expectation of, and willingness to commit back, violence). But, unless they actually used those twist-ties (LEVIED WAR), they still only rise to the level of insurrectionists. With twist-ties. Twist-ties that let us now how far they’d have been willing to go, and which apparently only ever got in their way. Twist-ties that got caught on door handles, and on other insurrectionists’ batons and gun handles, etc. Twist-ties that, maybe even, got caught on other insurrectionists’ twist-ties. Fun times. Fun times, with twist-ties.

At least, after you all get out of jail, you’ll have an interesting story to tell. A story about how you helped make some police officers, and Ashli Babbitt, dead. Are you a veteran, like she was?

I respect, and even fear to an extent, your passion, and your commitment to what you thought was freedom, and your willingness to put yourselves in physical danger for that conviction. Now, it’s time for most of you to grow up.

As for the man who threw the fire extinguisher, it doesn’t matter that he didn’t know he was wrong (morally-misaligned). In a kind of inverse example, no one in King George’s court believed the Americans fighting the Revolutionary War were patriots, either, even though they were. To George’s court, by definition, they were traitors. An important corollary to this observation is that not all traitors are morally misaligned. The Founding Fathers were traitors. They took up arms against their formal government. The End. Nathan Hale was a traitor to England. But, they were patriots, too, because their Constitution was morally-aligned, or at least far more aligned with humanist principles than King George’s was. It’s why we use the term to describe soldiers and citizens loyal to democracies, but not to dictatorships; no one calls a Nazi in World War II a patriot, even though he or she was most likely very loyal.

British kings were allowed to do this. U.S. Presidents have never been, although that might be changing… secretly, right under our noses.

“Mr. Yoo was unwilling to state that any interrogation method would be unlawful if the President believed it necessary, even refusing, under questioning by Chairman Conyers, to rule out burying a suspect alive.\571\”

Source: [JPRT, 110th Congress] [From the U.S. Government Printing Office]. REINING IN THE IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY. Reining in the Imperial Presidency: Lessons and Recommendations Relating to the Presidency of George W. Bush, https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CPRT-110JPRT48026/html/CPRT-110JPRT48026.htm

Warning, some graphic content.

The man responsible for Officer Sicknick’s death was not a terrorist, though, regardless of whether you care to use that word. I don’t, because terror and treason are not the same. Treason is domestically-sourced political warfare (sometimes hot, but not necessarily so) directed against one’s own perceived hostile government, or the agents in the employ of that government at the time of attack. Terrorism is political warfare (more usually hot than treason is, but, again, not necessarily so, although it always threatens to be hot), domestically-sourced or foreign (foreign governments or agents cannot commit treason), directed against civilians, so as to influence those civilians’ perceived hostile government.

The unidentified person who left the pipe bombs is a terrorist. That the target is civilian is what makes the difference, which is also why I call the preachers above stochastic Christian terrorists. They’d be just as happy me being killed in the crossfire of someone killing a Democrat head of state, as they would the head of state alone. They don’t care. Also, I have little doubt that the man who threw the extinguisher at Officer Sicknick would have thrown it at anyone he might have thought was against Donald Trump, too. Again, though, he didn’t. What matters is what did happen. That makes him throwing the fire extinguisher at an officer defending the Capitol an act of war, but technically not one of terrorism, because he didn’t throw it at a civilian. He does not get to claim sides. America is not officially at war between Democrats and Republicans, or between conservatives and liberals. If he throws a weapon at a civilian while attempting to undermine a head of state, he’s a terrorist, not a very loyal Republican. If he throws the weapon at a Capitol police officer, he’s a traitor.

As to why I spend time on stochastic Christian terrorists– we have very few of the nonstochastic kind around right now, and they are mostly ‘lone-wolf’ abortion doctor shooters, or seditionist cult leaders either in jail or dead, like Warren Jeffs and David Koresh– is not just because some of them are serious millionaires; but because, unlike all terrorists, stochastic or non-, they claim to be prophets speaking for God. It only has to be political, to qualify as treason, or terror. Once you mix religion with the treason or terror, and claim to be speaking for God, that makes it a worse crime, in my opinion. I think terrorists who not just claim to be doing it for political reasons, but who also claim to have the authority of God behind them, should be tried even more harshly. Why? Because, for better or for worse, many people really, really believe God, whether it’s real or not, and when people claim to speak for (prostitute) that power for political purposes, usually because they’re not politically-educated enough to defend their political position on its own merits, or inspire violent passion thereby, they are hijacking an even higher level of real, actual power. In a way, I consider it a form of hate crime against religion itself, where the right to follow religion is enshrined in the Constitution, but where people who promote or perform violence, particularly political violence, as well as sexism, racism, and science-denying scriptural literalism, in the name of religion make it difficult for others to be a good person in this country (or any country for that matter) and practice their religion– the one shared by the terrorist, or so he or she loudly shouts– openly. For decades, for example, I was ashamed and afraid to because of them, and so didn’t. Then they started stealing elections and killing people, and I ‘came out.’ But, in print. I still don’t want to associate with most Christians, and don’t. I already know that, if I’m ever attacked, imprisoned or killed for my political speech, it’ll be by someone who calls him- or herself a Christian. I already know that, if I find myself in some bullshit hot civil war next year or next month, it’ll be people who call themselves Christians who’ll be shooting at me, and who will have started it.

This is hardly to suggest that I think all Christians are bad. I’d have a really bad superiority complex, if I did. Many, like Sojourners and Reverend William James Barber and Chris Hedges and so many others, are fighting this political fight, this moral revival, well. Does anyone think the death threats being called in to our (mostly Democratic) legislators aren’t coming from the mouths of people who call themselves Christians? I’m sure Republican lawmakers are getting such calls from liberals who call themselves Christians, as well; the difference is, though both are wrong to do so, Democrats aren’t the ones still putting gunshot sounds in political ads critical of their opponents… AND their leaders. That’s– you guessed it– stochastic terrorism.

Stochastic terrorist Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), beautiful darling of Canadian-designated domestic terrorist organizations and Republicans alike, being harmed for turning “our house” into “Fort Pelosi,” Boebert knows it intimidates the hell out of us, and is psychologically traumatizing to many. Nancy Pelosi, by the way, is a beautiful woman. Physically. Not that physical beauty matters ultimately in matters of power, but it generally never hurts. The Boeberts of this world, should consider appreciating her merits, even if they can’t come to fully appreciate her complex moral worldview.

Normally I don’t discuss women’s physical beauty, but I don’t want to make the mistake of being perceived as not doing so because I don’t know how to, or am never interested in it. Well, I might not know how to. But, even when I don’t know how to, I’d bet they’d think it was a nicer compliment than some of the things I’ve heard said about Democratic women from the other side. Please, spare me your politically-correct admonitions. Oh and, the deep state sure knows why Boebert and Greene are there and, in part, it’s because they’re attractive. Making my commenting on their physical attractiveness here and there, political analysis, and fair game.

I promise not to do much more of it.

Fucking hot. And, a fascist. And, possibly appropriating indigenous culture (which is bad). And, a stochastic terrorist. And, a seditionist. And, Christian. And, married. And, a mother. And, as the Nazis said, a member of “the weaker sex.” And, an American. Not necessarily all in that order; but, at this point, I’ll admit, I am becoming confused.

It happens. Not the confusion part, but the hot, totally-bendable-over-a-couch-or-bar-but-also-being-a-fascist, part. Her husband? I’m probably about as close as a Christian, living man can be about not giving a fuck about offending him.
Another prediction fulfilled, my my. Maybe I’m just on a roll; or, maybe, I know what I’m talking about.

Soldiers with twenty jumps who thought about being military intelligence, but who settled for fixing computers and Anytown, USA, instead, where it turned out young men would soon be laughing at Heather Heyer dying and anti-Semitic Hitler memes that ‘joke’ about incinerating Jews in oven.

I say again: When the dark, ancient forces behind the six million dead in the ovens rises– again– the bullets they shoot between the eyes of the unbelievers won’t have been imaginary, and they won’t be able to be apologized for or taken back, either.

Sigh. I knew I’d signed up to kill bad guys. I never thought I’d have signed up to watch bad guys stochastically convince intelligent and beautiful young people whom I loved and swore to protect, to kill themselves. And, their own babies. But, it is what it is. If America did not have that helicopter, and the investigator who raced there in under five minutes, and who knew to run out of his car immediately and tell your boyfriend one, simple question: “Where is the baby?” your baby would most likely be dead today, or retarded.

But, whatever. Retarded children created by deep states are what I’d probably, not to mention ten million American nurses definitely, sign off on every day. If that was my thing.

It’s not.

Yes, always try to return the pen, even if it means you have to turn around and go back.

Must have all been a coincidence, or luck.

In other words: a superweapon. They happen. They also sometimes die.

The AI project is working on that other project. The project that doesn’t die, but’s just upgraded.
All data gets uploaded in real-time. DEEP DEEP analysis is done later. A future version of “kill them all, let god sort them.”

Timestanmp 0:08 “I have assessed this biped to be an enemy. Depart.”

Contextualized as a human command: [most likely you have, too; but, just in case] “RUN!”
Mood stabilizers and antidepressants are wonderful. Is anxiety meds a mood stabilizer? If so, then I’ve tried those. Antidepressants, I’ve tried. They’re cool. Barely noticeable; and, I promise you, if you’re glass-shards-plus-razor-blades depressed like I was, you won’t care if they might make you jerk off a little less, and maybe put on weight. Hit the gym, you lazy boring fuck, and get on Tinder, and tell the world you just want to meet someone who is down for making tiramisu, and watching Star Wars. That is it, that is all you have to do. You’re in a fucked up town, if not one female of legal age, alone in her apartment, is not down for making tiramisu and Star Wars, as long as you don’t come down like you might rape her if she’s not ‘down for it’ at the end. That said, getting back to FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, if you’re an advanced Jedi, like me, you can even learn from them; get off of them; and, be almost the same as you were with them, without them. Wash, rinse, repeat. Until you maybe don’t have to.

Consult with your doctor, always. It is my understanding that most medications doctors prescribe are not necessarily meant to be taken forever.

Do not do the things portrayed in this video, in real life. With or without another person in the house with you. It could very well kill you, and I’m actually not sure why it didn’t to Eminem and Rhianna and that racially-proper third or fourth White young woman, in this instance.

That very young White brunette woman with the pouty lips and cagey eyes in the house about to burn down is very pretty, and I can think of far more interesting and intelligent things to do with her than chase and beat her, etc. Most men don’t know this, but they can usually solve arguments with women by unzipping their fly, and waving their dicks around. Only do this with women you know, and who have seen your dick, however. If the woman has not seen your dick, and has not appreciated it at least one time in its history, then you will have to learn how to have what is known as a conversation.

Getting back to the brunette, woman, I wouldn’t want to beat her, even if she was a snarky cunt who’s smarter than me in most things. If she wanted me to hang around, I’d promise I’d find things she’d not be smarter than me in. Monopoly? Chess? As for the house, well, it looked like a very nice house. Now, though, all it would appear they have in which to consummate their love, is a poorly-maintained wheat field. To also make Hitlergruß in, maybe?
Teacher, at timestamp 0:55: “I have been slammed with the TMI weapon, and you are safe, for now. Team up over there.”

When politicians do what the male youth in this scene did, I call it “point salad.” Point salad is a form of PSYOP designed to overwhelm and distract the questioner or opponent with a cornucopia of possibly-true, or partially-true, statements and assertions, which are all presumably whataboutisms morally-associated with the point actually being defended. It is also used to stall for, and waste, time. Trump used to do it all the time, as one of his signature tricks.

The barbed wire is there, Rep. Boebert, because Trump supporters you like killed a police officer. And, because a masked civilian woman wearing a Trump flag with a backpack carrying unknown contents, and probably a holstered firearm, was shot dead while jumping through a broken window. I say “probably a holstered firearm,” because she doesn’t seem the kind of person who wouldn’t have had one, and Internet searches as to whether or not she had one are coming up conspicuously dry. Conclusion? She had one, and the deep state (probably, in part, the investigators into the riot) doesn’t want it discussed, and so most mainstream media is cooperating with the request. It’s one of the first questions everyone should be asking: Did she have a loaded gun? Again, the answer is, most likely, yes. Of course she did.

For all we know, she might have been an assassin, although I have thought about this, and I don’t think she was. For one, the pre-briefed assassins, assuming they existed, may have been fairly decent in number, to assure success and no errors– but, not too many. That makes any particular rioter that day, automatically unlikely to have been an assassin, simply from a statistical perspective.

Second, I don’t believe they’d have been women; or, that many of them would have been. Even Republicans on killing missions have their patriarchal standards. It’s very dangerous for a woman to be the assassin. Almost can’t ever happen. She might assist, but she can’t be the assassin. Pretty much, period.

Machiavelli says so.

Third, I believe they’d have been, in at least MOST cases, passable as antifa. Babbit was NOT passable as antifa.

Fourth and finally, Babbitt’s actions do not comport with what would have been the presumed importance of such a mission. Babbitt, had she been an assassin, would have been protecting herself. She would NOT have barged in through a window, out front, so brazenly.

In truth, I would assume that Babbitt did have a firearm, but that she was carrying it in self-defense, for the most part, with never any real intent to harm anyone. But, had it, just in case.

To the deep state, it’s a fucking national security concern that we don’t find out that Ashli Babbitt had a gun. By the way, what else was in her fucking backpack? Do we know that, either? Because the fucking deep state knew within minutes, assuming it wasn’t the one who told her to put whatever was in her fucking backpack, in it. We don’t know the answers to any of these questions. But, we should. We should be stringing these people up, metaphorically, from the tall oak tree, ya know? Get that justice all nice and long and tight, “done right.” Celebrating. I want announcements on the loudspeaker, “Another traitor and enemy of the State was jailed today for the following crimes.” Heaven.

No, we will get deep-state coddled bullshit. Prepare to celebrate for the deliverance of lots of… trespassing fines.

I feel very badly for Ashli Babbitt for many reasons, not the least of which was that she was a veteran who did tough combat tours; but, the officer’s decision to shoot her in the window is not one of them. The deep state wants you feeling bad for her for that, at least a little. That’s why it won’t tell you she had a gun. It knows that if America knows she had a gun, all arguments that the officer might have acted heavy-handedly evaporate. As in, gone, and then the narrative becomes a shrug, and that it really was, at best, a 50/50 decision. Deep state wants her to remain a martyr to the passionate, infuriated base. So, are Republicans tripping over themselves to call the officers heroes? I, frankly, am overwhelmed with anticipation to hear their no-doubt unanimous announcement in the affirmative. Wait, would that be taking sides?

Can we say, “fuck,” in a campaign ad? Because it’s stupid we might have laws against profanity, but not against Boebert’s ad. They may say, “You’re overreacting, that’s just her signature, and she loves guns.” Yeah, well, where were all of the guns in Reagan’s campaign ads? Bush campaign ads? Et cetera? The NRA has been accusing Democrats of trying to steal their guns since 1977, and now there are more guns in America than Americans, and for some reason we’re not seeing Republicans declaring their love of guns in campaign ads excoriating their opponents until AFTER doing nothing after Sandy Hook, Orlando, Parkland, Las Vegas? We’re not supposed to interpret that as a rallying cry for war, thinly-veiled, especially since they lost the Presidential election, and the absolute Senate majority? This veteran, for one, is not fooled.

Rule #1 for fascists: What’s bad for the goose is not bad for the gander.
Rule #2 for fascists: Never apologize. You’re incompetent and fundamentally disinterested in governing democratically; besides guns and your magic Bible superweapon, faking it is all you’ve got, so you might as well do it all the way.
Rule #3 for fascists: Never accept your opponent’s apology. That shit Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount was bullshit.

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

That’s from the Lord’s Prayer. It’s also bullshit.

Point 15. True and False Christians.

The liberal claims to maintain this impossible attitude of faith and opinion, of intimate certitude and objective incertitude, without any relativism or scepticism! For this purpose he distinguishes two independent spheres: the intimate domain of religious convictions where absolute certitude reigns, and the social domain of pluralism and strict equality of opinion, where everything is plausible and nothing is certain. As a Christian, the liberal knows himself to be in the truth and shows himself to be faithful to it, but as a public person, be he head of state or even bishop or pope, he conceives that others regard themselves as belonging to another truth and that, considering him to be in error, they will forbid him to profess his truth publicly lest it appear to offend against their freedom. The liberal will therefore not allow his true religion to oppress others, yet he is resigned to seeing it oppressed by them.

Source: The Catholic Counter-Reformation’s website. Note the gender specificity: he, himself, his, him. I count at least ten of them in this paragraph. Message: Women don’t matter, regardless of what they think about liberals, or even if they are them. I could have written the exact same thing, just without using the pronouns. I almost always do, in fact.

Difficult to understand, elsewise? Yeah, it’s called hate. Political hate weaponized with Christianity, which is also known as stochastic Christian terror. Of a very rare faux high-brow, sophisticated kind. It’s also stupid, and wrong. There’s more like it, both direct and non-, to be found in places like Church Militant, which claims to serve Catholics. Last I was there, someone they keep around for some reason said he thought homosexuals should be shot and turned into lunch meat. I was banned within hours for nonviolent, respectful speech. I was just correct about everything. Oh but, lunchmeat guy got to stay, after he said he’d “slap my face off of my head,” if he “ever found himself nearby me.”

Terrorists, by the way, usually cover their faces, because they know that they are so far outside of the norm of what is considered acceptable political action that it’s better they’re never identified. All terrorism is an act of war because, even when it’s just a threat, or even a bluff, it’s PSYOP being employed for political ends. Most of those in the crowd that day, didn’t cover their faces. Maybe the ones who were hoping to kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi– for real— did. Maybe, even, people in the crowd wearing masks and seeming to hide their identity are the first people we should suspect of being the pre-briefed assassins, assuming there were any. Who, also, may have looked a little like antifa. I would assert any successful decapitation would have had to have looked at least plausibly like antifa. Because, depending on which way the political wind was blowing after the decapitation, the real U.S. deep state would have wanted the option of claiming Trumpists; antifa; or even both (“we’re not sure/still looking into it”), did it.

But, most of the others weren’t wearing masks not because they were foolish or unintelligent, necessarily, but because they really believed they were patriotic, regular Americans who had nothing to fear because they were going into “their house,” forcefully; boldly and unashamedly, because they thought something illegal was going on in it, and they truly believed they would be vindicated as correct. Once they hit the police barricade the President might very well have been able to part for them with a wave of his hand like Moses parting the Red Sea had he actually walked in front of them like he promised them he would, they didn’t accept the argument that law enforcement preventing them from entering at that moment was legitimate, whereupon they correctly concluded that there was no other practical way to challenge the barricade’s legitimacy than to simply defy it, and push through it.

The problem is, whereas all of that would have been an organic realization for them, it would have been a predictable one to a deep state. A deep state would have trivially known, in advance, that all of them would have “figured that out” in realtime. In other words, it was a setup. For some, it would be a deathtrap. Given the weirdness surrounding what I think was an assassination plot, my curiosity regarding the reported later suicides of at least two Capitol police officers is kindled. Not to generate conspiracy theory– I am only asking the question– should the public be confident both or all of them were, in fact, suicides? I haven’t looked into it much. I didn’t look into the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein much, either.

Remember “Go wild?” All deep state, mind control bullshit. So was “And after this, we’re going to walk down — and I’ll be there with you — we’re going to walk down … to the Capitol.” Trump didn’t go with them, because he knew he had no argument. Even if he’d peacefully marched the crowd into the Senate chamber with no resistance, there’d have been nothing for him to say, except, maybe, “give me back my ice cream cone.” More evidence they wanted it to become violent, and the more violent the better: there’s no other outcome that would have worked. Recall that I have written elsewhere that they couldn’t tell the crowd to march and kill, be violent. Went against mission options. Here’s why: the crowd thought they might force a mass persuasion, or a delay, peacefully. The deep state knew delay was the last thing it wanted, and that only swift assassinations of Pelosi and Pence would get the job done. Therefore Trump and Giuliani could not say to attack and kill; they could only walk the finest of lines, to rile the crowd up. Telling them to actually go and kill would have lost half of the crowd right there, and then the human battering ram would have been compromised; the media alerted; and the Pentagon and National Guard forced to immediately act. The missile had been juiced up as high as it would go, and fired; Trump’s continued presence with them would have been dangerous to him, and pointless anyway. He got in his car like I’m sure the FSB told him to do days, if not weeks or months, in advance; went back to his bed to eat bon-bons; and, turned on the television.

This is not a particularly difficult analysis. It’s all right there, pretty much staring us in the face. We just, for some reason, aren’t all that good at putting the pieces together. We give up far too quickly at cop-out explanations for odd behavior such as “they’re crazy!” or “they’re stupid!” No, they’re not crazy, and they’re not stupid. In fact, they’re coming close to taking over the world.

Impeach Kavanaugh. There has never been, and will never be, a better example of what a Supreme Court Justice who should be impeached, looks like. It will be to this country’s great shame if he’s still allowed to call shots when I’m old. Barrett should be impeached as well. Not only did she steal the seat, but she desecrated Justice Ginsburg’s memory when she ignored her deathbed request. Par for the course with these people. They’re fascists, not mean.

In the meantime, I challenge anyone to find an alternate explanation for the January 6 insurrection. There might be one. But, even with incomplete knowledge, I acknowledge that mine might constitute a unifying theory, or logical proof. I predict that other facts I don’t know, or which may yet be found, will fit this unifying theory. There seem to be too many anchors, both direct and derived, to the fact-pattern that they, almost individually (smoking guns), and almost without question taken together, have no other explanation. To steal a second term, Donald Trump tried to murder his Constitutionally-unfireable, hopelessly-turned (politically irredeemably disloyal) Vice President, and he and his conspirators used a Trojan horse-style, human battering ram to insert assassins, whereupon, in the melee, they planned to false flag it as antifa, and declare martial law.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel sorry for morally-misaligned traitors. At least, I don’t feel sorry for their leaders, who are not only conscious of the lies they’re spinning to lower-level, loyalist traitors, but who are masterminding it (the Big Lie). No, I don’t feel sorry for such deep state geniuses one bit. Traitors who are leaders are betrayers, and they commit, every day and professionally, what Judas and Brutus only did eventually. Judas and Brutus, according to 15th-century Italian poet Dante, are the two most damned souls of all, whom Dante asserts God put in the darkest and most painful corner of the deepest (lowest) circle of Hell. Why? Because traitors get loyal people who love them impoverished; lost, cynical and confused, and killed; and, sometimes, lots of them (current U.S. COVID datestamp: 542,067 545,273). It’s always intentional killing, otherwise they’d drop their job in horror, perhaps beg for mercy or even not, but they never do. Instead, they double and triple down, continuing to play on and cultivate those feelings of devotion in those who love them specifically to be able to more effectively and devastatingly manipulate and betray them (those who love them), later; increase their own, personal wealth; and get away with it, until they WIN (no chance of prosecution. For the leader himself, absolute dictatorship, or close to. One of the first Unholy Grails awarded on the way towards taking over the world, if the leader and his friends decide they want to try). The ultimate fake friend, they usually declare war against their government for the wrong reasons, too, while fooling said loyal followers into committing similar or even worse crimes and atrocities along with them. Cough cough U.S. Confederate leadership cough

Rule #1 of patriots: Go after them when they’re strong.
Rule #2 of patriots: Go after them even harder when they’re weak.
Rule #3 of patriots: Keep doing Rule #1 and Rule #2 until you win (no chance they can recover, at least not that iteration).
Rule #4 of patriots: Learn from it, and pass the knowledge on, with the follow-up admonition that the knowledge never be forgotten, dismissed, or made fun of, because people DIED.

Ashli Babbitt. Did Trump pardon her posthumously for her insurrectionist act? Did her parents get a heartfelt, “Mr. and Mrs. Babbitt, I cannot express how thankful I am for women like your daughter. Patriots like her remind us what it means to be brave. We will continue to fight, and we will ultimately triumph over these baby-brain-eating election-stealers, along with the fifth-dimensional aliens that may or may not exist, but which I promise you I know nothing about.” No. Trump golfed. Because Trump did not give one. single. fuck. about Ashli Babbitt, or the Constitution she thought, to the bottom of her soul, she died for. He also knows that all of the Q stuff is bullshit, and it probably makes him laugh.

Trump knows the rules, and how to bend/break them (not for us, though, but for him) just like he tiptoed around revealing the name of the whistleblower in front of live national news cameras. I could tell that he wanted to, and Trump usually gets what he wants. Everyone in Washington knows the name of the whistleblower, and even I could probably still find it if I looked hard enough. Said another way, it’s NOT something you’ll find during a casual search. For whatever reason, though, the deep state, in a rare public example (any time anything tells Trump he’s not the all-powerful one in the picture is a dangerous signal to his base that there might be more to Trump than just Trump, if you know what I mean), put its hand on Trump’s, looked him in the eye, and said “No.” It did the same regarding him wanting to tell the world everything the U.S. government knew about UFOs, too. The bigger point I’m trying to make is, Trump is more like a bull in a china shop than a 5-D chess player. While the deep state is in the back room robbing the safe (playing 5-D chess), the bull is doing its part in the deep state’s 5-D chessgame by keeping the Forces of Good overwhelmed and distracted, trying to save the front of the shop. My point is, Trump is like an almost-perfectly-programmed AI distraction: 99% of what it does is organic and nuts, such as saying he had the largest inauguration crowd ever, and using Sharpies to draw circles around Georgia, even though it’s perfectly fine with the deep state. Why? Because, for all of its randomness, the china shop bull never does anything generous, kind, considerate, loving, decent, unselfish, appeasing, calm, humble, etc. Those, in a manner of speaking, are constraints, hard-coded rules. They make a person very predictable, by certain metrics. They’re the metrics McConnell’s deep state cares about.

1% of the time the china shop bull might step out of line, and need intelligent, human correction. And, that’s it. Everything he did was real U.S. deepstate approved. He was never our champion against it.

Hear me again: Donald Jay Trump couldn’t have cared less about Ashli Babbitt. In death, her immortal, enlightened soul will have, I predict, considered his conscious lack of recognition of her an honor. Remember: he’s an Antichrist. One that God made, too. He takes dumps in toilets and blows his nose. He’ll also die some day, just like you, and NOT resurrect. He’s not God, and he’s not Jesus, and he’s not the Chosen One. He’s an Antichrist. They happen.

It is not so much that there “is nothing there, if you were to look into his eyes.” It is that you could not understand it.

Be thankful for that. Because, if you could understand it, at least for very long, then you might become seduced by the same power and bad reasoning that the person behind the eyes you’re looking into, fell for. Do I understand Trump’s inner torment, how it formed, why it stays there, how much it understands itself, how it wakes up every morning and looks itself in the mirror? No. Do I have to, in order to quantify it? No. I simply count the dead and suffering.

“To know the face of God is to know madness” – Author unknown

Exodus 33:20
New International Version

20 But,” he said, “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”

There were many warnings, such as the child/parent separations which constituted genocide under long-established international law, to the forced hysterectomies of migrant women who were told they were being given routine tests, to the mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein, and including, if you were paying very close attention, the mysterious death of Michael Forest Reinoehl. I assert Barr and Trump conspired to kill him to avoid a humiliating Second Amendment self-defense trial they knew the self-proclaimed antifascist would win in front of the whole, closely-watching world. This ‘wartime leader’, who said he’d be there with you during a pretty dark and serious time– maybe even, to your eventual, fiercely loyal death– didn’t. Then, he got on his stupid phone to complain about, of all people, Jacob Chansley. With luck and hard work mostly on our part, in Chansley’s sunset years he’ll look back on this time, and relish he caught Trump’s ire. In other words, I predict people will start to realize that this guy was a fraud; put the MAGA hats in a clean little box labelled ‘history;’ and start becoming full citizens (citizens not just on paper, but in spirit and mind) of this feeble but still-salvageable, maybe, democratic republic. As, more or less, a united people again. Remember: In general, you’re good people. That crowd was very White, and there is a race problem there, and a toxic masculinity problem, and what I think is a pretty big deficiency in ability to feel empathy for others, such as Catholics we’re allowing to die in deserts near the border, yes; but, otherwise, you’re mostly good people. Maybe prior to the insurrection that you hopefully didn’t hurt anyone at, you never seriously broke the law, and you never got extra credit for it, either.

That last point is important, because, as you consider whether you will abandon your loyalty to Trump with each passing day, remember that, until you do, you’re saying that, for some reason, Trump should get special favors he sought, and which he knew he didn’t deserve, and favors you never would have asked for for yourself, and which you never got; but, for some reason, you want him to get them. I’m sorry to use the word against Trumpists and mean it, but that’s what a cuck is. You can’t personally get what you want Trump to get, but you want him to get it anyway, and not because you really love him, but because you think that, in helping him to get it, he’ll pass a little bit of it on to you. I am here to tell you that Trump will NOT share his ice cream cone with you, after you’ve helped him steal it. Trump is a terrorist, if not an actual one, then a stochastic one. Violence, brutality, selfishness, and lack of Christian forgiveness is his TRADEMARK. After he’s burned down the ice cream store, he will blow up the town, including the hospital; school and nursing home; and, raze it to the ground to eliminate all evidence.

To hell with this guy, and his weird group of toadies. Particularly if you stormed the capitol, bear in mind that where you are right now is better than where you could be, which is dead. I won’t go into why I think breaking the doors with battering rams was suicidal. US COVID datestamp: 543,892. You have become very bad at making decisions. My advice is to, at least for a little while, seriously put down the GOP and Fox News political opinion section Kool-Aid, and start exploring that realm you call ‘fake news,’ to test how good you really are at spotting it, that is, if you can find much of it at all. Most news has a bias. Fake news is when it’s a LIE. Almost nothing on CNN, fits that definition. Really. It doesn’t. Although there is plenty of bias there, as well as elsewhere in MSM, even to the point of being irresponsibly dangerous (in my opinion), it is almost all truthful, in actual fact. IF YOU INVENT FAKE FACTS IN JOURNALISM, YOUR COMPETITORS WILL OUT YOU, AND IF YOU’RE A SERIOUS OUTLET, AND NOT THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER OR SOME OTHER RAG LIKE EPOCH TIMES AND BREITBART, YOUR SERIOUS AUDIENCE GETS SUSPICIOUS, FEARS LIABILITY THEY MIGHT START BELIEVING FAKE NEWS; AND YOU LOSE YOUR BUSINESS, DECLARE BANKRUPTCY. Believe me, my first major was journalism, and it was at Boston University in 1992. BUT, YOUR COMPETITORS PROVING YOU USED FACTS AND OMISSIONS TO BASICALLY SPIN THE SAME LIE IS FAR, FAR MORE DIFFICULT TO DO. Most of what FOX says is truthful, in fact. It just bends; decontextualizes; and omits. You can make a pretty good lie, without actually telling falsehoods. Come on, Christians all over America, and other peoples of faith. You already know all of this.

For example, I find it unsettling, and I think so should everyone else, that I can watch an entire day’s news cycle of MSNBC, and not hear more than maybe ten minutes of international news, put together. Of course, to an extent, that is by real U.S. deep state design. We are all caught in its web, and it can usually be found where lots of money is. There’s lots of money at MSNBC and CNN. There’s also lots of money at Fox. Amy Goodman’s DemocracyNow? Not so much. There’s also not much, if any or significantly any, deep state influence there. But, her journalism is nearly flawless, and she has many, many prestigious awards to prove it. A national treasure, and archived back over twenty years for easy browsing, everyone should try to watch some of Amy Goodman’s weekly hour-long broadcast/podcast, every now and then. By contrast, CNN, FOX and MSNBC are proprietary, private. There is no free, ‘all access’ venue whereby one can watch every second of every clip they’ve ever produced. But, you’ll still get lots of ads with those outlets, even as you’ll get ZERO ads with Amy Goodman. Not. One. Ad. Ever. In nearly thirty years.

Have you ever sent in a support check to Fox news? I mean, you get it in your premium package that you pay for, or whatever, but have you ever sent Fox a check? No, you don’t have to, because of the ads you’re forced to watch (if you want to keep watching Fox). Well, if you’re getting something basically for free, but someone else is paying for the content, shouldn’t you question whether the content might be being manipulated, even if it’s technically kept all true? With Amy Goodman (who also has a bias, but who often also invites the opposition onto her show, whereupon they often decline), you skip the ads; and, if you’re poor, you can even watch it for free; but, in general, the analysis and news coverage behind Amy Goodman’s broadcast is the analysis and news coverage that her DEAD-SERIOUS, paying subscribers demand. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s not too unrelated from capitalism, and it works for her because she, AGAIN unlike CNN, MSNBC and Fox, is non-profit. She’s not rich, at least not in monetary terms. But, it’s also a form of well-functioning socialism (socialist-capitalist hybrid, actually): where the messaging (or product) is actually paid for by society, and not very wealthy special interests, but where the people who are creating the product aren’t impoverished; they might not be able to buy a yacht, but they still can afford to live comfortable, exciting lives. You do socialism when you pay $1.34 in taxes that are expected to go toward the building of a road. You do socialism when you willingly send in a $25 check to a politician. Do you think citizens in dictatorships, whether those dictatorships are socialist-flavored; communist-flavored; or even capitalist-flavored, send checks to politicians? They can, and many actually do, and the leaders might (and often do) even ask that they do; but, the leaders certainly don’t need it. They run the elections. With, by the way, lots and lots of guns. Like the kind retired SEAL instructors and 18-year-olds have, all over this country, where probably the majority of them are Republicans. For defending themselves from gun-stealing Democrats, and the government. Uh huh.

Also bullshit was Where We Go One, We Go All, which is why I wasn’t surprised when I learned it had been originally spearheaded by a then-sitting U.S. Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. A U.S. Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency who, by the way, had a lot of shady relations to Russia.

“DOJ recommends Michael Flynn be jailed for up to 6 months”
Federal prosecutors say the former Trump aide “has sought to blame almost every other person and entity involved in his case.”
01/07/2020 01:17 PM EST

You couldn’t make this shit up, but the facts speak for themselves. So did seventeen intelligence agencies, four years ago. That couldn’t have been a deep state conspiracy, because a) all seventeen agencies would never unanimously agree on anything, if the forensic evidence was, to them, not plain; and b) they’d know there’d be no way they could cover it up, if they’d all put their names behind it and it was proven to be bullshit. Which it never has been. Because it’s not bullshit. If people recall (Trump’s wasn’t anyone’s first election, was it? Because I was only concerned about being recalled to active duty at the time), the falsification of evidence of Iraqi WMD to fuel the narrative already being fed them by Bush 2 was hotly contested within the intelligence community– a fact swirling in the press, threatening the very invasion itself, despite all of the costs Bush incurred by proactively moving troops into the area, putting that much more pressure on the community to not make him out to be the fool. It was a good bluff, because they probably could have said no, and devastated his presidency, which had already been won by truly questionable means, just as I’m not at all convinced Jill Stein’s election lawsuits didn’t have merit in 2016. I never trusted Trump’s claim to the 2016 election. Nor am I hardly alone in that suspicion, to include President Carter. At the very least, barring Russian assistance putting him over the edge in those states, it is conservative to say he would not have won without powerful voter suppression. Trump did not win the popular vote; he never polled above 50% in all four years of his presidency; there was no widespread voter fraud either in 2016 or 2020; and his defeat in 2020 was decisive and, quite frankly, predictable– and, predicted. His followers only want to contest elections in states he lost, my my. Note that they offer no esoteric metric that might explain this disparity. The so-called ‘Republican backlash,’ where rank-and-file Republicans abandoned Trump up-ticket, and who may have even voted for Biden, but voted for Republicans down-ballot to compensate for it, made sense (from their perspective, I mean. To me, voting for ANY Republican in 2020 is irresponsible, suicidal madness). What does NOT make sense is the theory that Biden won the election with Democratic deep state assistance, where the Republican Senate just barely lost its majority, and even picked up some seats in the House, overall. All part of the Biden-friendly deep state’s master plan, of course. We’re facing gridlock, which is the same thing Republicans have bragged about inflicting on America for twenty years, and Biden wants that. Set himself up with a gridlocked Congress, while he was busy stealing the election with George Soros, and Elvis.

Trump’s claims to both greatness and martyrdom are lies he is using to keep his base; make money; and stay out of jail. PERIOD. And, maybe even, come back. You were lied to the whole time, and I am proof of it, because I said he was lying the whole time; still don’t doubt it; and you are reading me, for some reason. He is a shameless fraud, and a killer, yes– of the elderly. He is the worst president in American history. With luck and hard work, and dedication to truth and openness in government, he will remain the worst.

At any rate, the evidence presented of Iraqi WMD seemed flimsy, and it took various infamous edits, heated phone calls and manual overrides to compel Powell to testify, using the specific words he did, at the U.N. Security Council. That spectacle was not merely dissimilar; it was nothing like the seventeen intelligence agencies’ testimony in 2016, who all just came out and blurted that, yes, Russia interfered in our election, and had in fact been pretty good at it. And, in fact, had done it before, in Ukraine. Yes, social media has foreign military weaponization potential against civilian populations, and even against fair elections. Welcome to the 21st century.

The man with the fire extinguisher turned the fire extinguisher into a weapon, and one capable of being deadly. Chansley probably had lots of opportunities to become violent towards officers. He didn’t use a weapon, though, and that matters in an insurrection.

Ironically– and, this is not to give him credit– Chansley’s outrageous costume and celebratory demeanor may have helped ease the tension, as well as keep people distracted, and focused on him, and not the terror of what it could have become. It could have become a bloodbath. I think that anyone who carried a firearm in with them should face stiffer charges. Again, twist-ties are proof of willingness to commit treason (hot war), if not proof of intent to. Carrying firearms during an insurrection is also proof of willingness to commit hot treason.

120 people, mostly civilians and a handful of terrorists, dead. Killed when the government fired in possibly lethal gas.

Was anyone from the deep state punished after the Moscow theater attack debacle? Nah, just like Trump probably won’t be (or, if they were punished, it was probably the kind where one mysteriously falls off of a balcony, at night). I don’t mean to say Trump probably won’t be punished for inciting the insurrection which killed ten people, although of course there’s that, too. I mean to say he probably won’t be punished for recklessly murdering 542,444 of us with COVID. If he couldn’t do his job, then he should have resigned. What I’d like to see? Charge him with treason, genocide and war crimes, and lock him up for life. Melt the key, pound it, and throw it in the Rio Grande. To be found by a small, Smeagol-like creature, perhaps, in a thousand years. When he’s dead.

The reason, I think, that Putin ordered the gas into the theater was because he wanted to deflate the rebels’ confidence more broadly, and so used his own citizens as pawns to sacrifice, to send that message. In other words, his messaging was: “Sure, I could have turned this into a spectacle for a month, but that’s never going to happen, with me. Go ahead, take over a movie theater. 100 of my citizens are not human shields, to me. You’ll have to be better, and more brutal, than just taking over a movie theater, and threatening me with a movie theater’s civilian hostages. My power is far greater than any I’d be afraid of in a democracy. There will be no investigations for this, much less prosecutions. Yes, I have a pretty good idea of who was, but most importantly who wasn’t, in that theater.”

There are serial killers I feel sorrier for, than I do for Donald Trump. In fact, I feel sorrier for all of them, than I do for him. That’s a lot of serial killers, and it’s a lot of serial killers who also range wildly in their ‘success rate’, and level of responsibility / remorse / repentance.

That’s not hyperbole.

I feel sorrier for Gary Ridgway, than I do for Donald Trump. Ridgway, now 72, was convicted in 2003 of murdering 48 women, and he admitted to killing 71. A different level of not feeling sorry for someone, it is effectively inconceivable except in rare moments of revelation which are so horrifying, you can’t stay in them. I can’t, at least. Part of me wants to. Curiosity, when not backed up with hard-won understanding, can kill the cat. It’s why I body-build good and evil; but, a person just can’t see 71 dead women when you haven’t even slapped one. When I measure evil, past a certain point, I don’t try to ‘conceive’ it. I just look at the body count, whether it’s direct or stochastic. Pence, for example. He claims he’s a Christian. He’s a fucking murderer. He also wants to start Armageddon, and he suggests, like his billionaire former Education Secretary, that poor kids of mostly color might not have a human right to read. But, he claims Christ is his Lord and Savior out loud; and, that I have no right to really deny or believe, one way or the other.

We are officially still in Wonderland, remember. It’s not so much that our head of state is in Wonderland; rather, it is that we are still in Wonderland. Too many of us still believe Trump was good for us. He wasn’t. Too many of us still believe Trump won the 2020 election. He didn’t.

I feel sorrier for Diane Downs, than I do for Donald Trump. Again, a nearly inconceivable level of not giving a fuck, but real and genuine. In 1984, Downs murdered one of her three children with a firearm, and attempted to kill the other two, and then framed it on a nonexistent male assailant. Her motive was to be more attractive to a man workmate she lusted over, and who wasn’t interested. One child made a slow, but full, recovery; the other is physically disabled for life. Finally dogged by the press for her strange, seemingly contradicting stories; lack of apparent remorse, and even celebratory demeanor and an odd affection for media attention to boot, she was free to gambol for quite a while before she was finally arrested; proven guilty; and sent to jail for life. She refuses to acknowledge that she killed her child, or that she attacked the other two, to this day.

And, astonishingly, Trump is not the most evil person God can make, or has made. Though, Trump might be close.

I do consider him an official Antichrist. An exceedingly small club, I considered him to have officially been in it when he declared himself “The Chosen One,” and “The Vanguard of Western Civilization.” Though, through my ignorance, he may have been, and probably already was, an Antichrist, the thing he did that made me KNOW he was an Antichrist, was when he said those two things. Individually. Saying one and not the other would have been enough. They both kind of mean the same thing, which is that he’s God, or as close to God so as to be practically imperceptible from God.

Many crazy men throughout history have claimed they were God; not once to my knowledge, however, has one in charge of 6,185 functional nuclear weapons. Thus putting Trump, by some theoretical theopolitical metrics, above Hitler, whom few debate was an official Antichrist, but who never, as far as I am aware, called himself God (or had 6,185 nuclear weapons). Hitler, at least, was as ‘official’ an Antichrist as they get, without being the Antichrist. But, Antichrist is something one does more than how many one kills; no one is talking about being afraid of Trump supporters with Stalin tattoos, they are afraid of Trump supporters with Nazi tattoos, even though Stalin killed far more people, personally, than Hitler. But, Hitler is the one who started the war itself, and that’s how Hitler gets the stochastic “kill count” of some 70 million human beings dead. Stochastically and directly, that’s how many people he killed, not to mention the physical and mental anguish that would follow for generations (and which is still rippling fairly strongly). But, Trump could have killed FAR more, and OVERNIGHT, with just one or two nuclear Trident submarines. And, he was signaling that he might be poised to, because I don’t think “chosen ones” wait for Congress if it’s inconvenient, just like they don’t wait for Congress before bombing Qasem Soleimani; and, I would NEVER presume to know what’s in a “chosen one’s” head. Other than, maybe, some future bullet.

The Antichrist of The Book of Revelation, by the way, is described as “the lawless one.” This word, ‘lawless,’ was frequently used to describe Trump and his administration, while he and it was nearing the end of its term. The word was used to describe Hitler, too; and, it was used to describe Napoleon. This makes perfect sense, because gods can do anything they want. Laws are a quaint concept that the small-d democratic use to try to keep everyone equal. Apparently, laws are based on morality, too, another concept gods are famously rabbit-like with, at best.

Really, if we want to make this easier– if we want 80% of them (or whatever) pointing fingers at the most dangerous 20%– then we would be wise, in my opinion, to start making hard distinctions between the clueless in the January 6 insurrection, and the truly treasonous.

A throng of cult members brainwashed through fear and desperation are ultimately responsible for their actions, but I think focus should be more on the people, and the President, who gathered them; aimed them; and then fired them at the Capitol. Again, I assert that January 6 was only designed to look like a clown car being desperately thrown like shit against a wall. In reality, I assert that the mob was a sophisticated military weapon (a battering ram), and that it was a critical and indispensable part of a sophisticated, pre-planned attack, and one that almost succeeded in at least the assassination of Pence, if not also Nancy Pelosi, by an antifa false flag. I don’t know how many other lawmakers might have been targets based on words heard being shouted in the hallways, etc., but I am confident in saying that, if it was a decapitation attempt, then Pence was the prize.

Hello, my Christian brother. How much did you know, or just suspect, when you told that God’s chosen, that Cyrus you still won’t denounce fully, to fuck himself? What, you don’t really want the Armageddon, all of a sudden, or something? You were so close.

6,185 nuclear weapons, remember. All God’s, all of them under God. Your God, right?

Again, was here four years ago, Christian radio host and bad governor. Advised you to resign.

Oxford Reference defines insurrection as:

N. a violent uprising against an authority or government: the insurrection was savagely put down.

insurrectionary adj. insurrectionist n. & adj.

Note that Oxford’s sentence usage example suggests that an insurrection is an action that is possibly becoming war, but might not be, or not be yet: It is “savagely” “put down,” (by the, presumably, far more powerful target government) where the descriptor, that it is an uprising which is violent, does not seem to distinguish between violence against people and violence against property. I think there’s a big difference, and the Founders probably did too, which is why Oxford Reference, I think, intentionally does not specify that the violence, for it to qualify as insurrection, has to be against living, government officials. It might just be against government property, as it was confined to, in many cases, in the January 6 uprising.

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. — 18 U.S. Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection

Note an important missing word in the definition of insurrection: War.

Treason, on the other hand, is defined as an act of war.

Treason … shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. Source: U.S. Constitution

I’m pretty sure I’m correct, although one thing you’ll almost never see me do is assert my correctness if I’m not reasonably sure of it. I’m not reasonably sure my understandings of the nuances between treason, sedition, insurrection, terrorism and war are correct; but, at least it’s the start of a discussion.

I would imagine I’m not telling law enforcement and prosecutors anything new, either. I am not law enforcement, nor am I a lawyer. I have full faith they’ll mostly get it right, when it comes to looking at who did what, and who’s guilty of what. That’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because I would like to see an elevation in the national discussion about what really happened that day. I do not believe in monsters; or, that everyone who was there was evil. Let’s try to figure out what January 6 really was, without using such broad, un-technical strokes. These are serious words. When they become a mish-mash to everyone, and a language everyone’s speaking but no one really understands, the words, which are serious, lose meaning all-around, which is awful for society. Insisting on using the terms meaningfully, and then aligning them with the backdrop of facts which really happened that day, is the only way we’ll accept any results of the January 6 investigations we’ll get, and it may even result in everyone getting results we want, but wouldn’t have gotten, otherwise.

“Because we have so much trusted this plan, we always think he’s playing 5-D chess, so [that] anything that looks questionable, we think, okay, it’s a strategy; he’s playing 5-D chess; we don’t have anything to worry about.”

Well, um, I guess I didn’t think that way. As in, I didn’t think that anything Trump did that looked questionable was 5-D chess, which I didn’t have anything to worry about. Was it 5-D chess? Yeah, underneath his managed chaos. Hint: Deep states play 5-D chess. Hint: It’s called fifth dimensional for a reason.

Trump and McConnell’s mostly white male judges buck 30-year trend of increasing diversity on the courts
Source: The Conversation. October 8, 2020 8.26am EDT

Lorraine: “Is it possible that that has actually been a detriment to us?”

Does Lorraine mean, not thinking? Yeah, probably.
Though I’m a Democrat these days, I agree with most of what Hedges says here, minus a small amount of unnecessarily, in my opinion, theatric hyperbole. For example, I do not believe that despair (Hedges: “fear of the other”) was all that Obama-Biden had to offer, even as I do agree a lot of it was inspiring of despondence; I rarely felt real optimism for ‘change’ during that two-term presidency and, I think, I was rarely let down. Recall, too, that “fear of the other” loosely translates to intellectual/genetic superiority, or The Biggest Lie, which is one of the most debased accusations one can hurl at the enemy, and which I hardly believes applies to Obama-Biden in strong spirit. Trump’s spirit, of course, was a completely other story. I appreciate Hedge’s use of the modifier, when he invokes capitalism, “totalitarian capitalism.” I don’t think capitalism is entirely bad, by any means, although I accede it can certainly be mishandled, as well as intentionally weaponized to be, I suspect, one of the most dangerous economic models of all. One of Hedge’s most perfect speeches. One of the great American political speeches, in my lay opinion, of the early 21st century.

“‘Insurrection,’ ‘coup’ and ‘sedition.’ Here’s what each term means”
By Dakin Andone, CNN
Updated 7:21 PM ET, Tue January 12, 2021″

“In 1798 Congress passed, and President John Adams signed, the Alien and Sedition Acts, which, among other things, made it a crime to utter ‘false statements’ critical of the federal government.” Source: North Jersey. Note: I could take a lot of issue with many of the assertions made in this article, but it’s a good starting point for a glossary of the terms being used today, and the referenced fact about the Alien and Sedition Acts is true. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/politics/2021/01/11/dems-gop-socialism-sedition-insurrection-what-does-all-mean/6618566002/

Translated, it would seem Congress and John Adams created a form of “libel/slander” insurance against the federal government, which was that, if you’re going to oppose it, then you have to do it with honest arguments, and truthfully. An early form, in my opinion, of laws restricting fake news, as well as use of PSYOP, against Americans, I can definitely see it resurrected against civilian elected government officials. It would presumably get more difficult to charge, the more private the offender, and the smaller the offender’s platform. Trump and Giuliani ordering their armed army to attack the Capitol right across the street where his successor was being ceremonially certified, doesn’t count.

Yes, I think I see Adams’ and Congress’ 1798 reasoning, and could probably see myself supporting a law that spreading known lies against the federal government could, in some cases and environments, be interpreted as an effective form of treason, or warfare.

“A cold war is a state of conflict between nations that does not involve direct military action but is pursued primarily through economic and political actions, propaganda, acts of espionage or proxy wars waged by surrogates.” Source: Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_war_(general_term)

What the civil war Trumpists say they don’t want might look like, after a few years or decades of possibly that other thing that happens in war and chess, and what is happening in Syria right now: stalemate

I think deep state should also be able to be used as a verb, such as deep statism.

The real U.S. deep state, effectively a powerful arm of the death cult of unregulated transnational corporatism, does NOT have to be controlled, and certainly not in all or even in anywhere near a majority of its parts, by romantic notions of an all-seeing eye of Big Brother, and often isn’t.

Yes, the huge gatherings at the G20 and G8 summits, etc. are very much high-level deep state. A lot takes place behind closed doors there, some of which should, but most of which probably shouldn’t. The deep state is not entirely intentionally nefarious, though. A lot of what it does, and perpetuates, and tweaks, is to keep things from collapsing because of mistakes it made in the past, some of which are structural and which it may not have known were bad to make at the time. But, it still has to make up for it in secret, because doing it in public would be to admit the mistake and force a complete correction. For example, the moment oil executives said, “Here’s a good idea, let’s ignore that we’ve just learned we’re singlehandedly destroying the planet, and use our billions to make fake science and promote it instead,” they IMMEDIATELY, the moment they actually set those plans in motion and in print, set down a path that would have been almost impossible to turn back from even then. In 1977.

What do you say? “Yeah, we agreed to start lying about all of this to the public a few months ago. I was in the room with Jack and Jill and John. I even remember the design on the drink coasters. Forgive me?”

Exxon Knew about Climate Change almost 40 years ago
A new investigation shows the oil company understood the science before it became a public issue and spent millions to promote misinformation
By Shannon Hall on October 26, 2015

For the same reason, Trump party leaders can’t admit his election theft was a Big Lie, not one teensy bit, and not one time. Big Lies are all or nothing. The best the ship jumpers can say is, “I was confused and saw the light.” If one of them admits it was a lie, actually says “Yes, I was with so and so leader in the House or Senate, and they said they knew Trump was trying to steal Biden’s fair election, but saw no other option,” it’s game over for everybody. He or she, known as a whistleblower, incriminates all of the others for sedition, conspiracy and treason. Then, people are investigated and tried and go to jail, for real.

Pretend that Person A works at ABC private contracting firm and meets Person B, who works at XYZ department in the government, at Person B’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s wedding party, and Person B agrees, over drinks, to give more consideration to Person A’s contract proposal in exchange for a year at Person A’s golf course. They ration it’s good for the sister, and strengthening relations, etc. But it’s really only strengthening kompromat on each other in a conspiracy to engage in a corrupt and possibly illegal act. It’s considered those things, because usually the American people lose from arrangements like these. Things that benefitted Trump do NOT necessarily benefit the American people, and usually didn’t. It’s why our genius Founders invented the emoluments clause to the Constitution. No, it’s not good to ignore it.

Person A and Person B have engaged in deep statism, or deep state activity: agreements to make or alter policy which are kept hidden from the public, are often not put in writing, and are sometimes not even said or discussed, under the assumption the transgression won’t be noticed, or prosecuted [See SPYING under Kavanaugh]. Such agreements prey on implied threat of perceived disloyalty and discord; Person A is the one who made the improper advance, but Person B is now in the uncomfortable position of snubbing Person A and, assumedly, having to cover for it (be polite, and not tell everyone what Person A offered, if he doesn’t accept). The more the corruption creeps into government, the stronger the deep state becomes, where everyone starts to learn how to speak its language– more specifically, how to get along in it, and not anger or provoke it too much, and even game it (or so they think). Also, how to protect it, and put up appearances pleasing to it.

Not all deep state activity is morally-misaligned (evil); but, in cases where it is morally-aligned, and is engaged domestically, it is always to counter an element of morally-misaligned deep state behavior. Deep state vs. deep state. It happens, and all of the time. Morally-aligned deep state, by the way, is reflective of the same type of political duality that creates antifascists, when too many fascists are perceived to be around, or thriving. Ideally, you don’t want it (morally-aligned deep state; antifascists) around; when it’s around, however, it’s usually because something else that’s worse, is as well.

To eliminate all domestic deep state activity is the very essence of opening up democracy, or of forming a more perfect Union. The less open a government is with its citizens, the more it is a deep state, by definition.

It is called “deep state” because it is statecraft which is hidden.

I wrote in an earlier post that George Orwell’s 1948 novel, 1984, and the 1984 movie of the same name based on it, is the iconic modern deep state story concept. Its plot structure can be summarized as perfectly-morally-misaligned deep state vs. the last man. Another classic morally-aligned deep state vs. (wo)man vs. morally-misaligned deep state movie which comes to mind, and which I would recommend to mature audiences, is La Femme Nikita (1990). There are two deep states in the movie, where one is immediately obvious (the French government’s clandestine assassination program), and one is almost impossible to see unless you crack the movie VERY hard, and that deep state is the unidentified (implied communist, Russo-Sino) government embassy at the end of the movie, and it’s running an international heroin ring. Everyone Nikita kills in the movie, is a high-level heroin dealer. And, the French deep state specifically chose her for her history as a heroin addict for the missions, as a form of revolving proof not just of her loyalty, but of her appreciation of the moral-alignment of her cause, a principle that is starkly represented by the viciousness of the movie’s end-scene character, Victor. Victor is a PATENT Christ figure (All the way to his name, to his invincibility and fearlessness, to his final fate, to the number of bad guys he kills in the final mission, assuming you think it might matter to pay attention: twelve). LFN is a Christian movie in disguise, and the artfully-designed, artfully-placed crosses that the director manages to include in almost every scene in the movie are just another testament to that. Victor shoots people and dissolves them in bathtubs for a living. The bathtub drain being a metaphor for annihilation, and Hell; the infamous “elevator scene” being a metaphor of a vengeful Christ’s ascent from Hell, come to save the day (complete the all-critical, close-to-being-botched-by-Nikita, mission, where Nikita, whereas she is gifted, is still just a novice, by Victor’s standards. She is also beginning to crack under the pressure, and hard. Victor is affected by nothing, and it is presumed he is one of the best assassins the government has, if not THE best). She becomes “the woman” Nikita when she finally has a controlled breakdown, begs him to escape alive, with her; melts his heart (and saves his humanity, by some standards) during a process of personal revelation that costs him eleven seconds of inaction he could not afford, and gets him killed. Her assassin codename, Josephine, is a metaphor for Joseph, the father of Jesus; and, her undercover codename in the real world, Marie, obviously represents the mother of Christ.

Whom she’s killing, and why she’s doing it, is the meaning of her and Bob’s cryptic conversation in Venice after the bathroom window mission. Her beauty and demureness in this scene, and even the whiteness of her dress, though, betray the dichotomy: On one level, she really hates Bob, whereas, on another, she loves him like the father she never had, because he rescued her from certain death when he applied over and over again for patience with her during the training phase, where she’d have been killed, had she failed. Venice, though, is when Nikita has figured out whom she’s killing, and why Bob chose her. But, the director enmeshed that secret so far down, and concealed it with so many other secrets, that the meaning of the conversation, and, curiously, what is really going on in the movie itself, is almost impossible to figure out.

Real quick: The movie, first of all, starts with a long, running camera stretch close-up of a road. The road represents heroin; or, more specifically, the international heroin trade.

“The woman in brown,” whom “The woman, Nikita” kills in the Venice bathroom mission, represents Nikita’s inverse: A woman, and one that was involved in the exact same business she was, but an extremely powerful woman who is almost untouchable by any force on Earth. Her clothing color, brown, represents her source of income: heroin. This woman is the only woman she kills, and might just as well have been Nikita’s dealer, and I think that Nikita is crying in the scene, in part, not just because of her boyfriend knocking on the door, whom she feels terrible about lying to, but because of these existential revelations and that, in a way, she is killing herself, or at least the incarnate self of her former life. She doesn’t cry (in sadness) on any other mission, until that one. This storytelling mechanism, which may have a formal name, is employed by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland, in the form of the Queen of Hearts: The Queen of Hearts, I am convinced, represents a moral warning from Carroll to Alice herself (the real-life Alice, Alice Pleasance Liddell) to not become like the Queen of Hearts, because the world will try to tempt her to, even though her existence is a charade (painting the roses red).

But, even if you just assume Nikita is some young woman her government is forcing to kill randoms here and there for great money, and then decides to resist it, well, that’s good, too.

Can you find the Christian cross? Because there are almost NONE in this scene.

Hint: apron. And, particularly in this scene, it represents the Armor of God, actually put on, and being worn into battle.

It’s a real battle, because what you don’t see in the movie is what happens next, which is the old man in the room the two men are guarding (and who are physically blocking the visual perception of the Christian cross that the door the old man is hiding behind might have otherwise signified) being liquefied by a small amount of exploding C4, which is what the explosives expert down in the basement was just chewing (to make sure it would be soft and pliable whenever the call came in. This also suggests that the explosives expert was not certain which form the C4 would need to be formed in, and suggests at least part of the content of the phone call. It also implies there were other weapons available besides the teacup and salt shaker).

The design on the chair positioned at the end of the hallway Nikita walks up probably qualifies as an intentional one (a Christian cross). Fun, Narnia x 2

The tile design on the wall behind the explosives expert probably qualifies as one, as do the downstairs room’s windows generally (but, not the door). They’d (the Christian crosses) be looking over the room, because everyone in it is morally-aligned, and one of them (the Christian crosses) might be behind the explosives expert (the tiles) because of his unique position of power (not to mention risk) in the operation. Other than that, I can’t find others.

It is very difficult to excise all “cross-like structures” from a movie scene. Variations on crosses exist, such as upside-down crosses; crosses that move from right-side-up to upside-down; crosses cut in half; crosses without crowns, etc.). No, I’m not imagining it. Yes, it’s all really there. Virtually no prop or design element in this movie was casual or unintentional, just like virtually no prop or design element in The Exorcist (1973) was, either.

There is a massive amount of Easter Eggs and hidden messaging in The Exorcist (1973), hiding a complex, underlying truth. I won’t give it all away, but the whole code is revealed in Regan’s child’s drawing (contains a smoking gun), though you don’t need it to solve what’s going on. I’ll reveal one Easter Egg: Pazuzu is not the only demon in the movie. There are two others, and they are trying to recruit the priest, Father Karras, so as to turn him into an Antichrist, and take over the world. Pazuzu does NOT care about Regen; he is using her as bait, which Karras (Karma) finally realizes at the end, on the staircase, when he asks out loud to Merrin (Merlin), “Why this girl? It doesn’t make sense.” One of the demons is Karl, and he’s a vampire. He may also be a reincarnated Nazi (Gestapo). He can fly; accesses rooms through windows; and, can dematerialize and rematerialize without people even knowing he is there. He puts the cross under Regen’s pillow to accelerate her mother, Chris, calling in a priest, whom the other demon is already grooming to be Karras. Karl, of course, knows this.

The Jason Bourne novels/movies are morally-ambiguously-aligned/misaligned deep state vs. man, where in some cases Bourne represents a kind of “last man” (a “last man” is a storytelling device where the hero represents a kind of “final stand” for the sustained morality, or sustained hope of morality, for all of mankind itself). Last men often being a Jesus Christ figure, the name, Jason Bourne, is a suspiciously close anagram. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is morally-misaligned deep state vs. the last man, with the hero, again, being a Christ figure, and his name, Howard Roark, another suspicious anagram (Christ Jesus). I have read and analyzed The Fountainhead, and consider it to have been a secular retelling of the Christian Gospel, replete with baptism at the very beginning; Rand was trying to reconcile her Christianity, inherited as a Russian, with atheism. As a Christian who comes closer to being an atheist and a Christian every day, I love it when that happens. God fooling you that He didn’t exist would be as simple as quantum… oops, you missed it

Why does Bourne drop the gun in the trash? I know

Wait, do you see the thumbnail? Lots of Christian-cross-looking structures in the window, I’d say. Coincidence
Sniper alert. They (snipers) usually can’t be stopped, but are politically expensive, unless properly planned. I could show you a non-circulation scene (straight counter-snipe) which occurs in Saving Private Ryan; but, I won’t. I could also show you video of a President of a South American country who was sniped through the heart, in real life, during Trump’s term. You were probably working that day, and maybe at your pool store.

MLK was killed by one. Are you engaged in it when you’re not officially trained? I say, yeah. Laying in wait, usually with a long-gun, to kill someone long-range and unannounced, as far as I’m concerned, meets the definition.

In this scene, it’s a little hard to notice the strategy behind what’s going on, but Bourne uses a circle-within-tighter-circle strategy, combined with baiting the sniper to fire and give away his position, to flush out and triangulate the known sniper’s location. Bourne knows a sniper’s there, because the dog has to be dead, and only a sniper makes sense in that theater (the wide-open farm they’re hiding at). He first blows up the propane tanks to create a protective wall of smoke the sniper can’t see through, which announces to the sniper that the cat and mouse chase has begun.

In the end, by firing off false shots and encirclement, the sniper never even gets off a shot, because Bourne visually identifies him, and shoots him first.
In this scene, Bourne just gets away, Bourne-style.

I Am the Cheese is a 1977 fictional novella by Robert Cormier of a deep state plot to interrogate a traumatized, orphaned boy whom it’s told it’s helping, in a mental asylum the boy’s been committed to under pretense. After the deep state is certain the child has told it everything he knows, under hypnosis and other covert brainwashing and abuse, etc., of a crime it committed years earlier (orphaning the boy by killing his parents in some half-botched deep state spat, espionage if I recall), the boy is killed. It is considered a young adult novel, and I think that’s nuts. It’s a horror novel where some deep statists in the U.S. government use and then murder an American kid they made into an orphan, and that’s that. Fucking “the boy learns about himself” bullshit. No, the boy is fed drugs and bullshit by his democidal government, and is then shot. The End. Here, I have a great idea, let’s give that to middle schoolers. The Hunger Games! Divergent! Let’s put up posters in English classes about deep states that murder children as ritual! Great novels. Not sure American kids under 16 should be reading them.

Instead of The Hunger Games, the real U.S. deep state makes American kids do this:

I think that metal detectors in schools that think they might need them are a good idea. They make us feel safe in airports and courtrooms, and shouldn’t be laughed at as tools to protect our kids from nutcases, or even other nutcase kids.

The reason we are ashamed to put metal detectors in schools, and not in courtrooms or airplanes, is because we accept that airline terrorism is real, and appealing to many foreign governments. We accept that criminals will want to occasionally storm courtrooms. What we can’t come to accept is that we need machines to protect our children in Anytown, USA, because we’ve stochastically created a society where a) unstable young men are first created, and then slip through the cracks (deep state code for missed by authority, including CPS), and are then invited and able to purchase guns, much less AR-15s; and b) we can’t seem to do anything to change that, even as we remember a time, fifty years ago, when such shootings were unheard of. No, immigrants; Islamoterrorists; and minorities are almost never these shooters. Who are these shooters, almost always? White, Christian, racist, men, and often incels, or “original gangster” incels no enlightened genius has ever thought, as far as I can tell, might exist (men my age and a little older). Fucking fix it, and don’t tell us the problem causing the gun problem is a lack of fucking more guns. And, if you keep spreading the lies that these are false flags staged by Democrats, I’ll call it sedition, and stochastic terrorism. And, if you say you’re a Christian, and that Jesus or his Father are speaking through you, or you for them, I’ll call you a stochastic Christian terrorist. My life is now half over, it’s all I’ve ever known, and I am fucking tired of it, and I want you all either reformed; in jail; or peacefully, if not also happily, out of my politics. Don’t ask me to say out loud what the fourth option I can see of stopping it is, but I will tell you this: It would be preferable to me than watching you win, and kill kids and the elderly and minorities and illegal Catholics and the poor and maybe me, just for hanging around and being in the wrong place at the wrong time in your fucking racist country, for the next thirty years. It seems you’re hell-bent on heading us there anyway; and so I’m beginning to wonder how long I should wait around before I come to the conclusion that the hot war may have actually already started, and that all of you are technically, LEGALLY fair game. As in, domestic enemies, THE REAL THING, and legally authorized by the Constitution, particularly to me as a veteran, to be killed, captured, or assassinated.

Shocking to you, that I would say I might strike without notice, and assassinate one of your deep state darlings, if you don’t start getting your acts together, and either quit government, or become Americans again? Would you whine and bitch that that wasn’t fair, and that the fake news hadn’t put out the formal announcement that we could all go to war, now? Because striking like a snake to decapitate my government is what you tried on January 6, and you’re all still bragging about it. I worked very hard to have the new government installed. You fought very hard, and like hell. No one was sure what would happen on November 3. But, you lost. Fact.

It is old-fashioned, and a deep state myth, that I will wake up one day, with a newscast on the fake news: “Civil War declared, you can all go to war now, or run and hide.” Not going to happen. The revolution will not be televised, and the American Civil War II will not be announced.

To my understanding, a young American woman sits in jail right now, probably for the rest of her life, because she made a real attempt to kill Donald Trump. I’m not so sure she’s not innocent under the Constitution, kind of like how a lot of Trumpists these days think Ashli Babbitt was a hero, and that insurrectionists with guns and twist-ties should be given light sentences. Seventeen intelligence agencies, and a young assassin in a pear tree? Maybe Trump being assassinated WOULD have been better for the United States (current US COVID datestamp: 545,273). Maybe it would have forced the hardcore out of their hiding places; we’d have captured or fucking killed them, and hopefully not too many of their children and wives at the same time; and, we would be having trials right now, not disputing whether a fire extinguisher is treason or terrorism, or whether Jacob Chansley really has a right to organic food in jail because of his fucking religion.

Trump, in my opinion, would have deserved it. Not only did he “joke” to the other political side (yeah hah hah I didn’t think it was fucking funny) that “his so smart people” would let him get away with murdering ANYBODY on Fifth Avenue (current US COVID datestamp: 545,273), but I consider myself a person of STRONG mental and moral conviction, not to mention training (there is a light POW class every soldier has to go through in Basic Training, and pass), and even I had to acknowledge that the steady stream of weaponized PSYOP; nonsense; outrage and coy Russian mocking coming from that worthless fuck for four years on television, and on Twitter, had started to make even me feel like I was literally living in an alternate universe, where reality might not be objective; or, at least, practically not be so. In other words, it was a brainwashing. Official. Military. We were assaulted with fake news and lies, a weaponized distraction machine designed to break down our ability to critically think, and constantly be at each others’ throats, flirting with free speech law online like I’m certainly doing here when I would MUCH rather have no good excuse to not be attending to my garden or my clients’ computers, and looking over our shoulders. Trump drove people mad, resulting in real deaths. Just ask Cesar Sayoc. Ask the El Paso shooter. Fuck, just ask Ashli Babbitt. But, he had the best personal security in the world, and he knew it. When he smiled with the baby, he WAS using it a trophy prop to his racist base. Basically, thumbs-upping the kill count. He knows when to be serious. If he’s reading this, I know what his fucking face looks like, and it’s not how it looks when he’s putting his devil, Antichrist hand on babies he’s orphaned. Through his stochastic terrorism.

And, that would be my legal defense of her, were I a lawyer, etc., to get her COMPLETELY off of the hook. As a reminder to the next would-be deep state: Don’t drive Americans nuts, or any result you might not like will basically be on you.

Said another way, it is possible drive a person to being so fed up, so angry, and, yes, so triggered and scared (these 20+ women Donald Trump slandered in front of 8 billion people and got away with is really, really re-traumatizing to some women. As in, makes them want to kill, or do irresponsible things. He knew all of this. Had lots and lots of opportunities to walk back, stop taunting. Experts were begging him. He knew what he was doing). Sorry, but, I remember the moral of the boy who cried wolf when I was told/read it as a child, and it made an impression, because it’s based on a fundamental truth. At the end, I wouldn’t have cared one bit if he’d been assassinated, particularly when he was killing people with COVID. Only cared that it not happen, really, because it would have ignited war, and because I care about his loved ones, particularly the more innocent ones, not having to grieve and suffer for his recklessness and deep stupidity. But, wouldn’t have cared FOR HIM one bit. Would have laughed, probably, and pumped my fist. Would have also mourned a little, too, for his loved ones, yes, and the sad, sad spectacle America had become. Old people tell me they think this country is going nuts. As in, literally.

I have a right to say that as an American. It’s what I did when I found out Rush Limbaugh died. Look, part of what this deep state wants is for you to care about evil people and feel sorry for them, when they’re millionaires, and powerful. Hate the poor and weak ones, sure. Throw them in jail, and throw away the key, sure. But, be aww shucks when it comes to the millionaire ones. It doesn’t want you drawing hard lines about which people deserve to be despised when they’re powerful.

That is called worshipping power, and it’s idolatry. Power for the sake of power. Power makes it okay, because it can’t be all that bad, because power isn’t gotten by evil people; nurtured; cultivated; and stays there, hanging around, infecting us for decades… or centuries. Power may not make it okay, but also remember that if you speak back to power, power might kill or imprison you, because that’s kind of what only power can get away with. Worshipping power and kicking the same evil mercilessly with “tall oak trees” etc.– but, only when it afflicts weak people like the poor and unstable– being a violation of the First Commandment, can send you to Hell, in theory. But, most important in the real world, it can get you killed. US COVID datestamp: 546,144.

It’s also a big part of what The Inferno was about. The souls in Hell didn’t get better as they went down, they got more vile, and they weren’t getting out of it, either. It was a decision made by God that was virtually irreversible, and also eternal, until the Final Day of Judgment of Souls, or whatever, whereupon they’d come up from Hell, resume their mortal bodies, and go right back down to Hell again, but physically, and not in shade form. For eternity. With no further judgment. It’s harsh. But it’s also fair. It’s wrong to feel sorry for these people. They are, quite often, terrorists, and terrorists in suits. Virgil taught Dante, I think in the fifth canto or so, to celebrate that certain souls were in Hell. It’s not how he started off thinking. Up at the top of Hell, some of them are actually piteous, such as resisting, passionate young lovers who finally give in to temptation only to both be killed by a jealous husband (of an arranged marriage!!!) during their very first kiss… but, still, technically, the husband, and caught in a mortal sin, adultery = Hell, sorry. At least, in Dante’s 15th-century world, everyone in Hell was where they deserved to be, with suffering getting worse for souls sent to deeper circles, and everything God decides should be celebrated. God is great, God is awesome. No, this acknowledgment that God’s judgment is ultimately behind everything is not an excuse to be violent, nor is it a call to be; that would be fucking stupid, and it would also be a fucking stupid interpretation of what I’m saying. Now, let’s take away the misogynist’s medal, too, and re-dedicate it to Heather Heyer. By the way, Limbaugh’s name is in the WordPress spell-check. Heyer’s isn’t.

You don’t have to worry about me that way. I don’t do lone wolf, I raise up armies. Moral, and sometimes Christian, ones, and hopefully entirely peaceful. We can crush Trumpists with peace, it’s not that hard to do. We just have to be serious, and determined, and brave, and outspoken, and outraged, AND VOTE. Are you shocked? Are you sure the Bible doesn’t tell us to? Because I can remember a lot of modern televangelists recently saying we should raise up armies for Trump and God and Christ, and other such bullshit. I bet they think those armies would kill people, um, “if they had to.” Yeah, so would mine.

Oh, I get it, you think the Bible’s really bullshit in places. “Armies” are really just metaphorical, unless they’re Republican armies. That’s because Christians are all Republicans, or at least all the real Christians are, or are thinking about becoming one. Democrats who say they’re Christians, aren’t really Christians, or are at best, very confused ones. Which, in a best-case scenario, mean’s they’re wrong, and definitely don’t have God on their side, which means they probably couldn’t expect to win; so, don’t worry about them too much, and let’s keep putting gunshots in our political ads.

I want everyone to know something about me, right now: I love peace. Cherish it. It’s the sweetest place in the world to be; we should be thankful for it; it’s actually fairly rare in human history; it’s fragile; and, it’s worth really working hard at to maintain. That is what I did for the last four years, almost every day. It’s also, ironically, a big part of why I joined the Army, and picked the most humble and dangerous job I could: Infantry. The shit no one else wants to do. I scored 99 on the ASVAB. There is no such thing as 100. I could have gone anywhere, probably. If my recruiter had talked sense into me, instead of just trying to get a quick sale, I would have. Might even still be there today, too.

A Department of Peace is a good idea. It was also Dennis Kucinich’s.

I rarely bring the guy up, but Hitler was wrong to say that only through warfare can the best of humanity be forged. The war is in ourselves. The Bible basically says so. Also, Stephen Hawking would have been bad at war.

In peace, we can work on it. In real war, we’re just getting twice as fast deeper into a hole, because now we’re in a real hot war and no longer have the luxury of deciding whether Q might be real, because it doesn’t fucking matter anymore, PLUS not working on ourselves; and, in fact, getting complex PTSD, pretty much at best.

Hitler was wrong. He also didn’t give a fuck about the Bible.

This brings me to thinking about what might be most dangerously misinterpreted passage, I think, in the Bible: John 14:3-6.

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.”

Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

I see ZERO evidence that this passage means one has to follow the Christian religion specifically, to get to Heaven. All good and great religions are moral, logical structures. Some have different emphases than others. Not bullshit and mishmash, which most normal people don’t bother with, like cults.

It’s just not there. It’s not at all in context with what Jesus and Thomas were talking about, and it’s not the natural interpretation, either.

Thomas, who would later be called “doubting Thomas” because he’d not believe ten other Apostles’ claims that Jesus had risen until he touched Jesus’ wounds himself, in typical denying form (couldn’t accept that Jesus was about to get crucified most likely, and that they were all about to become wanted men by the State).

So, basically, Thomas responds, “Look, you’re not gonna die. Where do you really mean you’re going?”

And, Jesus responded, basically, “To Heaven, spaced-out sir, because I’m about to be KILLED, and no one will get there unless they follow these TEACHINGS and WARNINGS, or teachings and warnings like mine. Which, by the way, a future prophet is going to repeat to you at the very end of the whole book that’s about to be written, which will be called the New Testament.”

Because Jesus was already one with the Father, it only makes sense that if you’re going to be with God, then you have to morally align with Christ, who is already God. Can it be done with other conceptual god-heads? I believe so, but only because it’s already presumed that those religions are as old as they are because they resonate because they’re logical, which means they’re worshipping God, through their moral godhead, which is already Christ. No one gives a fuck about the Heaven’s Gate UFO cult. In 50-100 years, the only people who will be discussing it will be scientists, historians and militaries. Remember, bullshit teachings will get you killed and, presumably, damned in the afterlife, minus potential grace (“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” (Matt. 7:13–14)). The teachings MATTER. The Sermon on the Mount MATTERED. Whether you choose to follow the Biblical Jesus directly, or never hear about him at all, if you’re aligned with God, you’re good. And, also, enlightened in Christ, where presumably you’ll really meet him anyway, eventually. Somehow, because you’ll be one with God, which means you’ll be enlightened. Know everything, and every purpose. Et cetera.

Generally. Maybe. There are interesting exceptions in the Bible which suggest that TRUE unity with God may never be knowable, even in death, even in enlightenment. There is something special about God, it might be implied, that his (its, her) mere creations will NEVER understand, no matter how much they become like, and aligned, and unified, with him (it, her).

If you look at the Sermon on the Mount, it’s profound… it’s radical/revolutionary… it’s CHALLENGING… in some ways it is counterintuitive and maybe even paradoxical in parts. But, it’s also not particularly different from what is being taught in many other great religions.

The same goes for the Ten Commandments.

Have you ever heard Tubthumping by Chumbawamba? Everyone’s who ever been at a party, or in a bar, has:

I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down
I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down
I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down
I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never gonna keep me down

He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka drink
He drinks a Lager drink, he drinks a Cider drink
He sings the songs that remind him of the good times
He sings the songs that remind him of the best times
(Oh Danny Boy, Danny Boy, Danny Boy)
I get knocked down, (we’ll be singing)
But I get up again (pissing the night away)
You are never gonna keep me down (when we’re winning)

Most people probably think nothing of the lyrics to the song, but I suspect they might contained veiled meaning– if I were to guess, one of tolerance and camaraderie, and the knowledge that there’s a deep state that’s fucking all of us, even its duped (and not-so-duped) supporters, but we’re going to drink tonight to forget all about it, fascists and antifascists alike (although it’s probably better we don’t find out who’s who, at least not tonight).

They’re a famous antifascist band. There’s another song they’ve made that very few people know. I’ve never posted it, ever, as well as these last fours years when I was posting lots of music I associated loosely with my political messaging, because I don’t believe in its main refrain as something to decontextualize and encourage for its own sake. That, I think, is irresponsible and dangerous. But, the rest of the song is actually a brilliant argument for why fascists are real, and why they’re so dangerous. I think all people can be saved. But it’s funny, you know, that music like this can be around for me to use and not decontextualize, but when it’s used in an argument that makes sense, everyone’s suddenly offended. As if wars are just something that happened in humanity’s past, and World War II was the end of all of it, and so fuck it, believe in birdlike aliens. Call CNN all fake news, created by the deep state. Hunger strike for organic falafels when the guy in the next cell, who was next to you when you were arrested and doing pretty much the same thing you were, was throwing a fire extinguisher and killing a police officer. A married one.

Keep expecting people like me to take that seriously, or put up with it forever. I don’t agree with the sentiment expressed in this song in the manner it kind of seems to be, and I certainly don’t ever want to see it become real. But, there are people who write songs like it. And, I think you should know that, if you don’t. If you continue to insist on things like Big Lies, and Q. I’m not telling you what to think. You can believe whatever you want. Lots of people do, and I don’t think it’s particularly healthy for society lots of times, but I’m not telling anyone what to think. What I am telling them is, if they don’t stop thinking that way, and they choose to remain in my government, too, then they will eventually be leaving it. Ignominiously, at best.

Be sure you’re fighting on the right side. I promise you, I will be.

I aim to end wars quickly. Sun Tzu told me to, and so did the 82nd Airborne. Pretty sure Machiavelli did, too.
This whole damned world can fall apart
You’ll be okay, follow your heart
You’re in harm’s way, I’m right behind
Now, say your mind

To hell with sending an image, we shouldn’t want dead kids, more. Maybe when America is that shining city on a hill Republicans always promised us it would be as they stole our labor and social security for forty years, we can go back to “the old days.” In the meantime, I’d assume there are portable, rentable models. To things like trap hallways, where a shooter can be digitally locked into a small area. Honeypot audio systems that make highly-realistic sounds of crying and whispering kids, luring the shooter into an empty room designed for the purpose. Et cetera. I’d bet they have shit like it at the Pentagon. If they don’t, then I should invent it, because there’s no interesting fucked up idea regarding population control, remote mass surveillance, AI and weapons systems that the Pentagon doesn’t do.

We could call it a “smart” school: one that has all of that tech built into it, and maybe even remote realtime monitoring (augmented human support/decisionmaking/error-correction), just like private security home alarm/monitoring systems do. So that, if you’re spotted by the camera holding a gun, or if the camera detects the sound of gunshots, you have no chance of getting very far. At a minimum, your location will be triangulated by sound, and the AI system will instantly lock all of the right doors, perfectly. It would have escape doors, guided by lights and sound, in every classroom that led either directly outdoors, or to escape routes approved by the AI. No children could be “trapped” in any classroom, or really anywhere for that matter, even with a shooter in it, and they’d all know what to do, simply based on drills. In fact, the AI could modify the escape drill to be different every time, depending on where it detected the hypothetical shooter, or shooters, in the exercise.

Basically, the smart school would turn the building itself, upon identifying the presence of a shooter, or any other threat identified by either its programming or a human alert/phone call, etc., into a game of chess, where the object of the game would be to trap the shooter and get everyone else out of the building as safely, and as rapidly, as possibly. Properly designed and built, it would be a “game” a shooter would have absolutely no chance of winning; he might just as well have walked into a SUPERMAX and tried the same thing. Furthermore, it could be scaled: any building, more or less, should be able to be built around it, or retrofitted with it to some extent. It could be designed to be very covert, or prominently advertised, depending on an analysis of the client’s needs.

Also, every school could be different, creating systems of alert code that only a shooter familiar with the school’s drills would be able to understand. These codes would change every year. So, the children would know what the alert of some obscure set of words means, say, for example, “Tango! Orange! Tango!”, whereas the shooter would have no idea it meant “Run towards the library!” Again, the AI could even create disinformation that the children would know to ignore, but which would confuse and mislead the shooter.

Well, yeah. As John Oliver would say, “just, yeah.” They were right. It was evil.

What I want to know now is, why they didn’t follow it up with, “Logical conclusion is they’re domestic enemies to the Constitution, and possibly terrorists; whether they were racists (White supremacists, official, usually fairly covert during what I call the nascent, ascension phase) was settled long ago, and they should be rounded up and investigated, held in custody while SERIOUS CHARGES are being considered.” These are the exact same terrorists who turned a blind eye to the lynchings in the South (“lynchings,” by the way, is also not in WordPress’ spell-check), and they are ignoring our mass shootings today, and intentionally trying to get us to kill each other with COVID. But, nah.

They wanted to keep the Senate and House.

Kick a little bit of evil down the road, maybe. Go gentle with it.

Evil doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s just bad, plus.

Assert some kind of floor, bottom. It’s just, uh, a little more evil than we’re comfortable with. All that other evil is okay. Ignore the hole we’ve dug through the center of the Earth and out the other side, and which we’re all falling down (US COVID datestamp: 545,273). And, while keeping all of our judges. And, no, you can’t give Justice Ginsburg her last, dying wish. Fuck you. But, said nicely.

But, (“but?” Shouldn’t I say “and” here?) not lose the Senate and House.

Look where we are now.

Republicans are Christians, and we should really take what they have to say about evil seriously.

Make Paul Ronco say it. As usual. Some random we’ve never heard of. No power. Says he’s some kind of Christian… humanist or some such other, was that it? I bet he calls himself a democratic socialist, too. Just some dude. Some dude, with a neck. Like Shifty Peter Pencil Neck Schiff.

The real U.S. deep state has also been caught in the act. Iran-Contra was classic real U.S. deep state, caught in the act. If you had said in a normal universe that Ronald Reagan’s government would illegally sell weapons to Iran through an illegal laundering operation run by Israel, so that it could use the money to illegally fund rebels in Nicaragua, they would have said you were high, before asking you what the creature in the UFO who sells you the drug, looks like.

Watergate was deep state, literally, caught in the act.

They have a formal name, though it is never mentioned in the movie.

They are also extraterrestrials (not indigenous to the planet).
Vote. Please, at least vote.
Jamal Khashoggi, without an (Amish) child present.

Discern moral alignment. Then, work towards it.

This is a deep state movie, but the deep state is smaller (is not a national-level deep state).

Jamal Khashoggi was the real deal. It happens. And, it’s getting closer.
Never assume your opponent is lying to you. That’s the first mistake they expect you to make. They love hating truth. The second thing they love is you not being able to see them hating it.

All of these fascists? Though some of them might gut you alive, they are our brothers and sisters. Truth. Scientific.

I considered military intelligence, I’m telling you, I considered turning any of you into anything I wanted you to mostly want the rest of you be. Before I didn’t, and left. Twenty years later…

It’s called multiple level thinking; and, poker, plus Daniel Negreanu, tell you all about it. On the 180,000,000,000 Googles.

Get ready, now, for the next video clip. Are you ready for me to tell you how the good guys, and the bad guys, might not be as obvious as you think? Both in theory, and in the movie itself? Hard to say if this deep state’s morally-misaligned for certain, but it sure does look like it. (spoiler: it is)

Scenario: You’re at war (not the reality in the movie, they’re just racists testing the stranded, generally-helpless E.T.s’ weapons systems for profit and power). To be absolutely sure the novel, hijacked weapon system you are getting ready to save the world with, and keep your own soldiers alive with, will actually work to kill one of the enemy, you must test it on at least one defenseless prisoner of the war. Do you do it?

I have a better idea: Instead of thinking about questions like that, like I might have done for a living, let’s work to rid ourselves of war. Get, and stay, pretty damned good, at any time, to be ready to fight one. But, within reason. No arms races. The only things that win in arms races are deep states.

That used to be what civilian leadership check on the military was for. It’s all revolving-door, now. And, more opaque than ever.

Every person in this video, minus the two obvious victims, is a criminal. Not because of the horror of what they are doing, but because of what they’re doing’s moral-misalignment. There may be exceptions for some of the soldiers, but it’s iffy. I think that, in the movie, everyone knows the E.T.s are just victims of their own situation, and have no direct hostile intent. Therefore the soldiers probably know that they are protecting a secret deep state project that’s probably illegal.

But, the sick and stranded E.T.s have got lots of goodies, even if no one else is using them, or even can use them… yet… and that’s what matters to a deep state.
I’ve been wanting to justifiably drop Mozart for a while, now.

Not that I ever played this in first chair cello (State), or anything.

Plus, when I was eight.

Talk to me about Jack the Ripper, sometime.

Plus, Thames Torso Murderer.

Plus, Harry the Hawker.

Plus, Charles Cross (Catch me When You Can).

I don’t know where to stop.

White rabbit says: Do not get caught at Ten Bells. Do not pass Go, do not check if you’re the billionth-plus-millionth view or not; fucking jump into a square fireplace portal I draw on the wall with chalk, kind of like in La Femme Nikita + Pan’s Labyrinth + Narnia all mashed together, and hope you’re not noticed, before they cut your head in half with something.

I do not care if your name is Mary (“Anne” Polly Nichols).
I do not care if your name is actually Ann, or Anne.
I do not care if your name is Elizabeth.
I do not care if your name is Catherine.
I do not care if your name is Mary.

I do not care if I kill you in a former monastery.
I do not care if I kill you outside of a Jewish men’s club,
on the same night I kill said other of you in said former monastery (“double event”).
And, after checking a few times, in roughly 40-minute intervals, under various physical disguises
With the stopwatch others will later accuse me of being held by Lewis Carroll.
Plus, a carriage that would have allowed me the abovementioned 40-minute intervals
Because Catherine was drunk, and in the tank, and missed her appointment.
For the same heroin that Elizabeth Stride was looking for.
In that long package I knew everyone would assume the knife was in, see Evans & Skinner.
On Saturday, when I was off work.


[I know, this is difficult]

I do not care if I kill you in the middle of nowhere (Buck’s Row).
I do not care if I kill you here or there, while you’re probably giving me fellatio (29 Hanbury Street).
I do not care, Satan/Saucy Jacky I am, I care not where you kill me, I really do!

Easy dumb shit. Half-life shit, magic tricks.
If your cousin could point to me on a porn site, would you still love me?
Man’s best friend is not a dog, it’s that soccer ball that dude finds when he’s stranded on the island in that movie
Beware of TMI assaults

Beware of point salad

But, most importantly, be aware of assuming your opponent (morally-misaligned-deep-state) is entirely incorrect, and/or entirely lying, and/or entirely dishonest.

Never assume your opponent (the morally-misaligned-deep-state) is not telling the truth. Remember, when they realize they’re morally-misaligned, they know, and so should you, that you are their last chance for survival, redemption. See District 9 (2009).

When they tell you the truth, that is the first thing they assume you’ll do [assume they’re lying, which they do 99% of the time]. It is their test, to see if you really can tell the difference between truth, or lies. If you can, the tacit agreement is that they might entrust you with the next piece of formerly-clandestine piece of information. All deep state.

That is, of course, where the game begins; but, are you sure it’s a game you can shrug off, and not a game you need to crack, solve?
Timestamp 3:21: morally-misaligned deep state