That’s right Mr. Tucker, they [Electors] CAN do whatever they want. That’s why they went through an exhaustive application and vetting process by your own party, the GOP. That’s why that whole process happened, and it’s why the Founders wanted it that way. Electors’ experience in the party actually, really does qualify them to reject their constituents’ popular vote if, oh, they have good reason to believe that Russia helped their candidate to steal it, among other things. As clearly stated by Hamilton in Federalist No. 68.

As you acknowledge, most people believe that the Electoral College is just a rubber stamp. Yeah well, a rubber stamp would have been stupid for the Founders to invent. The only reason it’s looked like a rubber stamp these past two centuries is because most elected Presidential candidates in U.S. history have been, at the very least, qualified for the position.

Oh, the oft-misunderstood Electoral College. I think it fundamentally has to do with something called… what’s the word? A Republic.