This is what is going on:

America is being ‘asymmetrically’ attacked by a concentrated disinformation campaign (PSYOP) and a natural biological agent, weaponized (COVID-19). The weaponization of the natural biological agent occurs when nothing is done to stop it, bolstered by the political support of a third of the target population, which has been taught to believe (through the disinformation campaign) that the biological agent doesn’t even exist. The disinformation campaign, basically the social media aspect of which Russia has direct control, is just a modified ‘flyer-dropping’ operation, pretty routine: You put the idea out a hundred million times, and eventually it starts to take hold as potentially legitimate in the collective mind of the target population. With this type of ‘thought-invasion,’ an attacker can implant anything from a single false ‘fact’, to a complex political religion (QAnon).

These opponents really don’t care how long it takes to collapse the United States, say, in a manner similar to how the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. They know it’s a gigantic foe, and that trying to defeat it with a single maneuver would be both impossible and suicidal, as it would alert us immediately to their presence. So, they are content to do it covertly, and over a long-ish period of time. I would predict that they are even factoring the hurricanes into their mathematical predictions of when they can expect certain milestones to be achieved, such as the collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world’s currency standard. A hurricane becomes a spectacular weapon, when you can get your opponent to believe it’s not dangerous. Now, America cannot stop hurricanes. But, it can become a leader in tackling global heating, and in leading the world’s response to it.