My my, what a situation Democrats are in.

Biden has a tight rope to walk. On the one hand, for some reason the Founders decided that the Electoral Vote ratification should take place in late December. Let me guess: Because back then, it took longer for the vote to be counted, and newspapers to get the results, across the country. Kind of like how they thought it would make sense to make Election Day on a Tuesday, when it doesn’t make a shred of fucking sense now, a fact that both Republicans and Democrats have known, and ignored, for decades.

Times have changed, but apparently the 250-year-old laws that assure our freedom, haven’t much. Quick, call Congress on the Morse telegraph and let it know that our democracy is officially “SOS.”

And, now, Biden is going to have to put up with that artificial albatross around his neck, as Trump gets a technical free pass towards refusing to concede, and technically even to claiming victory (no 25th Amendment ever said that our President in a transition can’t be crazy… or, did it?), for the next who-fing-cares-anymore number of days, which will all be shitty and frightening.

I don’t see an overt alternative. I originally began this post to argue that coddling this temper tantrum in any way is dangerous, and that Biden should insist that Trump concede right now.

But, can he?

The only time it looks like Biden might be able to insist, is not even after the certification, but after the swearing-in.

I’d encourage Biden’s lawyers to examine the law regarding the swearing-in, particularly the earliest it may legally happen. A replacement President or President-elect, to my understanding, can be sworn in under emergency at any time. If possible, I might encourage Biden to consider threatening to swear himself in immediately after the E.C. certifies its vote, so as to order the Secret Service to remove Trump from the White House, physically if necessary, immediately.

If the date of the E.C. certification can’t be changed, then the swearing in maybe should be, if it can. Based on the coy mocking bullshit that I’m witnessing right now from this retarded clown car of white supremacists, creationists and Q-addicts we currently call the Trump Administration, America might not have time left in its rainy day fund account, COVID or otherwise, to allow this Russian spider to hang around until January 20.

November 27 update: It just occurred to me that this idea would not work. A four year term is a four-year term, which is why the swearing-in always takes place on January 20. Any shortening of it while the current president was still considered ‘competent’ would probably be unconstitutional, and constitute a form of coup. Competence, of course, is a broadly-defined term, and clearly all that Donald Trump needs to do to be considered competent by his supporters is defecate; if he declared his shit holy, I have no doubt, one half of his supporters would believe it literally, and the other half would consider it a clever mind-trick of sorts, to thwart his enemies. Unfortunately, this current Senate will never use the 25th Amendment. Although it is plainly obvious that it should have been used by now, and that it should still be used at this moment. Trump played Thanksgiving on golf. Oh, I meant golf on Thanksgiving. The tottering fool doesn’t even bother to toss rolls of paper towels at people anymore. I’m worried about myself and my loved ones dying, and this guy is enjoying his last days in office playing golf. Ironically, it turned out that he really could “shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, and not lose any votes.”