My immediate suspicion was, and remains, voter resentment of Trump, or a “Biden backlash.” It’s basically what I warned would happen with a ‘safe,’ moderate, not-particularly-energetic-or-inspiring, well-worn Washington D.C. candidate; and, in this case, a man: a ‘clincher’ election. Republicans who switched to Biden refused to, at the same time, give him the power of the Senate and House. So, there was a backlash among Republicans; former Trump loyalists; and moderates fearful of a powerful Biden. There also would have been racism involved against Kamala Harris, which I also predicted. So they either didn’t vote for President, or voted for Biden, but voted for Republicans down-ticket.

We’ll never know how excited Americans could have gotten if the DNC had gotten together and thrown all of its weight behind Warren. I still assert she was not only the best, but also the most promising, candidate to bring us forward into this time of tumultuous and rapid change. My ‘dream teams’ were Warren/Harris, Warren/Booker, and Warren/Castro. Of course, being a person of color in America 2020 is a strength; but, racists don’t see it that way. For racists, having been chosen by a woman would have deemphasized Harris being a person of color (patriarchy and racism go hand-in-hand everywhere on Earth), as well as emphasized her as a qualified woman, since another woman would have chosen her. With Biden– and, not just to racists, but to mostly everyone else– Harris appeared more of a predictable, uninspired political choice than a qualified one, a ‘compromise’ for voters who wanted a woman, and a person of color on the ticket, even though the bad status quo of nominating a White man for the presidency had itself been, sarcastically some might argue, preserved. Hashtag MeTooLaterMaybe?

America has had 45 presidents, all of them men. That’s a problem. In and of itself. It alone was a good enough reason for men to ‘artificially’ stand aside for this election, and support only women. It would have been a radical declaration of party unity and leadership.

America also needs to get an update on foreign election interference. Whereas we know who Russia wanted as president, it should not be considered that Russia ignored down-ballot candidates.

Warren left the Republican Party at exactly the right time, in 1994. I always felt that her experience as a Republican was a winning characteristic which would have made many traditional conservatives comfortable with her, despite her progressiveness. It could have also helped greatly in ‘uniting’ the country. Progressivism, it seems it has been misunderstood, is not the opposite of conservativism; liberalism is. Progressivism is simply a political acceptance that swift and significant change is necessary.

Imagine an America where liberals could appoint 220 federal judges; three Supreme Court justices while blocking the nomination of another; deny science while expanding the rights of polluters; had 100% party loyalty while extorting an ally at war for false political propaganda such that the impeachment removal failed down almost pure party lines; dissolved the banks so much that nothing worked, etc. In this case liberals would be threatening the security of the country via an excess of liberalism. In such a case, conservatives would be the new progressives.

Corruption, by the way, is not a legitimate party platform.

“Trump’s Judges, Mostly White Men, Will Rule For Decades”
Wave Of Young Judges Pushed By McConnell Will Be ‘Ruling For Decades To Come’
July 2, 2020. 5:01 AM ET
NPR, All Things Considered