I’d be more inclined to keep Mr. Shitty Lying Perjurer “I Swing My Rich White Dick in Front of Drunk Minority Undergrads” Juhhstice Bart “FFFFF” O’Cavanaugh on the Supreme Court, and to not impeach him, if the Supreme Court were expanded to include more justices. If SCOTUS were to remain a nine-justice court, my inclination would be to impeach “I Play Devil’s Triangle with Three Cups in a Triangle” Kavanaugh from it first.

Voice analysis: Kavanaugh chokes up when he’s asked “how’s it played?” because he knows he could be in real trouble, if he can’t make up a set of rules to “Devil’s Triangle” that makes sense. He provides an evasive answer, and then reverts back to using fake contempt when he says “Do you know how to play quarters? Yeah, it’s a quarters game.” This jackass is a contemptuous partisan who has contempt for Democrats, just like Thomas did. I’ve advocated kicking both of them off the SCOTUS as soon as possible.

As for the drinking game rules, I’d have wanted all of the rules. Inside and out. Right there. On the floor of the Senate. DAMN. RIGHT. Let’s all make Bart O’Cavanaugh’s “Devil’s Triangle” drinking game famous.