Ha. The most lawless President in U.S. history, and the most scofflaw Attorney General in U.S. history, telling pissed-off young Americans, both white and of color, protesting their gridlocked, anti-science, war-mongering, nearly-universally-despised, do-nothing federal government with a trash fire here and there, and he wants to call it ‘sedition.’ It’s not a coincidence, everybody. Not a coincidence that the worst and most corrupt President, and the most incompetent Administration in all of U.S. history, is wheeling out words like “sedition” against its seriously pissed-off protesters in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 200,000 Americans on its watch. What was the number? 54 million Americans in fear of losing their homes, again, and no stimulus checks from Congress? I suppose the Constitution, and what it cost America to get it, was all a joke. Good Americans are really Milk & Cookies Americans; nice little boys and girls who know how to take it up the ass real well. Did Obama call the protests at Zuccotti Park “sedition?” No. That was thirteen years ago, when Republicans fucked the economy up the last time. Those protesters are old enough to be some of these kids’ parents.

Don’t take fake accusations of failed responsibility from Billy Bob-Bob Barr, when his President refuses to take responsibility for anything.

“Attorney General William Barr suggests charging violent protesters with sedition”
By Evan Perez, CNN Justice Correspondent Updated 5:08 PM ET, Wed September 16, 2020 https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/16/politics/barr-sedition/index.html

Really, they have lost all credibility to wheel those words out. Trump is the one who has been whining that the election is going to be “rigged all along,” even as he is blaming known, documented-every-which-way bullshit fantasy arguments, such as voter fraud and mail-in-balloting, and ignoring the real threat from Russia. His crazy, paranoid CDC Director is the one who told everyone to go out and buy guns and ammunition. We’re not the ones who believe in “Q,” and we’re not the assholes who announced that we wished to “deconstruct the Administrative State.” For all of his genius, don’t fully buy in to Bob Woodward’s overly-polite “McConnell and others in Congress might not be traitors” question-and-answer response of the other day, where a slightly emotional older woman was silenced after interrupting him and pointing out the Administration’s unprecedented fondness towards Russia. She had a point, and she was not the first person in this national discussion to have used the ‘T’ word, to outrageously include the other side against us. Voter fraud has never been discovered in significant amounts to change any election in known U.S. history, and seventeen intelligence agencies told us that this was going to happen almost four years ago. Where is the Grim Reaper? Sleeping on a million bills that Democrats want to discuss and have a vote on, to include election security. Meanwhile Russians have financial interests in his state (Kentucky). Still no tax returns from our five-times-bankrupted Commander-in-Chief.

This is more proof of what I’ve actually said all along, even before this shit-show got started in 2016, which is that the House Democrats should never have released the floor during their sit-in until they got real change on gun reform. They didn’t go all the way, like a real sit-in has to, and they made themselves look like a bunch of pawned fools in the process. Yeah, they got a trillion outstanding talking points in for all of time, and that means something, but they weren’t serious. They said they would not release the floor until they had a deal. And, they caved. While Republicans were still on vacation, enjoying their fucking pumpkin pie.

That said, if what Barr is really doing is trying to ‘tie-in’ protest violence with the recent event of the deputy ambush in California, followed by the obscene, anti-police remarks made by the Africa Town Coalition, then it’s a total politicization of a tragedy– not unlike Trump’s politicization of the Nick Sandmann/Nathan Phillips event outside of the Lincoln Memorial after the March for Life– and an effort to stoke more fear and violence. If Barr wanted these problems fixed, then he’d be sending teams out to speak with community leaders about addressing the problems they perceive in their community. Newark’s water still isn’t fixed, to my knowledge. Neither is Flint’s. Really, what leader, let alone his professed religion, should Americans not be furious with when there’s lead in their water that they can’t get away from? It’s just straight-up fucking insane. These people are lunatics; for the love of God, or for the love of no God, please vote them the fuck OUT November 3.

“GRAPHIC: Search continues in Calif. deputy ambush; reward up to $275,000”
Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 6:17 AM EDT|Updated: 12 hours ago

From here on out, any time I comment on a major news article about sedition, I post this song: