This is what consumes the glucose in our President’s uh-very big brain: sex, girls, and women. Aka, ‘tits and ass.’ It’s not spent on important things; no, just the average, run-of-the-mill flywheel that most boys’ between the ages of 12-19 are. Just the reciprocal sex and love he’s been craving his whole life and is constantly wishing out loud he could actually get, even though he’s probably raped at least a few of them. Like his likely ADD self, he is at the whim of his environment, like a small child enchanted by a mobile hanging over his crib.

“Michael Cohen, who spent time in prison earlier this year for fraud and tax evasion, lying to Congress and campaign finance violations, detailed the allegation in his recently released book, according to Vanity Fair, writing that in 2012, he and Trump were chatting at Trump’s property in Bedminster, New Jersey, when Trump noticed Samantha Cohen approaching them, unaware that she was his lawyer’s daughter.

“”Trump’s attention was diverted to another skirt walking off a tennis court. ‘Look at that piece of a–,’ Cohen recalls Trump saying, as he whistled and pointed,” according to Vanity Fair. “‘I would love some of that.’ It so happened that Trump was referring to Cohen’s then 15-year-old daughter, Samantha.”

“Cohen informed Trump of his mistake. ‘That’s your daughter?’ Trump responded. ‘When did she get so hot?’ When Samantha reached her dad, Trump asked her for a kiss on the cheek, before inquiring, ‘When did you get such a beautiful figure?’ and warning her that in a few years, he would be dating one of her friends,” the magazine reported.”