I drink bleach in small amounts because my president + nuns said it might be good for me.

My President. He/she/it can fuck me up any day.

I also believe that Attorney General Barr will forgive me for using bleach in manners that are not specified on the outside of the bottle

I want kloroquine, bottles of the stuff that starts with C, and ouija boards

When in doubt, play a 10,000 Maniacs song

It can be done [quitting drinking gasoline, even in very small amounts; actually, quitting drinking gasoline in any amount is probably better for you than drinking it in any amount. And, don’t believe people when they say that it might be better than being an alcoholic, because it’s actually probably not. You’d probably be better off being addicted to alcohol, than to drinking gasoline. That’s my lay opinion and please don’t choose between either, due to anything I’ve said here. Thank you.