I originally titled this “Trump’s claim that he is the vanguard of Western Civilization is Christian blasphemy,” but I chose to change the title for several reasons.

It’s actually blasphemy against the godhead of every major religion.

Why do I say that?

Until recently, with the modern advent of several leftist fascist states such as the Soviet Union, North Korea, China to some degree, and others, monarchists have always been fused with divine ordination, and divinity itself. The pharaonic dynasties of Egypt– all fascist states– universally claimed that the Pharoah was God incarnate.

Now, just because I call a state fascist that existed 3,000 years ago does not necessarily mean that I am criticizing it. Fascism is, more or less, the natural state of undeveloped human government, and for the same reasons that racism is actually encoded in our brains, as Sagan warned us in Cosmos:

“As the ancient myth-makers knew, we are children equally of the earth and the sky. In our tenure on this planet we’ve accumulated dangerous evolutionary baggage: propensities for aggression and ritual, submission to leaders, hostility to outsiders, all of which puts our survival in some doubt. But we’ve also acquired passion for others, love for our children, desire to learn from history and experience, and a great, soaring, passionate intelligence, the clear tools for our continued survival and prosperity. Which aspects of our nature will prevail is uncertain.” –Carl Sagan, Cosmos, page 318

Basically, humanity has always sought to form some kind of democratic consensus in government, going back to when we were small clans hiding in caves– many coming up with an interesting concept called God around that time, as well (we do not know when belief in God happened, but it may have been around the same time we began burying our dead; even up until fairly late in our development, when a member of a clan died, we did not recognize the event as anything special, and left the corpse where it fell, and did not mourn, dignify, or memorialize it in any way)– and, I mean, 100,000 years ago, and further back. When there was no known civilization to speak of.

But, power generally always gravitated, and was seized by, the ‘fascist’: the biggest, the strongest, the most driven, sometimes even the most psychologically damaged. And, this always meant men.

Naturally, a template formed all around the planet: Men-dominated government of the powerful, and often the hardly democratic, or kind, or even smart or competent. Yes, they would usually work and cooperate to the extent that they needed to avoid having their necks slit in their sleep, and certainly they needed specialists such as the medicine men, the midwives, and the other men hunters, but the template remained fairly static for hundreds of thousands of years.

When you have the biggest stick, the fascist shortly learned, you didn’t need much else to be in charge.

Fast-forward through thousands upon thousands of years of human evolution, war and history and, after a few nascent democracies such as Ancient Greece and post-Bad King John England with the Magna Carta, America’s Founders– all high intellectuals, and most of them religious– came together; successfully fought back the fascist; and decided that they were going to figure out a better way.

That better way was an advanced democracy with several unique checks on it, such as the Republic, and individual states. The keystone to this better way, however, was democracy. Democracy can basically be thought of as an acknowledgment that, when making decisions, two heads are always better than one. The Founders reasoned, there is no such thing as a divine leader; that had all been lies and myth (and, as it would turn out, of the fascist). We were all men and women, equally endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, which were life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness/property. Essentially, humanist principles that could exist with or without a specifically religious framework, as the Constitution would also recognize the same rights to atheists, and never impose any one religious framework on any of its citizens through government.

They created the Constitution. Since then, America has been the vanguard of freedom, at least in theory, throughout the world, inspiring democracy after democracy to replace nearly-always-fundamentally-incompetent dictatorships (there have been some dictatorships more wise and benevolent than others, but even those have always ended in decay, and always, in modern times, more swiftly than over 250 years, which has been how long America has thus far lasted). But, the fascist fights back, because we haven’t collectively tamed it yet with education, coupled with the necessary enlightened social programs to ensure the “prosperity” part of “God’s” three inalienable rights to all. And, to a large degree, the fascist fights back because we never tamed it here, in the general population. Now, America is crawling with bitter, frightened, and infantilized fascists, from millions of front-line-soldiers (Trump supporters) to their bitter, frightened, and infantilized King himself (Trump).

In creating the Constitution, our Founders, after massive debate, ditched the religious language. That’s why you won’t find a single reference to Christianity in the Constitution, or in the Declaration of Independence. This was very deliberate, and in documents that were written mostly by Christians. And whereas the documents reference deity– that was an easy compromise between the Founders who wanted Christianity mentioned, though a small few wanted an atheist state– Christianity *per se* is nowhere in them.

When Trump declared that he was the vanguard of Western Civilization, he was not merely declaring himself the vanguard of America (which the President is never, to begin with). He was declaring himself the vanguard of a civilization of vast global reach.

There is no such thing as a U.S. President who is a vanguard. The U.S. Presidency is part of a tripartite vanguard, composed of coequal and separate branches of government in the Legislative, Executive and Judicial– checked, ultimately, by the Fourth Branch, the Free Press. So, in calling himself a vanguard, that breaks fundamental American theory instantly, right there.

In declaring himself a kind of “King of the World,” he dismisses democracy completely, and unequivocally declares himself a fascist.

It gets worse, though.

In keeping with most historical fascist states, and certainly with a slavishly servile fundamentalist psychopath, Michael Pence, as his Vice President, Trump is effectively stating that God is irrelevant. He is stating that he, and he alone, is a substitute for prosperous Earthly government– without democracy, and effectively without God. Or, if with God, then with Trump as chosen God-king. One and the same, again, as “proven” by the presence of the slavish Christian token, Pence.

In other words, elect Trump, and you’ll get everything you ever wanted.

These statements are unprecedented in human history. We hear them from two-bit cult leaders all the time, and even from a few dictators around the world from time to time, but we’ve never heard it from someone in control of over six thousand nuclear weapons. The last time we credibly heard it, it came from Hitler, who is generally considered, within religious circles at least, to have been an Antichrist, as he was strong enough to almost conquer the world. Considering Trump’s extraordinary position of power, which far exceeds that of Hitler’s, this statement qualifies him as an Antichrist.

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