They’re everywhere in the Universe, more plentiful than stars themselves. It stands to reason that one has never wandered into our solar system; or, if one did, then it was billions of years ago, before Earth formed. Yet another way that “God” could snap his fingers and obliterate humanity: If one of significant size were to wander into our solar system, its gravity would tear the planetary orbits apart, likely either eventually hurtling Earth into the Sun, or away from it.

We might be able to stop an asteroid, but I don’t think that we could stop a planet.

The destruction might take millions of years, as the delicate balance of orbits slowly altered the orbits of every other planet in the system, each wronged orbit multiplying the effects on the other planets. Not so a wandering black hole, also more plentiful in the universe than stars. Were one of those to enter our solar system, Earth could be torn to pieces within seconds, or even microseconds.

We’d never know what hit us.

“Invisible rogue planets without stars? NASA’s new space telescope could find hundreds of them”
By Ashley Strickland, CNN
Updated 10:12 AM ET, Mon August 24, 2020

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