You know what I’ve never heard on my radio? A public service announcement telling children to feel perfectly free to call the police and report their parents if they’re being beaten, sex trafficked, raped, or all three. Or, even, to shoot them with intent to kill, if they fear imminent assault.

Yeah that’s right, in perfect accordance with the Second Amendment that we hear conservatives, fascists and white men Republicans slob the knob of all the time. And their worthless women.

Wow, maybe if abusers heard those kinds of things on the radio, they’d lock their fucking guns up in the safes they should be using when kids are in the house.

Boy, 3, kills himself with gun found in family’s car
by DONNA BLANKINSHIP and DOUG ESSER, Associated Press, Wednesday, March 14th 2012
“Detectives questioned the parents and have called the shooting a tragic accident, Benjamin said. The father has a concealed weapons permit, and no charges have been filed, he said.”

Or, even, like real parents, teach them how to use them against the kind of people they CLEARLY are not like.

You know what I hear all the time on my radio? Fucking creationism. Prosperity gospel. Anti-choice nonsense dripping from the mouths of white men, as if any of them cared about motherhood. Then the self-righteous cunts have the audacity to say that it hurts black women more. As if they cared about babies of color. Sure.

Meanwhile, the amoral glad-handing sluts have no problem green-lighting $700,000,000,000 for war every year, or stealing $1,000,000,000,000 from us for the top 1% in tax “reform.” But, food stamps in a recession? Sorry, too expensive. That’s what Jesus is for. Go talk to Jesus.

Jesus will solve it for you, that one-stop Quiki-Mart for everything they don’t want to be bothered trying to fix because they DON’T. FUCKING. CARE. ABOUT. YOU.

They’ve locked up our democracy with gerrymandering and vote suppression, to ensure we never throw them out of fucking office. Or, better yet, in jail. To rot. McConnell has a 27 percent approval rating. “In the latest The Economist/YouGov polling, 27 percent of respondents said they had a favorable view of McConnell, with 47 percent unfavorable and 26 percent stating they did not know.”

Yeah, that 26% are the worthless cattle that roam this country, calling themselves Americans and playing Angry Birds. The 27 percent who have a favorable rating of him are psychopaths, and the stupid. Wow, too bad only 47% of this fucking country isn’t enough. Still though, 27 percent. Roughly the same percentage of girls who are sexually assaulted in this cuntry before they get to high school, and he’s still winning. Because of gerrymandering, because he really fucking believes in democracy.

They believe in power and money. Period. And, they will kill you to protect both. Wouldn’t blink an eye, much less shed a tear. They’re killing you right now with COVID, in fact. And, in a million other ways. Smog. Global heating. Random mass shootings. They’re not going to do a fuck about it. Democrats are slightly less worthless. They never win and, when they do, they don’t fucking do anything.

Yeah, that’s a Christianity I want to adhere to. Can’t wait to hump my pastor for the Rapture with my tithe check while ignoring the white asshole men with guns who hurt kids, and who then get a pat on the back, replete with tears, from the white men police officers and District Attorneys who don’t charge them.

Solving the problem of white men American voters who abuse their children is what Jesus is for. Expanded CPS funding? Nah. Like our asshole Vice President, Pence, says, “I don’t believe that there is a segment of American society that does not believe in the sanctity and preciousness of every human life.”

Hmm. Pro-choice thanks him, I guess.

Pray the sin away, pray the sin away.

Meanwhile, build that fucking wall.