So, why is it that you hate America?

I don’t. The only thing that America is is the Constitution. And, I think it was a pretty good piece of work, all told. Room for improvement, but certainly a fine work.

You really believe that? That the country’s nothing but its foundational law?

I don’t have to believe it any more than I have to believe in gravity. It’s the truth. The whole concept of anything, or anyone, being America other than the Constitution is bullshit, if you think about it. I’d never call pedophiles, abusers and extortionists in this country my “countrymen.” Shooting half of them would make this a better place.

People fuck and have kids. That’s not American, that human. But then, all of a sudden, we call them Americans. With kids, that’s one thing. They’re just kids. But some of them grow up to be narcissist fucks, and they’re still called Americans. Just because their parents came together under sheets on land we stole. I’m not impressed, nor do I have to play along with it.

So then, if you don’t hate America, who do you hate?

I hate half of the adults in it. The other half, minus a small percentage of people who work for justice and peace, I’m disgusted with. This country can’t protect its kids, it can’t protect its women, it can’t protect the poor and the elderly, but it’s sure great at protecting power. Just ask Obama, responsible for the greatest transfer of wealth to the top in human history. After that 1% of 1% slutted the entire country up for the next twenty years. We REWARDED that. Because Uhhmericans are whores for power. They slob the knob of power every chance they can. Bend over for it, begging for mercy. Hoping to have a nice, simple life, while kids are being raped in bedrooms next door. Then, almost like a cherry on top of a shit sandwich hiding a razor blade, they usually call themselves Christians.