Free Ashlee Anne Rose Martinson, currently serving 23 years in Taycheedah Correctional Institution, Wisconsin for doing exactly what Sarah McKinley of Oklahoma did– but, with her abusive stepfather’s own firearm, and in his own home. Ashlee Anne Rose Martinson is innocent. Hers was a clear case of self-defense with a firearm under the Second Amendment, and under Wisconsin’s Castle Doctrine (derived from the Second Amendment). Oneida Circuit Judge Michael Bloom, yet another white man in power, and no doubt also a Christian one, had no right to declare that Ashlee wasn’t in fear of death when her stepfather, in the True Crime documentary, banged on her upstairs bedroom door (or ran up the stairs to an opened door, as Ashlee has alleged in a Facebook post, in compliance with what, she has claimed in that post, was one of Thomas Ayers’ many ‘rules of the house’), demanding to beat and (I allege) possibly rape her. She’d just been kidnapped by Ayers– her forced john, I allege, trafficked knowingly by her mother; and, a former convicted pedophile, and forcible kidnapper– by force, with a vehicle, as a one-day-old emancipated minor, off the side of the road. She’d waited for her birthday to elapse in order to leave the house legally. As a kidnappee, I assert, she could have legally killed Ayers with any one of his at least eight loaded, illegal guns lying all around the house the moment he brought her inside of it. In fact, had she been armed at the time of her kidnapping, she’d have been justified in killing Ayers on the street during the kidnapping (in her Facebook post, she alleges she was walking down the road to her friend’s house a couple miles down, with a plastic bag over her shoulder carrying her ID and belongings; she did not intend to return, at least not as a formal occupant, and likely not alone, as Ayers had just confiscated her cellphone and truck keys). Yet, despite all of these facts, all that Oneida County Circuit Judge Michael Bloom could find by way of justification of the 23-year sentence– really, a witch burning– was that, according to Wausau Daily Herald, “he didn’t believe she was at risk of death;” and “though she was abused, he said she chose to commit murder;” and “Society can’t believe that the response to abuse is to kill;” and while “he appreciated that she had been abused by her stepfather, she should have found ‘the internal strength’ not to turn to murder.” First, I was not aware that “risk of death” is necessary to use lethal force– I’m fairly sure that fear of death because one knows– without question– that they’ll be at least beaten, is sufficient. Furthermore, this fear of being beaten to death was made even more rational because of the unique circumstances: She’d been caught by Ayers in a lie, when he’d stayed up the whole night writing a one-year terms letter she never intended to follow; she was now seventeen, and legally able to emancipate herself; she’d just been kidnapped back by Ayers while trying to escape; and, now, she was holding his loaded shotgun.

Ashlee had every reasonable right to believe that this time was different, and that she might very well be killed by Ayers in that moment, or in immedately subsequent ones. She performed the one action she knew for certain was available to her to prevent it.

Bloom’s comments are outrageous, sexist and dangerous, as well as an otherwise inexplicable upturning of everything we have been preached to about regarding the Second Amendment, where high-profile circuses such as the trials of murderers George Zimmerman (Florida) and Joe Horn (Texas) result in acquittals. These supremacists and cryptosupremacists (supremacists who don’t know they’re supremacists) have no problem creating a country where it is crystal-clear, now, that only white men, and pretty young single white blondes alone with their babies in their covered wagons deep in the prairie being monitored second-by-second by 911 (Sarah McKinley), are allowed to shoot at a white man with intent to kill, and succeed, and not be prosecuted for it. Again, it has to be a white man, because we all know that Ashlee would not be in jail today if she’d shot a black man vehicular kidnapper who’d thrown her in an upstairs bedroom for God knows what real reason. I challenge them to think about how they would feel if Ashlee were their only daughter living with that stepfather, a convicted pedophile of someone around Ashlee’s age, and, beating her and her sisters regularly, as well as beating their former wife. I sure know how I would feel. So, it would appear that our politicians can run tongue-in-cheek, joking-but-not-really-joking political ads about what they’ll do to the young men who are perfectly normally courting their daughters if they ever step out of line, replete with over-the-top Southern drawl and rifle; but, in the real world, they do nothing, and then send our daughters to jail for 23 years for defending themselves with the firearms they were too scared to pick up themselves, and which they not just supported, but promoted, their assailants’ and abusers’ right to own. Meanwhile, they release extremely dangerous, usually older, usually white or at least white enough, men voters such as George Zimmerman and Joe Horn back into society, and call it “freedom.” Zimmerman, in fact, is a repeat firearms offender now, and society would be wise, in my opinion, to spend a few extra taxpayer dollars keeping some sort of eye on Horn until he croaks. What about Michael Drejka? I worked on social media at the time to prove his premeditated lynching of a black man, and Florida jailed him for twenty years. Meanwhile, McKinley is free to raise her baby on the Oklahoma prairie, or wherever she is now, and I predict that she is not causing any problems with firearms. Ashlee Martinson is innocent of every crime she was convicted of and, at a minimum, should be freed immediately, and all of her criminal records regarding this event expunged.

Lastly, Nancy Grace’s vicious, stupid, willfully ignorant, and pornographic rant was appalling, and that powerful and influential white millionaire owes Martinson an apology, perhaps the sum total it’s estimated she made on the hit piece, plus interest, and perhaps after she’s made a deal with Martinson to not be further sued by her for character assassination and libel. Perhaps Ashlee could use Grace’s pocket change to go to college– you know, that place where “mommy” and “daddy” never bothered to send her to, in between the convicted 37-year-old pedophile leaving loaded illegal guns all over the house; feeding puppies he’d shot to bears; ignoring the cuts on her wrists; and beating (“choking out” and punching) out her and her toddler sisters. It can be fairly amateurly concluded that he subjected Ashlee and her three toddler sisters to very ornate and twisted psychological abuse (“games”) on a regular basis, many of a sexual nature and many probably rising to the level of legal torture, almost certainly to “groom” them for later physical sexual abuse. Other things can be concluded or speculated from deep analysis which it seems no one else but me has noticed; for example, I suspect he targeted Jennifer Ayers online specifically for Ashlee, but also for Ayers’ two younger daughters (later on); and, that that is why he named his only biological daughter with Jennifer ‘Amanda.’ AMANDA is an anagram for ASHLEE; it has the same number of letters, and starts with the same letter.

Thomas Ayers was not a normal man, by any reasonable standard. He would, Ashlee alleges, at times force Ashlee and her toddler sisters to watch him burn baby animals in front of their mothers, while forcing the sisters and the mother animal to watch the babies die. Her mother’s former boyfriend is known to have burned her face with a cigarette while her “pants fell off.” Ashlee claims she was raped by that former boyfriend, in his vehicle, while a friend looked on. The second-oldest daughter claimed under police interrogation immediately after the killings that at one point Thomas Ayers began choking her, and was so tired, when he was doing it, that he forgot he was strangling her. She said that if he hadn’t ‘woken up’ to what he was doing, she would ‘not be here today.’ Ashlee named her horror blog “Nightmare.” Again, all of this ignored, apparently, by Judge Michael Bloom, as well as all of the members of the Wisconsin all-white Supreme Court. Ayers was disturbed, and extremely dangerous and volatile, when he wanted to be. I also posit that he may have at times been using, and even dealing, drugs. Only drugs, more or less, explain the seven loaded firearms all over the house, giving him easy, unrestrained acccess in an emergency. Also, the two German Shepherd puppies he killed because he was too addled and emotionally unstable to train them. The house the toddler girls were never allowed to leave to play with others, and the one that they never could invite friends over to.

I believe Wisconsin wants Ashlee in jail until she’s forty because it is, at the very least, protecting itself from an investigation into its Child Protective Services, who should have known that Ayers was a convicted pedophile living with four young girls and her mother. A single welfare check by CPS and the police would have avoided the killings, which were justified and forced. But, I have theorized, there might also be a need to avoid investigation into a corrupt establishment which knew Ayers was deaing drugs in the Bakken oil fields, most likely stimulants required for the men to work. They are also protecting patriarchy– the right of white men to use guns liberally in self-defense and property defense, but not women, no matter their level of abuse, their age, or their whiteness. When Ayers attempted to enter Ashlee’s former bedroom to, at a minimum, beat her, she used unannounced lethal force in compliance with both the Second Amendment and Wisconsin’s Castle Doctrine. Ashlee herself claimed she was in fear of death, which at a minimum means she knew it would have been a vicious beating. With no credible egress or safe second course of action, her decision to use unannounced lethal force to prevent that harm to herself was reasonable. She should be pardoned either by Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Tony Evers, or by the President of the United States.