I believe that news outlets, and people generally, should stop calling them by their nicknames. I refuse to personalize them anymore. I also don’t have to call them by their preferred names. Their legal names will do. If they have a problem with that, then they can change their legal names.

When working with an administration that has built its power base on deception and lies, we must stingily cling to every semblance of objective reality that remains available to us. If we don’t, then, next, we’ll be calling their friends Tim Apple and Marillyn Lockheed.

Mike Pence = Michael Richard Pence
Betsy DeVos = Elisabeth Dee DeVos
Mick Mulvaney = John Michael Mulvaney
Mike Pompeo = Michael Richard Pompeo
Bill/Bob Barr = William Pelham Barr
Steve Mnuchin = Steven Terner Mnuchin
Sonny Perdue = George Ervin Perdue III
Alex Acosta = Rene Alexander Acosta
Ben Carson = Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Rick Perry = James Richard Perry