John Brennan should play hardball and refuse to answer any more questions regarding whether he owes America an apology; Trump an apology; or whether he takes back his assertion that Trump acted treasonous.

The nerve. This tinkerbell president’s tinkerbell press secretary is asked whether Trump owes Mueller an apology, and the pecan pie sound cannon “punts” and says that she believes that the Democrats owe America an apology. Yeah keep demanding that apology honey, you and your whole degenerate junta of fascist baby-stealers who keep bitching that we should be nice to you. When they kicked you out of Red Hen, they should have thrown the pot with the chicken in it after you.

Of course Trump committed treason. Of course Trump’s a Russian agent.

But here we are on Jake Tapper’s show today, with Amanda Carpenter whining that “when a former CIA Director says something, I stand up and pay attention.”

Yeah well, maybe Carpenter should continue to believe that Brennan was right in the first place. Then, maybe, she can serve her country. Most times I like her, but let’s not lose perspective: No one should really take any former senior staffer to Ted Cruz too seriously.

Take your pick, Carpenter. Mueller said one thing, Brennan said another. I know which one I believe.

John Brennan, you don’t owe this country a goddamned thing. Next time anyone asks you this question, “punt” and say that you think that Trump Jr. should tell America who he called after the meeting in Trump Tower.

These people.