CORRECT. Barr, Trump, and Trump’s other supporters have a long way to go before Democrats should accept the report’s findings. We don’t even know how long the thing is. Mueller has hinted that Trump may have obstructed justice. Mueller may have been influenced. Mueller may not be at any fault here. He is not Superman and at the end of the day this government belongs to the people, not to him. Congress must get access to that report, period. PERIOD. No hiding it in a private SCIF room this time, like they did with Kavanaugh’s. We have many reasons to question why Mueller did some of the strange things he did, to include not interviewing Trump under oath.

Trump has said that he has no fear of the report and that it should be released to the American people. Democrats and journalists should NEVER stop hounding him on that statement. Of course, now that they’ve won, Trump supporters will howl, bury their lazy heads in the sand, and not want the report they paid for, which supposedly exonerates Trump fully, published. THIS PROVES THAT THEY SUSPECT THAT SOMETHING IS FISHY WITH THE HIDING OF THE REPORT AS WELL. We never called them out on that with Kavanaugh. Democrats should rub it in their faces mercilessly this time. I’d bet that the Mueller report is huge, as well as FULL of incriminating evidence.

“(CNN)Special counsel Robert Mueller found that no one in the Trump campaign conspired with the Russian government in 2016 — but Democrats are not ready to accept that finding.

“In interviews since Attorney General William Barr issued his four-page letter on Sunday, Democrats have refused to accept that determination, saying there’s ample evidence of Trump campaign and Russia contacts that may not have risen to the level of criminal conduct. They are demanding the full release of the Mueller report to determine what else the special counsel found, and they appear intent to continue investigating ties between Trump and Russia.”