They covered for Kavanaugh, too. Power protects power.

No one from Bush’s administration ever went to jail. We’re still in the two unending illegal wars. Thomas and Gorsuch were confirmed. Banks got bailed out. None of them got broken up, and none of them went to jail, either. Twenty-two veterans have been committing suicide every day in this country for the past five years, and few Americans even know about it. That’s because our leaders never talk about it– because our leaders have no solutions for it. Far be it for leaders to call out an outrage that they’re too incompetent to solve, and have no intention of solving even if they weren’t. It’s easier to just let our veterans keep killing themselves, all 40,150 of them and counting. That’s compassionate America for you. That’s Christian America for you, where it costs $12,000 to have a baby, but $60 in Finland.

Sandy Hook happened, Congress did nothing. Pulse Nightclub happened; Congress held a sit-in, but went back to work the next day. No sit-ins since. Las Vegas happened, no sit-ins. Parkland happened, no sit-ins. The best we get is a bump stock ban, and that’s going to backfire too, if it’s even implemented and/or enforced.

Congress should have known that, when they held that first sit-in, there was no turning back; they were going to have to keep holding the sit-ins until change occurred. By not doing so, the Democrats capitulated to Republicans, it’s that simple. By contrast New Zealand, which actually has a functional, secular, non-white-supremacist government, doesn’t have to mess with sit-ins to begin with. They can pass gun reform legislation within six days. Gee, I wonder if corporations are people in New Zealand. Or, in Finland.

The Democrats in Congress don’t understand Gandhi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Democrats always quit at the laughing stage. They don’t understand that persistent moral leadership in the face of ridicule is a precursor to success. People who laugh at moral leadership are ignorant. It’s persistent moral leadership that makes the laughers stop laughing, and roll their empty sleeves up. Because persistent moral leadership in the face of mockery forces debate, which is when people stop being ignorant.

When the real deep state cleared Kavanaugh, Democrats should have called the investigation out as rubbish. But, they were too afraid of the mockery. Republicans certainly aren’t; they moaned and whined that it was a witch hunt all the way down. Guess who wins? Democrats should call Mueller’s findings, if we ever get to see them that is, out as rubbish now as well, even if they’re not. But, they won’t. What a curious turn of affairs; now, Trump’s supporters get to lavish praise on Mueller’s integrity, and they’ll forget all about every horrible thing they ever said about him previously. But, that’s Wonderland for you. Who cares about actually being right, when all you have to do is win?

I’ll tell you who cares. The climate, as well as the global recession that’s right around the corner. Those two don’t give a damn about the Constitution, or our failure to enforce it, or the Trump Wonderland Cult that 90% of Republicans currently think is real, or at least more real than anything the Democrats have to offer. Call it Providence, or call it a force of nature. Call it God, if you wish. But it’s coming, and there’s not going to be a Rapture to save any of us from it, either.

America will pay for its refusal to acknowledge science as applied to its government, and to social policy. It’s ironic that it took a conservative atheist to remind us: “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Any Republican in 2019 who doesn’t know who said that, isn’t qualified to hold any political position. It’s a quote by Ayn Rand:

“He is free to make the wrong choice, but not free to succeed with it. He is free to evade reality, he is free to unfocus his mind and stumble blindly down any road he pleases, but not free to avoid the abyss he refuses to see. Knowledge, for any conscious organism, is the means of survival; to a living consciousness, every “is” implies an “ought.” Man is free to choose not to be conscious, but not free to escape the penalty of unconsciousness: destruction.”

Meanwhile, Fox News calls white millennials with backpacks politely banging on the Supreme Court doors “the mob.” Of course, if they’d been black, then we’d have seen tear gas fired. A hint to Fox News: mobs break windows. Fox scolds white kids to remind them to get back in line, so as to not give the rest of disgruntled white America any uppity ideas. You know, the ones who are killing themselves with opiates, and who are accidentally shooting their toddlers with the guns they don’t trust their government to insist they know how to own responsibly.

America’s an oligarchy: an utterly callous, pompous, above-the-law, outsourced, laid-off, $10/hr, fake Christian men’s club. We should not be too surprised that this report cleared Trump, any more than we should be surprised that an aerospace businessman recently said that a ‘president’ who paid a porn actress $130,000 to keep it a secret from his wife and then lied to America about it might have been sent by God to start Armageddon. They say that they care about overturning Roe v. Wade because they’re Christian, even as they never mention outlawing for-profit in vitro fertilization clinics, which throw millions of viable human embryos in the trash every year. Killing a viable human embryo only matters to them when it’s connected to a woman, and in vitro clinics assure biological babies for rich white men. If you’re pro-life, then I encourage you to try it: Discuss in vitro fertilization with your leaders. Watch them give you the cold shoulder, or any number of nonsensical reasons why you shouldn’t concern yourself so much about the killing of that viable human life. Watch yourself never get anywhere. That’s because with in vitro, there’s no woman to control, and the anti-choice movement has never been about protecting life, but about preventing women from becoming a political and social force equal to men. It’s kind of hard to be powerful when you’re stuck at home in the kitchen with a baby, and that’s the point.

Remember what matters: Democrats are going to take away our hamburgers, and Rep. Omar is the real problem facing America. Immigrant invaders, commies and socialists. But, no one ever talks about fascists.

Of course Trump conspired with Russia.