I know why he’s doing it, now. I’m surprised I didn’t notice it sooner. But, these people are very, very shrewd. As I’ve stated previously, they are almost certainly getting adversarial state assistance; they are almost certainly getting AI assistance; and they might even be getting more powerful assistance than that.

Previously, I thought that the attacks were primarily a misogynist attack on McCain’s daughter. Then, I listened more to what the fair and balanced media had to say, and more seriously considered that Trump was doing it out of jealousy, knowing that he wouldn’t have the same kind of honors shown him that McCain had received throughout his life. Both of those are true. In fact, the fair and balanced media’s interpretation was closer to the real truth. But the real reason he’s doing it is because McCain represents what was decent and right about conservative Republicanism generally. McCain was a symbol– one of the last, great symbols– of the Republican Party that used to be, and which is rapidly disappearing under these constant, never-ending assaults and humiliations.

By tearing McCain down and getting away with it, Trump is debasing that symbol, and teaching Republicans in this country to hate what McCain stood for. He seeks to supplant McCain’s version of Republicanism with his own. If he succeeds, he reasonably figures, and then also succeeds in becoming president for life, then he might yet manage to get the honors that McCain got.

Go Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA). I’m upset that you and virtually all of the others voted for Kavanaugh, but this is not the time for litmus tests. Any act of decency, at this point, must be rallied behind.

Thank God it’s a senator doing it. I look forward to other Republican senators getting behind Isakson’s courageous act of defiance.

Isakson would be wise to use more peaceful language, however. Assuming Isakson’s intent is not disingenuous by these comments, this snowflake administration is going to latch onto the word Isakson used, “whipping,” and use it to frighten and enrage the base. “Condemned” would have been a better word, and just as forceful.

“On Tuesday, he [Trump] continued his criticism of McCain, telling reporters at the White House that “I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be.””

Oh Mr. Trump, please tell me something about fascists that I don’t already know.

““I subscribe to the theory that the weight of my words is directly proportional to how few I use, so I don’t speak unless I’ve got something to say,” Isakson recently told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”

An interesting theory but, I disagree; and, I dare say, so would Mark Twain. We should be talking about this maniac every day until he is peacefully and legally removed from office. The weight of our words is not directly proportional to how few we use, but to how good they are.

“EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Johnny Isakson Stands Up for McCain; Unloads on Trump
“Georgia’s senior senator gives the president a “whipping.”
“by A.B. Stoddard
“March 20, 2019 5:05 am”

“Republican senator plans to denounce Trump’s attacks on McCain
“By Devan Cole and Ted Barrett, CNN
“Updated 12:31 PM ET, Wed March 20, 2019”