I’m pressed to think of a more irresponsible tweet from a member of Congress.

Congressional leaders should be looking for ways to avert hostility and conflict, not making childish references to it.

Wars are never really “won.” We should know this by now. 150 years later, and look at all of the crap we’re still having to resolve after the last one.

Survivors live on, tuck their flags into boxes, stew in their rage and trauma, and pass it on to future generations. That is, if they survive at all. Fact: More of our veterans have committed suicide since coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan than have died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even the scars of World War II are fresh today. So are the scars of the indigenous wars. So are the scars of almost all wars.

Almost all wars are a failure of leadership; almost all wars are fought by the poor; and almost all wars are fought for oligarchy.

Twenty-two veterans are committing suicide every day in this country. That number, a conservative estimate, has remained consistent for at least the past five years. But instead of trying to solve that, there’s Steve King (R-IA), making potty jokes about war on Twitter. We pay this guy how much again?

Shame on you, Steve King.