“If you’re nominated for President, will you put a woman as Vice President?”

What O’Rourke should have said, without missing a beat: “Sure, I’d definitely consider it. I might even give it preference, in fact. But, I can’t tell you that I will. I won’t commit to any Vice Presidential pick at this time, or any class of Vice President, except that that person will have to be qualified.”

That should have been a canned answer. Instead, O’Rourke provided this bizarre one:

“It’s hard for me to think of a reason why I would not.”

Huh? Did O’Rourke spend that entire awkward pause trying to think of reasons why all women could not qualify as his running mate? Seriously? Why is he even thinking that way? Also, why does he keep breaking eye contact with the voter, and looking down?

Why is this stuff so difficult for some of these candidates? This is basic, basic stuff, people.

Americans should be picking up on this stuff. This is risky stuff to miss, when trying to decide on a Presidential candidate. Twelve years left before climate change becomes irreversible.