>> paul: If we are trying to get someone elected that has an excellent chance of beating trump and is a good candidate themselves,

Keep eating off the bottom of the barrel. You’ve got it all backwards. We should be choosing the most excellent candidate. Such a candidate will, by default, be able to defeat Trump.

Trump is easy to beat.

Oh and my name, to you, is “sir.” Or, “Mr. Ronco.” I don’t know you and, more importantly, I don’t like you, and so I wouldn’t want to give readers the wrong impression that we have some kind of relationship outside of this one conversation, by not correcting your unasked use of my first name.

>> their momentum and popularity obviously play a huge role. Dont be childish and imply that I would vote for him just because of popularity, I said no such thing.

You’ve been admitting every which way that it plays a massive role in your decision-making process.

>> You even try to accuse me of rolling with the “herd”, but the “herds” if you can recall, where telling everyone to vote for Hillary or Trump.

Dude, your preferred candidate told you to vote for Clinton. By the way, assuming that you are a man, it’s “Hillary Clinton” or “Clinton” to you. Not “Hillary.” She’s not a third-grader with a sticker on her shirt.

>> Many former clinton voters and trump voters would love to vote for the old man now.

I see you’re ageist, too.

>> I was expecting a “creative” (your word not mine) reason as to why one should elect Warren over Sanders but instead you give me some lackluster response about better work attendance and having produced more legislation.

Figured I’d start with the basics but, okay, I’ll give you something that’s shinier, and less “lackluster.” She wants to break up the telecoms. She also started the Consumer Protection Bureau. You’re also free to go on YouTube and watch “Elizabeth Warren’s Passionate Call for Universal Child Care”

>> Let me remind you that as an Independent govt. official, Bernie doesnt owe either party anything (another excellent reason to vote for him) and so it is no big deal if Bernie’s been absent more than elizabeth warren.

Wow, that makes sense.

The Democratic Party doesn’t owe him their name, either. I think he should run for President as an Independent but, no. Another hijacker.

>> As long as the important work gets done is all that matters.

Right, and I choose someone who’s given me actual evidence that it will.

>> And speaking of important work, if all this legislation Warren has introduced isnt of a certain quality, then its just pointless “BUSY WORK” and more waste of taxpayer dollars. Maybe she should take more days off like Bernie if she isnt producing any meaningful legislation!

Maybe you should actually look at what she’s done, before ranting about it. Such as her having started the Consumer Protection Bureau.

>> Bernie on the other hand has caused mass awakening and involvement in the political system; way more impacting work than the rest of the Dems.

She started the Consumer Protection Bureau.

>> Again, you are way off the mark if you think Bernie should make amends with that … witch Hillary Clinton.

Ahh, misogyny. You wack-jobs are so predictable.