Again, Nancy Pelosi is CORRECT. Impeachment is the most radical of political remedies. Speaker Pelosi is demonstrating PROPER AND RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP by accurately assessing the political environment for impeachment as inadequate at this time. Seventy-two percent of Republicans in this country believe that Donald Trump is a good role model for children. Take your blinders off. We still have a long, long way to go.

Additionally, Pelosi cannot be perceived as encouraging the growth of such support. Stop talking to the Sphinx; stop demanding her to act for you, with no accountability from yourself. If you want impeachment, then say so to everyone else. Demand it yourself, but stop criticizing her. Impeachment is not a safe space, and Democrats could lose if they do not know that they can count on enough Americans’ support. Nancy Pelosi’s JOB is to NOT LOSE. Do you know what would happen if Democrats lost an impeachment fight? Game over for Planet Earth, basically.

With all due respect, Tom Steyer should be focusing on the POSITIVE messaging that Pelosi provided, as Rep. Jan Shakowski (D-IL) has indicated. I felt very badly for Speaker Pelosi, watching her shrink under that journalist’s line of questioning. Journalists should take her answer for what it is and leave her alone, and talk more with junior members of Congress, who have more license to “fire up” their bases. Pelosi VERY CLEARLY suggested in the Washington Post interview that, WITH ENOUGH SUPPORT, she might be willing to impeach. And, common sense suggests that she would. This is a person who, when recently asked by the Washington Post how she would characterize her relationship with Donald Trump, she retorted, “Is there a relationship?” Again, for now at least, Pelosi’s messaging won’t get any better than that. Now it is time for Tom Steyer to rally Americans around that hopeful messaging.

In this video clip, Rep. Jan Shakowski (D-IL) is 1,000% correct. Rep. Shakowski “gets” it. Trust Speaker Pelosi. She IS on America’s side. Trump would love a schism to take place within the Democratic Party over Pelosi. Don’t give it to him. Also, be extremely discerning of the actual words that Nancy Pelosi used. She said that impeachment “would be too divisive.” But, there is nothing in her messaging that communicates that that will ALWAYS be the case. Taken into context with the rest of what she has said, clearly she means that impeachment would only be too divisive RIGHT NOW.

Go Tom Steyer. Almost 7.6 million signatures! Just a week ago it was 7.4.