I can’t share Frank Schaeffer enough. CNN’s headline this morning reads, “Sarah Sanders’ theatrics reflect the administration’s unwillingness to address scandals, any one of which might have [doomed] previous presidencies.” Well, we should really, really wonder why that is– why Trump’s offenses do not doom his presidency. In this video from November 2017, Frank Schaeffer provides the unusual answer. It is because America was usurped by the angry, afraid base– the racists, essentially, who have not learned how to envision a peaceful coexistence with a highly-diverse society. These individuals do not care about ANYTHING but establishing a white Christian homeland. They will excuse ANY atrocity, to effect it. Their morality, their Christian values– all out the window. Guns, war, lebensraum– that is what matters, at least for now. The ends justify the means; and, after the rest of us are all dead, imprisoned, or reformed, they believe that there will be peace. The Christianity is just a front, and the First Amendment is, too. They’ll trash any and all of it, to establish that white dominionist homeland which they believe, against all science, they truly need. It is our job to compassionately show them that it does not need to be that way… that we can all coexist, and that nobody is coming to take away their lifestyle, or their religion, or even their guns, as long as theirs do not infringe on, or harm, others.