It’s interesting that my clueless, easily-led countrypeople are seeing this meandering non-answer as positive, because it immediately disqualified Buttigieg, for me.

I don’t have time for presidential candidates who haven’t given much thought as to whether Pence would be better or worse than Trump. Who cares.

I also don’t have time for presidential candidates who entertain confusion as to why a Christian Vice President, only the second-most powerful man in the Universe, would behave this way, and not realize that it’s because Pence is an absolutely vicious Christian dominionist. He wants to scrap the Johnson Amendment and end the separation of church and state; he wants to make abortion illegal in cases of rape or incest; he wants to completely de-fund Planned Parenthood; and, he wants to force the government to officially discriminate against LGBTQ people. He could also care less about our institutions, just another point that Buttigieg got wrong. Pence has never forcefully defended the integrity of our free press against Trump’s thousands of repeated assaults.

Conservative analyst Steve Schmidt has Pence’s number: Pence is a complete moral fraud, and an extremely dangerous person. A person, I would add, with nukes.

This fawning non-answer regarding Pence tells me everything that I need to know about Buttigieg, but I also don’t appreciate Buttigieg’s cheap shot in calling Pence “the cheerleader of the porn star presidency.” I don’t have a problem with porn stars, or with cheerleaders, and the comment is misogynist. Buttigieg should be defending, and expressing admiration of, Stephanie Clifford– not disparaging her for her working profession. Especially now that she’s had her defamation lawsuit dismissed by another hack Republican federal judge, this one a George W. Bush appointee. If any President tweeted to seven billion people that I was lying about someone who threatened my family, then he’d never hear the end of it from me. She should refuse to pay Trump a dime, and she should appeal. Buttigieg has also now foolishly opened himself up to the question of whether he’s never looked at porn. If I were to ever get an opportunity to question him, it would be the first question I’d ask.

If that’s the best that Buttigieg can come up with under pressure, then he’s a loser. Stop confusing Americans, Pete Buttigieg, and get off of the stage.