I haven’t analyzed this with research but, if I had to guess, in this ongoing spat between Trump and Coulter, Trump is attempting to reassert himself as the ideological leader of the Republican Party, whereas Coulter senses Trump’s fundamental weakness, and is trying to capitalize on it by asserting her more aggressive, consistent, and structured version of Republicanism. Coulter is almost certainly not as beset with corruption and scandal as Trump is; and, she is much, much smarter. She is also beloved and respected by the fascist base.

We should all be extremely cautious of making the same mistake that we did with Trump, and of discounting Ann Coulter as a serious political force. She has recently begun to demonstrate a certain fearlessness in criticizing Trump, and she could capitalize on MeToo by making a run for President. If she were to win, then she would be a ruthless and feared white supremacist christofascist dictator; much, I would imagine, in the mold of the fictional Secretary Jessica Delacourt of Elysium (2013). Delacourt, played by Jodie Foster, was for all intents and purposes, in the movie, the functional President of both Earth and Elysium. Ultimately, she institutes a coup against the weak and incompetent President Patel.

We should also be suspicious of the two’s motives. If Trump were imprisoned after the end of his term, then he might be setting Coulter up, now, to become President, so as to earn a pardon. Coulter would absolutely pardon Trump, and would then send him out on her campaign trail as her most powerful surrogate. Manafort and Stone would also be freed men, and would be campaigning for Coulter as well. Manafort is a gifted fascist political analyst. So is Stone.

When the spat first began, I immediately suspected a form of double agency. Again, I base my suspicion on the logical proof of Matthew 12:26: Republicans, generally, stick together; and, especially when their dominance is threatened. The jury, after all, is still out as to whether Trump will remain dictator for the next fifteen or twenty-five years. Coulter, like all other Republicans in positions of high power, knows this– which is why, I suspect, no other Republican is criticizing Trump with real strength, and why Coulter’s criticism of him should, in my opinion, be considered suspect. She is attractive enough; intelligent enough; recognized enough; rich enough; vicious enough; novel enough; and, Aryan-looking enough, to win the Presidency. Putin would love her, too.

Needless to say, I respectfully disagree with Brian Stelter’s entire analysis in the short ninety-second video clip below (Brian Stelter is CNN’s Chief Media Correspondent). Most analysis in the mainstream media these days is first- and second-level. These corporate adversaries have long been on third- and fourth-level thinking.

“Trump calls Coulter ‘Wacky Nut Job’ over wall criticism – CNN Video
President Donald Trump took to Twitter to call conservative commentator Ann Coulter a ‘Wacky Nut Job’ over border wall criticism.”



“Jodie Foster as Delacourt Elysium 2013
“Magnificent performance by actress Jodie Foster as “Delacourt” in 2013 Sci-Fiction epic “Elysium””

“Elysium Official Extended Trailer (2013) – Matt Damon Sci-Fi Movie HD”

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